Top 10 Best Folding Saws of 2020 – Reviews

Before anyone buys a folding saw, they should take a few moments to determine what they need it to do. The best folding saw a person can buy is one that will do what the tasks that have to be done. There are models which are better suited for bush-craft, and there are models which are better suited for household landscaping needs. While they can be interchanged in certain circumstances, it’s always best to get the right tool for the job. With that consideration in mind, I’ve decided to find ten of the best folding saw models that I could find. Some of these saws are more suitable for landscaping and others will best serve hunters and survivalists. Either way, there is at least one model among these ten that will be suitable for anyone.

Best Folding Saws – Top List

10. SOG Outdoor Saw

Designed with the needs of survivalists, campers, and hunters in mind, this compact saw is designed to give the user exactly what they need to cut through smaller branches and brush. It has an 8.25-inch high-carbon steel blade that’s been coated with a black powder coat finish so that it resists corrosion and extends its service life. It also has deferentially tempered teeth that work equally well on green wood as it does on softwood and hardwoods. This model has an overall closed length of 9.5-inches and comes with a handy nylon sheath with a loop attachment.


9. Fiskars Power Tooth 7-Inch Saw

This tool is best used by individuals who need a tool that makes short work out of their landscaping work. It’s designed with a 7-inch saw blade with triple-ground teeth that are capable of cutting through wood faster than other comparable saws and without wearing out the user’s arm. It’s an ideal model for cutting down tree limbs that may be too thick to tackle with a lopper and is equipped with a non-slip grip that makes it easy to hold and use. This combination of blade sharpness and overall design allow this product to handle a number of jobs around the yard.


8. Gerber Exchange-A-Blade Saw

This tool is designed with two different blades, one which is suitable for cutting through wood and one which is suitable for cutting through bone. It has a blade length of 7.1-inches that can be locked in either the open or closed position and the entire saw has an overall length of 14.2-inches. This product comes with a nylon sheath that has two pockets on it that can be used to hold 6-inch sharpening files, although none are provided with the saw. All of these features ensure that this tool is useful for anyone who spends considerable time outside, whether they’re camping, hiking or backpacking.


7. Sportsman 10-Inch Curved Saw

This 10-inch survival saw with a curved blade is suitable for cutting wood for a variety of different tasks, including building a survival shelter or for cutting wood to be used for fuel at a campsite. Since it has a curved blade, it doesn’t bend as easily as some other types of saws and gives longer cutting strokes which then equates to faster cutting times. This saw has a high-carbon steel and its shank travels down 75% of the handle for durability. This is a tool that’s designed to be taken out into the wilderness and used on a regular basis.


6. Primos Hunting Saw

This saw is designed to be used by not only hunters but any outdoor enthusiast who needs a sturdy tool to cut wood with while they’re out in the woods or out on the trail. It has a handle that’s made of nylon and has a rubbing coating that gives the user the grip necessary to use it effectively. This tool’s blade folds quickly and quietly into position so it can be ready to cut wood at a moment’s notice. Its 6-inch blade has offset teeth and a push-button lock. Overall, this tool is ideal for taking out on camping trips, placing in a backpack while hiking or for taking out on hunting trips.


5. EverSaw Pull-Cut Saw

This high-quality pull-cut saw can be used for cutting through wood, PVC, and bone. This makes it an implement that can be used for both home landscaping use or for use while camping or hunting. It has an 8-inch blade that’s designed to be used in the Japanese style of sawing by pulling it. This model has an ergonomic handle that fits comfortably in most people’s hands and is slip-resistant so it won’t fly out of the user’s hands while they are sawing. All of these features make this a good product for landscapers, hunters, campers, and hikers.


4. Tabor Tools TTS25A

Equipped with a blade that was designed for pruning and can cut branches up to 4-inches in diameter, this hand saw is a good tool for homeowners and landscapers. It has a curved blade which fits close to logs and helps keep the cutting action as efficient and effective as possible. It cuts on the draw strokes and can tear through a variety of different woods including not only softwoods but also hardwoods as well. It’s a product that’s also easy-to-use because all the user has to do is to flip the lock and then extend the blade to lock it in the open position.


3. Corona Razor Pruning Saw

Capable of easily cutting through small to medium-sized branches 5-inches to 6-inches in diameter, this saw is useful for a variety of different wood cutting projects including pruning, cutting firewood or clearing overgrown trails. Its 10-inch blades have up to 6-teeth per inch and each saw-tooth has 3-sides for more efficient cutting. This product also has a comfortable and ergonomically designed handle that’s easy to hold and won’t tire out the user’s hand during sawing jobs. This saw is designed to provide performance each and every time it’s used and to have a long service life.


2. Bahco Laplander 396

Manufactured with a 7.5-inch blade that’s specially coated to help it prevent corrosion and has 7-teeth per inch, this saw is designed for a variety of different wood cutting tasks. It’s also equipped with a plastic handle with a leather strap. For safety, this unit is equipped with a safety lock that locks it in and locks it out. All in all, this general purpose saw is capable of cutting through both green woods and hardwoods, bone, and plastic. This makes it a useful tool for keeping around the house or for taking out into the wilderness.


1. Silky Professional Series Bigboy 2000

Professional landscaping jobs require professional tools and that’s exactly what this landscaping saw provides. It has a 14-1/5-inch blade length and a blade thickness of 1.8mm. It has 5.5 teeth per inch and is capable of doing a variety of pruning and trimming jobs. It’s designed to handle large limbs and small tree trunks but it can also be used for a number of different construction products as well. This saw is probably the closest that any manual saw could come to the cutting power of a chainsaw and is designed to provide the user with years of use.


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Folding Saw Guide

A folding saw can make a camping trip more fun and has the convenience of being easy to take anywhere. They won’t weigh you down but are designed to make light work of pruning. Because there is so much variety out there, and they are certainly made to different standards, it can be hard to tell what makes a good folding saw.

The following guide helps to clear a few things up so you know what a high standard of folding saw looks like. Whether you want something handy for hunting, camping, and beyond, this guide is for you.

What To Look For In A Folding Saw

Blade Size

There is no use picking up a folding saw with a 5-inch blade if you need it to cut through larger pieces of wood. A bigger blade is going to make cutting wood for a campfire so much easier. The better products tend to be around the 8-inch mark although there is still a lot more they need to offer to be labeled a quality folding saw.

Sharp Teeth

These are especially important for hunting but every use will be made simpler if the teeth of the folding blade are sharp. Some have been triple cut to ensure they remain sharp after many uses.

Quality Handle

The better the handle is, the easier it will be to use the folding saw.  An ergonomic handle will make handling more comfortable, as will the materials used. Preferably it will be made from a non-slip material.


The more teeth the merrier when it comes to a folding saw. Looking for TPI (Teeth Per Inch) as the higher this number is, the smoother it will cut through the material.

Durable Materials

Because a lot of people use a folding saw in the great outdoors, most are designed to be used with the different elements in mind. This means non-corrosive materials that will last a while.

The Right Type

This is where you need to think about what you intend to use the folding saw for. Some are specifically designed to be used in the garden and at home whilst others are better for hunting or camping. Before you purchase, make sure it is tough enough to stand up to the task you need it for.


A folding saw that you need to check into your camping bag or take hiking will need to be compact and not weigh you down too much. This is less of a problem when using it in and around the home, although you don’t want it to be so heavy it is uncomfortable to use.

Adjustable Blades

Not all folding saws will come with adjustable blades but if you are considering using one for different purposes, this can be useful. A lot of them feature screws you can loosen and tighten to change the length of the blade or replace it completely.

Folding Saw Safety

The better products will have an excellent safety record and include something to prevent the blade from coming out when it isn’t supposed to. The locking mechanism should hold the blade in place and out of sight to make sure you are not at risk of an accident. Some folding saw’s also come with a carry case to increase the safety.

On top of this, you need it to remain firm when unfolded so it doesn’t break and ensures accuracy.

Can I Sharpen My Folding Saw Blade?

Sometimes but not often. In most cases, the folding saw is designed for infrequent use so it will last a while based on this. Having said that, there are some folding saws that can be sharpened although this will give them a new lease of life, they won’t have the same sharpness.

A lot of brands will recommend changing the blade rather than sharpening it.

How To Clean Tree Sap Off A Folding Saw

Tree sap is one of those ways that mother nature can mess up your tools. It can’t be helped, when you need to make a nice fire, or clear some branches, tree sap can be hard to remove.

Soaking it in soapy water for a couple of minutes before rinsing and wiping or use something more heavy-duty whilst trying to avoid solvents that can impact the quality of the blade.


A folding saw can be a useful tool to keep on you when you find a decent one. There are plenty of cheap products out there which are only good for casual use. Those looking to use a folding saw more regularly had better stick to the above guidelines.