Top 10 Best Aa Flashlights of 2022 – Reviews

Choosing an AA Flashlight doesn’t seem like a task that would require thought and research but in reality, that’s exactly what’s required before buying one. While the best AA flashlight models make the lives of handymen, outdoor enthusiasts and homeowners a lot better and safer, some of the lower-end models are not so good. And that’s why I’ve decided to look into the matter and see if I could find the best AA flashlight models out there. While I did find some models I wouldn’t buy for my junk drawer, I also managed to find the 10 best models that I could find out there and I have listed them below for all my readers to check out.

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Best Aa Flashlights – Top List

10. J5 Tactical V1-Pro

This tactical flashlight has been gaining in popularity and that’s probably because it has some features which make it useful around the home, while camping or virtually anywhere else. It has a water-resistant design that allows it to resist casual drops into water, as long as it is only temporarily submerged. It’s also quite durable and is capable of surviving a 9-foot drop. The best thing about this light, however, it that it is ten times brighter than conventional incandescent lights and can illuminate objects up to six hundred feet away. It also just so happens to use just on AA battery.


9. Gerber Infinity Ultra Task

Designed to be specifically used by members of the military, campers, and survivalists, this military-grade flashlight has a number of features which make it not only reliable but also durable, too. On a single AA battery, this light can cast a blinding beam up to thirty feet away and has approximately thirty-two hours of run-time. This light also has a hard anodized coating, so it’s tough and double O-rings and a water-sealed circuit board so it’s water resistant. Gerber is so confident in this 3-inch flashlight, that they have even given it a limited lifetime warranty.


8. Coast HP1 Focusing 190-Lumens

Designed to be used with either an AA alkaline battery, a NiMH rechargeable or a 14500 lithium battery, all of which are sold separately, this light is as easy-to-use as it is powerful. It can produce a beam of light 190-lumens strong that’s capable of traveling a distance of 560-feet. This unit also has approximately an hour and fifteen minutes of run-time and has a focusing system that ensures beam quality. Other features found in this tool include impact resistance, water resistance and an aluminum casing that’s resistant to corrosion and rust.


7. Maglite Mini-LED

Made in the U.S and designed for durability and performance, this LED flashlight is a valuable light that anyone can use and is designed to last a lifetime. It has a compact design that makes it easy to carry in the pocket, in a purse or in a bug-out bag. It can cast a beam a light up to 145-meters, or approximately 435-feet and has four different modes: Full Power, Low Power, Blink Mode and SOS that’s activated using the multi-mode electronic switch. This light has a design that’s anodized inside and out and is made with a weather-resistant seal so it can be used just about anywhere.


6. ThruNite Archer Cool White

This high-end flashlight is designed to deliver all of the features that people expect out of a top quality light but do it at a fraction of the cost of other models. It uses Cree XP-L V6 LEDs that are designed to last over 20-years and to deliver a powerful beam of light. It is constructed of military-grade aluminum and is water-resistant up to 1.5-meters of water. Other features which can be found in this light include 5 different brightness settings, a dual-button interface, and a lightweight design. This makes it an ideal light for everyone from security guards to law enforcement agents and campers.


5. Maglite Mini-Incandescent

This high-quality incandescent flashlight is made with an anodized aluminum body that has weather-resistant seals and an extra lamp located in the tail cap. It has a five-hour run-time, is resistant to being submerged in water or dropped and can cast a beam of light up to 325-feet. This light is ideal for camping, using as a light source for automobile repair or for fishing. It also has a unique feature where it can be used as a free-standing candle with a quick and easy conversion. Another great feature is that is has a focusing beam that allows the user to turn the light from a spot light to a flood light.


4. Anker Bolder LC40

Using a Cree LED, this LED torch can produce a beam of light that has a maximum brightness of 400-lumens and can travel over 300-feet. This light has three different settings: high, low and strobe and has a run-time of 4-hours from just three AAA batteries or a 18650 battery. Because it used high-quality LED bulbs, it’s designed to last a long time and is very comfortable to hold thanks to its anti-slip finish. And since it has an IP65 rating, it’s resistant to water and can even be used during heavy rain. All things considered, it’s a light that’s sure to useful for any outdoor activity.


3. Thor Fire TG06S

With the ability to deliver a 500-lumens beam while using a 14500 button top battery or up to 150-lumens when using an AA battery, this mini flashlight is ideal for anyone who needs a powerful light, including police officers, campers, hunters, and fishermen. It has a small easy-to-carry size and only weighs a little over an ounce. It can easily be carried in a pocket, glove compartment of a car or a handbag. This light also has a removable and reversible clip which allows it to be used as a cap light, too.


2. Streamlight 88061 Pro Tac

This flashlight is able to use either on AA alkaline or an AA lithium battery and can provide up to 1.75 continuous hours of light on high. On high, it can produce up to 350-lumens of light thanks to its 3-watt high-flux LED that’s designed to last up to 20,000 hours and to be impervious to shock. It’s designed with an anodized aluminum body that is resistant to high temperatures, is impact resistant and waterproof to IPX7 standards. Overall, it’s a well-designed light that is sure to provide the user with the reliable light when they need it the most.


1. Gear Light M3 With Belt Clip

This survival flashlight has a number of features which make it the perfect light to keep around the home, to place in the glove box of a car or to pack in a bug-out-bag. It has an ultra-bright LED that delivers 300-lumens of light for up to 3-hours on a single AA battery and can be lit in one of three light modes: High, Low and Strobe. It also has an adjustable zoom, is compact and is also lightweight. This light is made using high-quality metal, is shock and water resistant and has an attack head for breaking glass during an emergency or for self-defense.


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AA Flashlight Buying Guide

Just about everyone has a flashlight, and some people even have multiple flashlights for use in their car, home, RV and anyplace else where they need quick access to light. These are very necessary tools that are perfect for checking under the hood at night, for lighting the way after a storm has knocked out the lights, or for investigating that strange sound at 3 A.M. Therefore, everyone should have access to the best AA flashlight available for those situations and a lot more.

Unfortunately, too many people spend too little time thinking about what type of flashlight they need. They usually end up just picking one up from the discount bin at their local store, or one that’s hanging up at their local gas station. It’s too bad that most of the time those flashlights aren’t very good, and some of them may even end up failing at critical moments. That’s why consumers must spend some time and find the best AA flashlight for their use.

In this guide, we’re going to give our readers all of the information they need to buy the best flashlight for their use. We’ll talk about the differences between the different battery types, examine the different types of switches, and discuss beam type. We’re going to jump in with both feet, so our readers can find out how to select the flashlight that will work for them.

Types Of Flashlight Batteries

When it comes to flashlights, there are two different types of batteries to consider: disposable or rechargeable batteries. As a generalized rule, if a person is going to be using the flashlight regularly, then they’ll probably want to use rechargeable batteries in their flashlight. Sure, those batteries cost a little bit more upfront, but they can be charged over and over again, so they save money in the long run. On the other hand, if your flashlight is only going to be used for keeping in your home, car, or RV for emergencies, then a person will probably opt for disposable batteries.

The problem is that not all flashlights give the user the option of choosing between rechargeable and disposable batteries. Flashlights that use AA, AAA, C, D,  and 9-volt batteries can use either disposable or rechargeable batteries, depending on the consumer’s preferences. However, for flashlights that use other types of batteries that don’t come as rechargeables, consumers might be stuck with just using disposable batteries in them.

Choosing A Type Of Switch

The next thing a person needs to consider is what type of switch they need on their flashlight. And there’s plenty of different options to choose from. Although inexpensive flashlights often use side slide switches, better quality flashlights often use different switch configurations. Although choosing a switch type is mainly a matter of preference, some switch types do offer a definite benefit to the user. For example, flashlights with tail-cap switches are usually easier to operate than other types of switches, and side-click models are often found on large flashlights intended for one-hand use. Below are some of the more common flashlight switches available these days.

  • Side Slide Switch
  • Bezel Twist Switch
  • Side Click Switch
  • Tail-Cap Twist Switch
  • Tail-Cap Switch
  • Rotary-Ring Twist
  • Membrane Switch

Beam Type

Another thing a person should think about is the type of beam they need to be equipped on their flashlight. Flashlights come with one of two different beams: either flood or focused beams. Flood beams cast light over a larger area, but a focused beam concentrates the light on a much smaller area. However, many flashlight manufacturers have started making hybrid flashlights that are equipped with an adjustable beam that covers a wide area but can be focused on a single spot.

Just about every flashlight manufactured today are equipped with LED light bulbs. That’s because these bulbs are inexpensive, are versatile and can be quite powerful as well. However, although all flashlights might be equipped with LED bulbs, not all of them have the same type of reflector—the metal area that surrounds the bulb and helps to disperse the light, and that can set on flashlight apart from another.

These reflectors come in segmented or smooth styles. Smooth reflectors can push light anywhere from 12 to 15% than segmented reflectors, and that’s why they’re often found in spot-beam flashlights. However, flood-type flashlights usually have smooth reflectors that cast light over a broader area. The type that the consumer needs is going to largely depend on what they’re using the flashlight to do. For instance, police officers, firefighters, and hunters usually prefer a flashlight that delivers a spot-beam. On the other hand, mechanics and other people who need to cast light over a large area often prefer to get a flood-type beam.

How Many Lumens Are Needed?

The last thing any consumer is going to want to consider before they buy a new flashlight is how many lumens they need it to have. And once again, to answer that question, the consumer needs to consider what they intend on using the flashlight for. We’ve created the following chart to show what types of tasks are suitable for what type of flashlights. Before our readers consult this chart, however, we do need to note that the higher the lumens a flashlight has, the faster it’s going to discharge its batteries. With that being said, below is a list of the common lumen types found on flashlights and what tasks they’re useful for illuminating.

  • Up To 20 Lumens: Suitable for up-close tasks
  • 20-150 Lumens: Casting light up to 120-meters
  • 160-200 Lumens: Cast light up to 250-meters; Ideal for security or tactical purposes
  • 200-500 Lumens: Ideal for hunting, fishing, sailing, tactical purposes, or for workplace use
  • 600-1000 Lumens: Ideal for caving, industrial uses, hunting, camping, and fishing
  • Over 1000 Lumens: Search and rescue, tactical use, hunting, and covering large outdoor areas
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