Top 10 Best Garden Hoses of 2020 – Reviews

When it comes to buying a garden hose, there are a number of different things to consider such as hose length and diameter, what it’s made from and what coupling is paired with it. Unfortunately, too many people ignore these parameters and just try to buy the cheapest one available, which is a big mistake. The one with the cheapest price tag is often the one that’s also cheaply made.

How do you determine which hose is the best garden hose? The first thing you can do is to look at the ten models I’ve selected below. I’ve listed the top ten hoses, starting with the lower end models and ending with the top ones available. While they’re listed from worst to best, any of these hoses is a good investment and can be considered one of the best garden hose models that are sold today.

Best Garden Hoses – Top List

10. Rainlax 50-Foot Expandable Hose

Available in an expanding 50-foot size that is suitable for most households, this expanding hose has many of the features that gardeners and homeowners are looking for. It has a triple layer natural rubber core that expands when water runs through it and is capable of operating even under 90 PSI pressure levels. It’s made with a brass fitting connector with an on/off valve and is lightweight and easy to use. When not in use, this hose will shrink back down to its original size of 17-feet, so it can be easily stored when the season is over. This model also features an easy-to-use sprayer.


9. GreenTEC USA 75-Foot Heavy-Duty Hose

Before it’s used for the first time, this hose has a length of approximately 23-feet but that quickly changes when water runs through it. When that happens, it has the capacity to expand to a 75-foot length that gives homeowners and gardening enthusiasts a little bit of extra reach when they are watering their shrubbery or gardens. It’s designed to be tangle and kink-free and comes equipped with brass fittings. This hose is made from a triple layer of latex, which makes it durable, and comes with a 9-pattern sprayer nozzle. Just about everything one would want in a lightweight and easy-to-use hose for the garden.


8. Garden Dady 50-Foot Hose

This expandable hose is designed to be durable and to outlast many of its competitors. It’s made with a non-kinking interior rubber that’s designed for long life and will expand up to 50-feet when it’s being used. According to the manufacturer, this hose has been tested to last almost twice as long as ordinary hoses and should provide the user with many seasons of garden watering. Other key features that can be found in this model are durable brass fittings and a 9-function spray gun that should come in handy in any garden. All for a price that won’t break the bank.


7. Ez Full Hose With 10-Function Spray Nozzle

Although this hose is only 17-feet long, it can easily expand to a 50-foot length when water goes through it and will shrink back to its original size when dried out. This means that this hose can be used for just about any gardening job but can also be easily stored away when not in use. Size and convenience aren’t the only good things about this hose, however. It is also designed with a natural latex core that’s designed to withstand leaks and brass fittings that help to prevent leaks from the hose’s connection to your faucet. And since this model is equipped with a 10-function spray nozzle, this model is sure to find its place in just about any home.


6. 3KM 100-Foot Premium Expandable Hose

While this hose comes in a 33-foot size, it can quickly expand to a 100-foot size when it’s being used. That’s thanks to a triple layer latex interior that gives it the ability to expand but also makes it lightweight and durable as well. This kink-free hose comes with brass fittings so it will last a long time and a 9-way nozzle sprayer that can be used all around the yard and the garden. All of these features ensure that this hose holds up to repeated use and is capable of being used around the home for many seasons to come, as long as the hose is properly maintained and used according to specifications.


5. Lovel Expandable 50-Foot Hose

Starting out at a measly 17-foot size, this hose quickly expands up to 50-feet when it’s being used. This is in part due to its natural latex inner tube which allows the hose to expand but prevents it from leaking or bursting. This allows the hose to be used without the user having to worry about it twisting or kinking. This hose is also made with 3/4-inch solid brass fittings that make it durable enough to be used on a day-to-day basis. And all of these features are in a hose that’s lightweight, easy-to-use and very portable. Which means that it may be a hose suitable for DIY enthusiasts or gardeners who need a high-quality hose with a hose nozzle.


4. Gloue 50-Foot Hose With Brass Connector

Expanding up to three times its original size, this hose starts off with only a length of 17-feet but quickly expands to 50-feet while it’s being used. Manufactured using a 100% latex core which not only gives it the ability to expand but also makes it quite durable as well, and brass fittings with sealing rings, this hose is designed for heavy-duty use around the house. Not only is this hose designed to stand up to standard water pressure without leaking, but is also designed not to rust or corrode. This makes it ideal for gardeners and homeowners to use around the home.


3. Andoric Life Expandable Hose

With the ability to expand from 17-feet to 50-feet, this hose is sure to make itself useful in the homes of gardeners and DIY enthusiasts all over the world. It’s made with a high-quality polyester knitted casing that protects its inner latex core from punctures and tears and is also made using solid brass fittings equipped with rubber washers. Other features which can be found on this hose include an on/off valve, a 9-function sprayer and a storage bag to keep everything in when it’s not being used. All of these features make this water hose ideal for day-to-day use.


2. Hospaip Expandable Double Core 50-Foot Hose

Made with high-quality materials that ensure durability and performance, this hose is ideal for gardeners and homeowners who need a reliable tool for watering their plants around the yard. It has a 17-foot size that quickly expands to 50-feet while in use and comes with solid 3/4-inch brass fittings that won’t leak or rust. This hose is also covered with a 3750D polyester fabric cover that can handle up to 12-bars of water pressure and temperatures between 42 and 112 degrees Fahrenheit. Shipped with an 8-pattern hose nozzle, this model is useful around the home for a number of different projects.


1. Gloue Double Latex Core Hose With 9-Function Sprayer

Strength, durability, and size are all of the things that can be found in this hose set. The star of this set is the hose which can expand to a length of 100-feet thanks to its double latex core but can quickly shrink back to its original size when the water drains out of it. And it weighs under 4-pounds, so it’s easy to take from one end of the yard to the next. Other items which can be found in this set include a 9-function sprayer, three washers, a hose hanger and a storage bag for keeping everything together. Just about everything a person could want out of a high-quality hose set.


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Garden Hose Buying Tips

For most homeowners, a garden hose is an absolute necessity. It not only allows plants and trees located on the outside perimeter of the property to get the water they absolutely need, but it is also a helpful tool that can aid with cleaning up outdoor messes. And if the homeowner owns a pet, then it’s also a tool that’s helpful for when Fido needs a bath, and you don’t want to give him one in your own bathroom.

Unfortunately, most people either don’t own a garden hose or the hose they have is inferior. And it’s not necessarily their fault. Many of the hoses for the garden that are sold in big stores are cheaply made and don’t last as long as they should. In fact, most people would be shocked to find out that a proper hose should last them anywhere from 5 to 10-years—with proper care, of course.

To help our readers begin their journey towards buying the best garden hose possible, we’ve decided to write this guide that will give them the tips and tricks they need to buy a great garden hose. In this guide, we’ll cover everything from material choice to hose length and size. If followed, the below tips are sure to help just about anyone purchase a great hose.

Choosing The Hose’s Materials

Looking at most store’s offered selection of garden hose would have most people thinking that there’s almost an endless array of different hose available. Although there does seem to be hoses made in all kinds of different styles, the truth of the matter is that most of the hoses are made from one of two materials. They’re either made out of rubber or they’re made out of vinyl. Sure, there are some hoses that are reinforced with rayon or nylon, to increase their durability, but that doesn’t change the fact that at their cores they’re either vinyl or rubber.

So, this may leave you asking the question: Which is better, rubber or vinyl? And while that’s a good question, it’s not one that we can answer with a definitive answer because it really depends on the intended purpose of the hose. While rubber hoses tend to be more durable than vinyl hoses, they also tend to be more expensive and heavier. On the other hand, vinyl hoses are fairly inexpensive, but they’re not as durable as rubber garden hoses—at least, not unless they’re reinforced. However, they are lighter than rubber hoses and are good for mild climates or light watering jobs.

Rubber Versus Vinyl Hoses

Rubber Hoses

  • Pros: Durable, Good for colder climates, Good for heavy-duty jobs
  • Cons: They cost more than vinyl, They’re heavier than vinyl

Vinyl Hoses

  • Pros: Economical, Good for mild climates, Good For light-duty jobs
  • Cons: Not as durable as rubber,  Not good for use with hot water

Of course, those two options aren’t the only options available to the prospective hose buyer. There is also a third, and that’s a combination of the two materials. Yes, hose manufacturers have begun combining rubber and vinyl hoses to create hybrid hoses that are more durable but are still fairly inexpensive. They then usually reinforce these hoses with metal coils to keep the hose from kinking.

Hose Length

A mistake that many consumers tend to make when they buy a hose is buying the biggest one they can find. Although this sounds like a good idea at first, it actually is a pretty bad one. That’s because the longer the length of the hose, the harder it will be to maneuver and the heavier it will be. And if it’s not a specialized hose, then the longer the hose, the more likely it is to kink.

Therefore, the consumer should only buy the length of hose to reach the maximum distance on their property they need to reach. And it’s usually better for people who need to reach longer stretches of their property to buy individual sections of the hose rather than one long hose. Fortunately, hoses are sold in lengths up to 100-feet and are sized in 25-foot increments, so a person can buy a 75-foot one, for example, if they need that instead of having to buy a 100-foot one.

The Size Of The Hose

The next thing we need to talk about is the size of the hose. Yes, I know what you’re thinking: Didn’t we just talk about hose size in the last section? No, we didn’t. In the last section, we talked about the length of the hose and now we’re going to talk about the size of the hose. The size of the hose is its diameter and most hoses available have a diameter of 1/2-inch up to 3/4-inch. For home use, the standard 1/2-inch diameter will be all that’s needed for most garden and lawn uses. However, if you have heavy-duty watering tasks to do, then you may want to go with a 3/4-inch hose. After all, the higher the diameter, the larger the water flow through it.

Garden Hose Grades

The next thing to think about is whether the hose you’re thinking of buying is for Light Duty, Medium Duty, Heavy Duty or Super Duty. Each of these specific grades tells the consumer just how durable a hose is probably going to be. And in most cases, the higher the grade of the hose, the more expensive it’s going to be. Light Duty and medium-duty hoses are best for home use, while heavy or super duty hoses are best for commercial uses. Most of the heavy duty hoses available are used for pressure washers and the like, so unless you intend to use it for that purpose, then you’re probably fine going with a light duty hose.

Types of Garden Hoses Available

And the last thing to think about is the specialized types of garden hoses. Although most people will go with an all-purpose garden hose, it might be nice for some people to know what’s available, so we decided to list some of the other popular garden hoses sold nowadays.

Garden Hose Types:

  • Soaker Hoses
  • Flat Hose
  • Coiled Hose
  • Sprinkler Hose
  • Expandable Garden Hose
  • All-purpose Hose
  • Metal Garden Hose
  • RV Hose