Top 10 Best Airless Paint Sprayers of 2020 – Reviews

I think I can confidently say that most people are familiar with compressed and HLVP paint and stain sprayers, both of which do a pretty good job. Unfortunately, fewer people are familiar with airless paint sprayer models, and that’s a shame because these devices really do an excellent job of applying paint to a surface quickly and efficiently. And that’s why I decided to do some research and find the ten best airless paint sprayer units that are available. Not only to show the best airless paint sprayer models to anyone looking to buy one but also to enlighten everyone on the versatility and usefulness of these tools.

Best Airless Paint Sprayers – Top List

10. Titan GPX 33 Gas Piston (029001)

This gas-powered sprayer allows the user to spread paint without being hooked up to an electrical source, which makes it ideal for remote locations away from the power grid. This unit can draw paint from either a 1-gallon or 5-gallon pail and with a pressure of 200 PSI all the way to 3,000 PSI. It can support a .017-inch spray tip with fifty feet of hose and comes with an LX-50 metal spray gun. Whether the user wants to pain the side of their house or a fence, this sprayer is sure to provide them with the power and versatility to get the job done.


9. Titan XT330 0516013

This sprayer delivers the power and convenience that most users need when applying paint. It has a 3/4 Hp motor which provides up to .33 GPM with a max tip size of .019-inches. This makes it an ideal unit to use for multi-story homes or for jobs that the user want to complete faster. It’s made from high-quality components that ensure this product is as durable as it is reliable. It can be used with a variety of different paints and when the painting is done, it’s easily cleaned up. While it’s often priced higher than some other comparable models, it’s a nice tool for painting.


8. Titan Control Max 1700 Pro

This model makes airless painting simple enough that most people would be able to use it and achieve professional results. It uses HEA technology that allows for better productivity than traditional airless models and it decreases over-spray by up to fifty-five percent over these models. This tool uses a high-quality pump that has three times the pump life of cheaper models and it has a maximum operating pressure of 1500 PSI. It also has a fluid section that can be replaced quickly and easily, which further extends the useful life of this sprayer.


7. Wagner Pro Coat V2 (0515077)

This compact unit has a 1/2-HP motor that generates up to 2,800 PSI of pressure which allows a flow rate of .24 gallons per minute and will support a .015-inch spray tip. It’s equipped with 25-feet of 1/4-inch hose and that gives the user plenty of distance to handle a variety of painting applications. However, if the user needs additional hose length, they can purchase an option 50-foot long hose that will also work with this sprayer. Another great thing about this tool is that it can draw paint from either a one gallon or a five-gallon container.


6. Campbell Hausfeld PS261C With Quadraflow Spray Gun

Like other airless models, the beauty of this unit is that a compressor isn’t needed to put on a nice coat of paint. It has a 3/4-HP diaphragm pump that sprays at a pressure level of 3,000 PSI at a rate of .34 gallons per minute. This unit also has a spray gun that has a tip size of .017-inches and comes with twenty-five feet of hose, although it can be upgraded and will work with a 100-feet of hose. Another key feature of this sprayer is that it has semi-pneumatic tires that make this unit very portable and allows the user to take it just about anywhere.


5. Wagner Twin Stroke 9175

When the painting job has to be done quickly and efficiently, this sprayer is ready for the job at hand. It features a 3/4-HP motor that pumps at .35 gallons per minute and has a maximum operating pressure of 3,000 PSI. This sprayer comes with 50-feet of airless high-pressure hose that’s equipped with a .017-inch reversible spray tip. Other key features found in this unit include a durable cart that’s equipped with wheels and a paint bracket, as well as a telescoping cart handle. All of this means that this unit is as easy-to-operate as it is powerful.


4. Home Right Power Flo Pro 2800 (C800879)

Designed specifically for DIY projects, this unit is useful for a variety of painting jobs around the home or garage. It comes equipped with 25-feet of airless spray hose and a spray gun that has a 100-mesh filter installed in it. Thanks to its powerful motor, this unit can produce up to 2,800 PSI of pressure and can spray paint at a rate of .24 gallons per minute. This makes it an ideal solution to replace traditional paint rollers or brushes and makes it quick and easy to complete a job. And once the user has finished painting, this unit is easily cleaned up so it can be stored away.


3. Graco Magnum Project Painter Plus (257025)

Designed for an annual use of 50-gallons of paint per year, this sprayer is one that’s not designed for professional use but does provide professional results. It can draw paint from any one gallon or five-gallon paint bucket and can support up to fifty feet of paint hose, which gives it enough reach to paint second story homes without compromising quality. This sprayer also has a stainless steel piston pump that can spray even unthinned paint at high pressure and has a power flush adapter that hooks up to a garden hose and makes cleanup a snap.


2. Graco Magnum X5 Stand (262800)

A number of features can be found on this sprayer that will make household painting jobs a whole lot easier to do. This unit has fully-adjustable pressure control that allows the user to decide how much pressure they need for each project and it has a stainless steel pump that allows the user to spray unthinned paint a high pressure. Able to draw paint from both 1-gallon and 5-gallon paint buckets, this sprayer is also very versatile and can support up to 75-feet of paint hose. And it’s also pretty easy to clean up thank to its power flush adapter which allows it to be hooked up to a hose and cleaned out.


1. Graco Magnum X7 Cart (262805)

A stainless steel piston pump and fully adjustable pressure control are just two of the features which make this sprayer very useful to both professional painters and DIY painting enthusiasts. It has a flexible suction tube which can be placed in one gallon and five-gallon paint buckets, which saves having to clean out a paint storage container. This unit can support up to a hundred feet of paint hose and can be easily cleaned out by hooking a garden hose to the power flush adapter. It’s a unit that’s designed to handle up to 125-gallons of paint a year and is sure to provide the user with quite a bit of useful service life.


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A Guide To Paint Sprayers

Paint sprayers are very useful tools, and that much is for certain. However, the results a person receives from one of them depends not just on their technical skill with this tool, but also with the quality of the tool itself. If you have an inferior paint sprayer, then it’s not going to be worth much, even if you have a high level of skill. Therefore, it’s always important to buy the best paint sprayer that you can, and also learn how to use it properly.

Although we can’t teach our readers the ins and outs of using these tools, we can teach them how to buy the best tool possible. And that’s why we’ve decided to take a few moments out of our busy day and give our readers the tips they need to buy the best paint sprayer possible. The following tips are a great first step in buying a sprayer that gets the job done with professional-level results.

Choose The Right One For The Job

The first step in buying the best paint sprayer is to buy the right one. These sprayers come in different varieties and each of these different varieties is useful for a select subset of jobs. Therefore, if you want to get professional results with your sprayer, it’s important to buy one that’s suitable for the job that you’re doing.

Airless Paint Sprayers

These sprayers work by pushing the paint out at very high pressure. This results in the droplets of paint fanning out and evenly coating the surface that’s being painted. That makes airless paint sprayers suitable for several different types of jobs, including painted decks, shutters, interior walls and ceilings, fences, and latticework. Since they use pressure to paint, this tool can handle paint with a thicker viscosity than either HVLP or compressed air sprayers.

HVLP Sprayers

Using an extremely large volume of air, HVLP sprayers can deliver paint droplets to the surface being painted. Because this method results in the paint traveling slower than with other comparable paint sprayers, it produces an extremely smooth surface. The reason it creates this even surface is that more droplets end up sticking to the surface. Therefore, these sprayers tend to waste less paint than other sprayers, but they also tend to cost more. Some of the projects they’re useful in doing include painting trim and doors, molding, and even cabinets. The downside of using one of these models is that thicker paints tend to clog them, so varnishes and lacquers should be avoided—unless the person using it is willing to invest in a commercial sprayer.

Pneumatic Air Sprayers

These paint sprayers apply paint to a surface by using compressed air. This results in a finish that’s smooth and very even. This makes these sprayers suitable for painting things like cabinets or furniture. However, when using one of these sprayers, the person using it must be extremely careful with it. That’s because these models waster more paint than any other type of sprayer and they end up creating a lot of oversprays. Even though they end up using more paint than other sprayers, their initial cost is a lot lower than HVLP or airless paint sprayers. And if you already own an air compressor, then all you have to do is to buy a pneumatic air sprayer, a paint gun, and a hose to get started painting. That’s extremely convenient.

Other Features To Be Considered

After choosing the model that’s appropriate for their needs, the next thing the consumer should do is to figure out what features they need their new sprayer to have. Fortunately, there’s not a whole lot of features that a person has to consider when choosing one of these tools, so this section should be short and sweet. However, it should be noted that choosing the right set of features can make a big difference in how easy it is to use a particular sprayer, so consumers shouldn’t take this step lightly.

How Is It Powered?

The first thing to consider is how the sprayer is powered. Nowadays these tools are powered in several different ways including gas-power, electric or battery power.

Is An Adjustable Model Needed?

Although basic jobs don’t require adjustable paint sprayers, if the person wants to apply paint at various thicknesses, speeds, or using different types of patterns, then they will most definitely need an adjustable model.

Ease Of Cleanup

It’s also a pretty good idea to choose a paint sprayer that’s easy to clean up. Therefore, the consumer should look for models that are easy to take apart or have special cleanup features like being able to be connected to a garden hose so it can be washed out.