Top 10 Best Brush Cutters of 2019 – Reviews

People with fields or yards that aren’t easily cut by a weed whacker or lawnmower might need to consider the real possibility of having to use a brush cutter. After all, the best brush cutter is an indispensable tool that handles some of the toughest yard cutting jobs imaginable. Unfortunately, once people start looking for the best brush cutter they can find, they find that they have to navigate a perplexing web of makeshift lawn gadgets and overpriced line trimmers. To solve that problem I’ve listed ten of the best scrub cutter models that can be used to cut any overgrown yard.

Best Brush Cutters – Top List

10. Chikura 52cc 4-In-1 Trimmer

This powerful 4-In-1 grass trimmer has a powerful 52cc gas-powered motor that can take care of heavy tasks just as easily as it can take care of lighter ones. It comes with three different blades: a 3T blade, a 40T Blade and an 80T blade, which makes it useful for powering down tough weeds or handling tall grasses. It’s a good yard tool that can be used by both amateurs and professionals alike for their lawn care needs. This product can be used on both small yard and larger yards and will not only cut down brush but will also trim grass and weeds.


9. Makita 25.4cc 4-Stroke Model

This cutter has a number of features which makes it really useful for cutting through brush. It has a 57-inch shaft, a 20.3-ounce fuel tank, a 1.1 HP 4-cycle engine and a 9-inch star blade that gives the user a decently sized cutting width. It also has an easily accessible oil drain plug and filling port, so maintaining this tool is easy and it has an oil level view window that’s easy to check as well. With a steel drive shaft, a commercial duty dual stage air filter, and a multi-position lubrication system, this tool is also designed to do its job for a long time to come.


8. Blue Max Extreme Duty 42.7cc (52623)

This 2-in-1 cutter and trimmer is designed to take on tough jobs head on and do it easily. It features a 42.7cc 2-stroke motor, a recoil starting system and a straight shaft that’s equipped with anti-vibration handles. This model uses a three-prong blade that can cut through vegetation up to an inch thick. And this tool is not only powerful but is also fairly light as it only weighs 17-pounds and has a lightweight dual spool head. All in all, this tool is ideal for homeowners or gardeners who need a little bit of extra power when they are cleaning away tough vegetation.


7. Sunseeker 4-In-1 2-Cycle 26cc Multi-Tool With Trimmer Attachment

This tool isn’t just designed to cut through brush but it’s also designed to do a variety of different tasks. It can also be used as a grass trimmer, a pole saw, and a hedge trimmer. This allows it to be used to clear out the vegetation in just about any yard quickly and easily and without having to resort to four different tools. Using a link-on quick connection, the user can attach any of the tool heads and be off to work in just a matter of moments. This makes it a tool that makes it useful enough to be used spring, summer or fall and is designed to be durable.


6. Ambienceo 5-In-1 52cc 2-Stroke Multi-Function Tool

Designed to be durable enough for everyday use, this 5-in-1 multi-function tool can be used for just about any job. It’s manufactured using heavy-duty stainless steel and has a powerful 52cc motor that gives it the essential power it needs for a number of different jobs. It can be used to cut grass with nylon line and a cutting width of 380mm, of cutting brush with a metal blade and a cutting width of 230mm and for trimming hedges. This tool also has a chainsaw function, so it really can cut through just about any vegetation it’s presented with.


5. Timberpro 52cc Heavy-Duty Model

This heavy-duty strimmer is convenient for not only cutting through grasses and weeds but is also for cutting through brush. It has a high-quality 52cc engine that gives it enough power to power through a variety of vegetation quickly and easily. This model is easy to start, easy to operate and can be used by both homeowners or professionals. This unit comes with a dual line strimmer, and three high-quality brush cutting blades. This gives the user the option to cut through everything from thin grasses to thicker weeds and roots.


4. Troy-Bilt TB42 27cc 2-Cycle Cutter

Manufactured to deal with grasses and weeds that other weed-eaters just can’t handle, this string trimmer is designed to power through heavy brush. It does this thanks to a 27cc 2-cycle engine that comes with jump start capabilities, so it will start without the user having to pull the cord a hundred times to just get it started. It also comes with 8-inch 4-tooth brush blade that’s designed to cut through tough grasses, weeds, and roots. This tool also has a straight-shaft design that’s extended so that it can reach easily under bushes and shrubbery.


3. Meditool 42.7cc 2-Stroke Trimmer

This 2-in-1 tool can be used to cut down brush or can be used to trim grass around sidewalks, fences or gates. It has a powerful 2-cycle 42.7cc air-cooled engine that’s equipped with Quick Start Technology so that it can be started quicker and easier than conventional trimmers. This tool comes with both a nylon cutter and a metal blade and has an adjustable straight shaft which allows it to reach under bushes and shrubbery. Other key features found in this unit include a dual push button protection switch and an anti-vibration handle. All of which makes it a useful tool for any household.


2. Remington Ranchero RM2700

This cutter is designed to give the user the power they need to blow right through even the toughest grasses and weeds. It does this with a 2-cycle 27cc engine that powers a straight shaft with an 8-inch cutting width is capable of reaching even hard to reach areas. And while this tool is powerful, it’s still lightweight and is easy to maneuver. If users want to make this tool even more versatile, they can also equip it with one of the optional attachments that are sold separately and can turn this unit into a pole saw edger or a cultivator.


1. Ncient 20-inch 4.5Hp Gas Powered Chain Saw

Designed to handle trees effectively and easily, this chainsaw effectively gets brush cutting duty done with ease. It has a 4.5HP 62cc 2-stroke gasoline engine, an automatic chain oiler, a 20-inch bar with 3/8 pitch and anti-vibration handles that make it easy to hold and use. This saw used a 25:1 ratio of gasoline to oil and comes with a saw blade, chain, a toolkit, an oil tank and a manual. Just about everything for a person to set it up and put it to work in their garden or yard. It’s ideal for users who need to clear brush that can’t be cleared by any other means.


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