Top 10 Best Garden Hose Reels of 2020 – Reviews

A garden hose reel is a piece of equipment that probably doesn’t get much attention. After all, people think of it only as a way to store their hose and not something that requires their thought or time. However, these simple devices are more important than storage. They are also a way to prevent the hose from becoming a safety hazard, prolong the life of it and keep it at arm’s reach. The best garden hose reel can also become a decorative item as well if it’s well designed. I’ve listed ten of the best garden hose reel models that can be currently purchased. These are models that fulfill their purpose of not only storing hose but also do it in a way that makes it easier and more convenient to get to the hose in question. Hopefully, these will help you choose a model that suits your needs.

Best Garden Hose Reels – Top List

10. Suncast 175-Foot Capacity Cart

This durable unit has a contemporary design that not only keeps the hose up and out of the way but also keeps it close at hand. It can hold up to 175-feet of 5.8-inch vinyl hose and has a crank that allows the hose to be reeled in when the user is done. This model also has an easy-link system that keeps the connection between the reel and the hose on it nice and tight. And since this unit also has back wheels, it can be moved from one end of the garden to the other quite easily.


9. Liberty Garden Products Multi-Purpose Reel

With the ability to hold up to 200-feet of 5/8-inch garden hose and to be used as either a ground mounted or wall mounted unit, this unit gives the user the reach and the hose versatility they need in their garden. It’s made from 13-gauge steel, so it’s designed to be heavy-duty and is coated with an industrial strength powder coating finish that allows it to hold up to the weather. Equipped with a 5-foot leader hose that allows for a watertight connection with a garden hose, this unit is ideal for a large number of watering duties. While it doesn’t come with a hose or mounting hardware, it’s still a very useful hose storage tool.


8. Strongway Wall-Mount Reel

This high-quality reel is designed to be extremely durable and to keep the user’s hose safe and out of the way. It’s designed out of metal and has a powder coating on it that keeps it weather-resistant. It has a 6-foot leader hose and is rated to withstand up to 150 PSI water pressure from the source. It can be mounted either perpendicular or parallel to the wall and can be set up to accommodate either a left-handed or right-handed individual. This makes this really useful not only in the garden but anywhere 150-feet of hose needs to be kept close at hand.


7. Suncast Powerwind PW100 Reel

This modern reel uses a 12-Volt rechargeable battery and a foot pedal to wind up a garden hose quickly and efficiently. It can hold up to 100-feet of .625-inch vinyl hose and if the battery becomes discharged, then the user can use the crank back up to retrieve their hose. Its rechargeable battery can be used for up to 20 uses and it comes with a charger unit to recharge it. A storage bin in the bottom of the unit allows gloves and other implements to be stored out of the way.


6. RSH125 Water-Powered Retractable Reel

Able to automatically rewind 125-feet of hose using a water-powered system, this reel can safely store a garden hose from sun and weather exposure. It also has an auto-sort guide that allows the hose to be put away correctly each and every time. With a modern box design, this model can be placed just about anywhere, from the garden to the backyard and thanks to its plastic design will last for many years to come. It’s a good hose storage and retrieval system that’s convenient and easy-to-use.


5. Liberty Garden Products 712 Reel

Made using 18-gauge steel and covered with a durable bronze powder coat, this reel is not only designed to hold up to everyday use but is designed to last for years. It has brass and galvanized fittings, has a pull-up knob for a full 360-degree rotation that allows for the hose to be quickly unwound and can hold up to 125-feet of 5/8-inch hose. It also has a storage basket where gloves or other objects can be stored. All of which makes it a very useful reel for just about any garden and one that’s a great tool for modern gardeners to own.


4. Liberty Garden Products 704 Decorative Reel

This nice looking decorative reel has a top shelf that can hold objects and can be mounted to just about any wall for easy access. Looks and convenience aren’t the only two positive attributes of this reel, however. It also has a utilitarian design that allows it to hold up to 125-feet of 5/8-inch garden hose and keeps it safe for long-term storage. This unit is made out of cast aluminum with a powder coat finish that makes it durable and resistant to weather and is fitted with both aluminum and brass plumbing fixtures and a 5-foot leader hose.


3. Rapid Reel Model 1042

Designed to last for years, this reel is manufactured using only high-end components. It’s made out of die-cast aluminum and is a free-standing unit that has a no-tip base and four rubber feet to keep it stable. It has a 6.5-foot polyurethane inlet hose that the user can connect their own hose to in order to attach it and it has a goose-neck swivel. This model can hold up to 150-feet of 5/8-inch hose and keep it handy for when it’s needed. This unit is manufactured for long-term use and won’t break or rust.


2. Rapid Reel Reel Cart Model 1043

Designed with a large, heavy-duty die-cast aluminum frame, this mobile reel is designed to stand the test of time. It’s backed by a 10-year no-leak, no-rust and no-break warranty that ensures this model is designed to hold up to long-term use. It can hold up to 150-feet of 5/8-inch hose, has a 6.5-foot polyurethane inlet hose and has two 10-inch tires that allow it to be moved easily from one part of the yard to the other yard. This is a good reel for anyone who wants a durable and portable reel for use in their backyard or garden.


1. Rapid Reel Wall Mount Reel Model 1041

While it gets points for not only being attractive but also for being a wall-mounted reel, the real beauty of this model is that it’s durable and versatile. It is made of bronze-colored die-cast aluminum and has a 6-foot long rubber inlet hose that’s fitted with crush-proof brass fittings. This unit can hold up to a 100 feet of 3/4-inch hose or up to a 150-feet of 5/8-inch hose and can be mounted for either left-handed or right-handed people. It can also be mounted perpendicular or parallel to the wall, which gives users additional options for how to hang this reel.


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Garden Hose Reel Guide

To make your time in the garden more enjoyable, you will want the lawn to look as lush as possible. This is where a quality garden hose reel can make a big difference and it is the sort of product you don’t want to buy too often. Because of this, you want to get this purchase right and when you know what it is that makes a quality garden hose reel, you can be sure it will last.

To help clarify a few unexpected attributes, and to make the whole process simple, we created the following guide.

What To Look For In A Garden Hose Reel


For many people, this is the most important factor when buying a garden hose reel. For it to water the far end of your garden, you will need to think about how much reach it needs. Most of the reputable reels are made with distance in mind which is why many of them will be able to accommodate a hose of over 100 ft long. This will be way too much for some so it might be better to stick with 50 – 80 ft.

Mounting Bracket

A lot of garden hose reels are designed to be attached to the outside of your home. This makes it easy to reel the hose back in and keep everything compact. The best mounting brackets are easy to install, strong, and reliable.


There are plenty of different products to choose from so no matter what your taste, you should be able to find something you like. The cheaper products might be more plastic-based which aren’t always as appealing but some are made from cast aluminum which matches a lot of garden furniture and looks great.


The easier it is the operate the better and a lot of this comes down to the handle. When it is on the side of the device, it can make turning to draw the hose in simple and the more comfortable handles tend to come from reputable brands.


The bigger the area you need to water, the more you should consider a certain style of the garden hose reel. Some come with wheels that make it easy to move along a large garden.


If ease of use is high up on your list then a retractable garden hose reel is a great option. Usually, it comes in the form of a button that you press or hold to draw the reel back in automatically. This saves on a bit of graft and is great when you have a heavy or long hose to gather.

Why Use A Hose Reel?

Not only does it make your hose easier to store but it prolongs its life. A garden hose that is left to the mercy of the elements and in full view of harmful UV rays which can cause wear and tear will not last as long.

Anyone with pets will know the benefit – a garden hose is a fun chew toy for dogs if left on the ground.

Not to mention it keeps your garden looking tidy and prevents the hose from tripping everyone who walks past it.

Different Types of Garden Hose Reels


A common and affordable option, a manual garden hose reel relies on you turning the handle to wind the hose. Simple to operate and are mostly made from metal or plastic.


A popular option as they cover the hose and store it inside the device. This keeps the hose protected from the elements and makes everything look tidier. Sometimes they are made with discretion in mind so the handle can be removed.


The main difference here is portable hose reels come with wheels either 2 or 4 to make it easy to move it from one end of the garden to another. Storing your hose is easy when you don’t want it in plain view.


Some of these resemble a wheelbarrow but are not to be sniffed at. You might get storage shelves in them and they are sturdily built, often with more space for a bigger hose.

Wall Mounted

The more decorative type that keeps the hose out of the way, saving space and leaving your garden to look its best.

Should I Buy A Garden Hose Reel With A Hose?

This certainly makes life easier as the package is ready to go. A lot of the time they will also come with changeable nozzles to make it easy to customize the spray. As long as the hose itself is built to last, long enough, and high quality it can be a great idea.