Top 10 Best Drill Presses of 2020 – Reviews

A drill press is an essential tool for any home workshop or anyone who does a lot of do-it-yourself projects. Why? Because it provides the power and performance a person needs for drilling holes and this can’t be matched by any handheld drill on the market. Which is why I advocate searching for the best drill press and buying it as soon as possible. In order to help the DIY enthusiast out, I’ve included below ten of what I consider to be the best drill press models currently available. Any of these units would be ideal for a workshop or for use in a home garage, and they’ve been ordered from number ten to number one on my list.

Best Drill Presses – Top List

10. Delta 18-Inch Laser Press

Heavy-duty projects require heavy-duty pieces of equipment, which is probably why this Delta laser press was designed. This 18-inch press has a number of features which makes it a useful tool for just about any workshop. It’s equipped with a 3.4-HP motor that provides plenty of drilling power, a 6-inch quill stroke for deep drilling applications, an LED light which illuminates the work area and twin lasers which project a cross-hair on the piece at the point of bit contact. This tool also has an auto-tension belt drive and has micro-adjustable depth stops.


9. Grizzly 5-Speed Bench Top Radial Press

The Grizzly G7945 is a 5-speed bench-top radial drill that has pivoting heads that can drill at any angle and a variable swing of up to 34-inches. It also has a powerful 1/2-HP single phase motor that provides enough drilling power to get through a wide range of materials. Some of the other features found in this unit include a collar size of 2.16-inches, drill chuck of 1/64-inch to 5/8-inch and a table size of 8-5.8-inches by 9-inches. The table can be tilted 90-degrees to the right and the left. Overall, this drill is a professional quality tool that can adequately perform its duties.


8. Shop Series 10-Inch Press

This 10-inch press is designed to be used for repetitive drilling tasks in a number of different materials. It has a 6.2-Amp motor that has 5-operating speeds which range from 620 RPM to 3,100 RPM and provides adequate power for drilling through wood, metal or plastic. This unit has a 1/2-inch drill chuck and a cast-iron work table that can bevel up to 45-degrees in either direction. Overall, this press is a good model for homeowners and do-it-yourself enthusiasts and is back by a two-year limited warranty.


7. Skil 10-Inch 3.2-Amp Press

Specifically designed for home use, this Skil press has a number of features which make it useful around the house to any amateur woodworker or DIY enthusiast. It has 5-different speeds which range from 570 RPM to 3,050 RPM and has a 3.2-Amp motor. It also has a work surface which bevels from 0 to 45-degrees and also has a two-beam laser which makes sure that hole alignment is precise. Another exciting feature of this tool is an adjustable depth stop that’s ideal for repetitive drilling assignments and helps maintain precision measurements.


6. Genesis 4.1-Amp 5-Speed Press

This drill has quite a few features which make it useful for just about any workshop. It has a 4.1-Amp motor that’s not only powerful but is also fairly quiet and has 5-different speeds. It also has a table that can rotate 360-degrees and can tilt up to 45-degrees. Other options which can be found in this tool include a 5/8-inch chuck, an integrated work light, and pulley housing that’s easy to get into. And since it has a smaller footprint than most floor models, it will fit into just about any workshop or garage.


5. Shop Fox Oscillating Drill Floor Press

This floor-model is designed to be powerful yet also to provide the precision that people need when they are working on their projects. This model has a 3/4-HP motor, has a speed range that can be set from 250 RPM to 3,050 RPM and has a drill chuck of 1/64-inch to 5/8-inch. This press also has an oscillating spindle that allows for contour sanding and allows the unit to go from drilling to sanding in only a matter of moments. This makes this unit ideal for people who need a tool that can accomplish both tasks.


4. Jet 20-Inch Floor Press

While this heavy-duty model is designed for professional use, it can also be a useful addition to any home workshop. It has a powerful 1.5-HP motor with twelve different spindle speeds that range from 150 RPM to 4,200 RPM and a 3/4-inch chuck. It not only comes with a drill chuck and key but also with a built-in work light which adequately illuminates the work area. Other features located on this unit include a table that can be cranked to the height needed and has an adjustable tension spindle return. All of which makes this unit as easy-to-use as it is powerful.


3. Wen 12-Inch Variable Speed

This variable speed tool has enough power to not only drill through wood and plastic but can also drill a 5/8-inch hole through metals such as cast iron. It has a speed range that goes from 580 RPM to 3200 RPM and has a LED display which shows at what speed the tool is operating. This unit also has a work table that can bevel 45-degrees to the right and the left, and a laser locks on to the table’s drill points. Other features found on this unit include a 2/3-HP induction motor, a 5/8-inch keyed chuck and key and a table roller extension.


2. Wen 8-Inch 5-Speed Press

This unit is powerful and can operate at five different speeds up to 3,140 RMP thanks to its 1/3-HP induction motor. This unit has a 6.5-inch by 6.5-inch work table, an 8-inch swing, a 1/2-inch keyed chuck with on-board key storage and a locking linear depth stop. All of these features allow this tool to be used for operations which require precision or which require the drill to be used over and over again. This unit is also made with a rigid frame that ensures reliable tool operation and also makes it quite durable.


1. Wen 10-Inch Press With Laser

Featuring a 3.2-Amp motor that provides the torque and power to get through most drilling sessions, this tool is an ideal choice for any home workshop. It has five different speeds that range from 600 RPM to 3,100 RPM and has a spindle travel of 2.5-inches and has easy-to-see locking linear depth stop. This model also has a 7-5/8-inch by 7-5/8-inch cast iron work table, a 1/2-inch keyed chuck and key, plus a laser. Other handy features include this tool’s rack & pinion height adjustment and the mechanism which allows the table to bevel 45-degrees to the left and the right.


More Recommendations From Amazon

Drill Press Guide

To make any DIY task easier, you need quality products, and the same can be said for a drill press. Because it is a big investment for some people, it is certainly a purchase you want to get right the first time. This is why we have created the following drill press buyer’s guide.

Without it, you might end up parting with a lot of hard-earned cash for a product that isn’t up to the task. They are designed for different jobs, can operate at different speeds, and you can find something to suit every budget.

What To Look For In A Drill Press

Easy To Operate

Sometimes, the more features a power tool has the harder it is to operate. With a drill press, you should be able to use all the features without having to be an expert. The better products will make it easy for you to adjust the speed, and a lot of them will come with an easy to understand LED display.

Laser Guidance

Anything that makes life easier is a welcomed addition so look for a drill press that comes with a laser to increase the accuracy when in use.


To make sure it can cope with the size of the wood you place on the drill press, it needs to have a decent width. Look for a product that has a wide throat capable of holding more.


With such a big investment, a warranty is a must. There is little point in taking your spending into the hundreds, even thousands, only for it to break before you have got a lot of use out of it. A warranty protects your purchase and the more reputable companies will give you more than a year.


This should be one of the first things you check when it comes to looking for a drill press. The power the device can generate will determine what type of jobs you can use it for and is measured in horsepower. The more the better as it means it will make light work of bigger holes on different materials.


The more speed you have doesn’t always result in a better drill press. What is more important is adjustable speeds and plenty of them. This allows you to amend it for different tasks and anything with speeds of between 250 rpm – 3,000 rpm is a decent amount although some give you a lot more.

Quality Clamps

The accuracy of the drill press will depend on how good the clamps are. The tighter and more robust they are, the more reliable they will be for holding everything in place. This, along with having a flat base are two of the basics the best drill press will have to get right.

Drill Press: Bench Vs Floor

One of these will be better suited to you, depending on the type of work you will be using the drill press for.


This is fixed to the bench and great for making smaller holes. They are still powerful although they do not compare to the floor drill press variety when it comes to this aspect. One of the main benefits to use a bench drill press is that they are compact and easy to store but also portable so you can take them from job to job.


These are heavy-duty pieces of machinery that have a lot of power to drill bigger holes, standing alone without the need for a bench. On top of this, a floor drill press will be better for complicated jobs and are often designed for commercial use. Expect it to cost a lot more than the bench versions.

How To Find The Right Drill Press

The first thing you need to consider is the material you will be using it for. Not every drill press is designed to work on a multitude of surface and some are very specific.

Look for a product that is capable of working with different materials if this is what you will use it for, otherwise, there are products specifically designed to be used on woodwork, metal, and other surfaces. After this, think about how much space you have to accommodate the drill press, can you even make room for a floor drill press?

After that, your budget should determine what you end up with. Don’t buy one without a stopper to stop you from drilling beyond your desired level and make sure the product you buy is up to the task you need it for by looking out for all the above.