Top 10 Best Hedge Trimmers of 2019 – Reviews

While there are a number of different ways for a person to trim their bushes and shrubs, nothing really beats using a hedge trimmer. The best hedge trimmer can make short work of intricate landscaping and can be used not only for trimming bushes but also some grasses and ground cover as well. And that makes it an essential tool for any homeowner or landscaper. Before a person buys one of these tools and presses it into service, however, they should take a moment to do their research and examine some of the models currently on the market. To help these people out, I’ve listed ten models which I feel are the best hedge trimmer models available. These are landscaping tools that are sure to provide the user with a well-manicured yard.

Best Hedge Trimmers – Top List

10. Ryobi One+ 18-Inch Cordless

Although this model is the bare tool and the user will have to buy the battery and charger separately, once equipped this trimmer can make short work of tough jobs. It has 18-inch blades which can be used to cut through overgrowth up to 3/8th-inch thick and is a good choice for handling up to 1/3 acre of vegetation. And since it has a dual action blade, the user will experience less vibration while they are using it for trimming up their hedges or bushes. It works with any Ryobi One+ 18-volt battery, as they are interchangeable among tools by this manufacturer.


9. WORX WG209 Slim 4-Amp Pruner

This corded trimmer has a slim body design that makes it comfortable and easy-to-use while trimming up the hedges and only weighs 5.7-pounds. This unit is designed with 24-inch dual action blades that provide a 3/4th-inch cutting diameter and provide a lot less vibration than comparable models. And since this unit plugs into an extension cord, the user never has to worry about batteries dying or having to recharge the unit. Overall, it’s a hedger that’s designed for people who want to quickly and efficiently get their hedging work done and over with.


8. Remington Dual Action 24-Inch RM5124TH

This hedge has a number of features which not only make it easy-to-use but also makes it a good tool for tackling tough shrubbery or bushes. This corded model has a 5-Amp electric motor that gives the 24-inch dual action titanium-coated blades the power they need to easily cut through branches up to 3/4th-inch thick and do it without the user experiencing excessive vibrations. Its cutting blade can rotate a full 180-degrees and is designed to be tough and durable. All of this makes this a versatile trimmer that would be a beneficial tool for any homeowner to use.


7. Greenworks 2.7-Amp 18-Inch 22101

This corded tool not only reduces a user’s carbon footprint because it’s corded and doesn’t require gasoline but it is also more convenient than many cordless models because there are no batteries to recharge or change. All the user has to do is to plug this unit into a compatible extension cord and it’s ready to tackle some pretty tough hedging jobs. It has an 18-inch dual action blade that’s easy to maneuver and a 2.7-amp motor that gives it the power it needs to cut through bushes and shrubs with a cutting capacity of 3/8th-inch.


6. Black & Decker 22-Inch HT22

With dual-action 22-inch blades that can cut branches fairly quickly and do it with up to forty-percent less vibration than other hedger models, this tool can easily power through branches up to 3/4-inch in diameter. This unit has rust-resistant steel blades that are designed to stay-sharp and are ideal for trimming bushes and hedges in a variety of different configurations. And since this tool only weighs 5.5-pounds, it’s light enough to be used by just about anyone. All of which ensures that this tool will get plenty of use when it’s used by both homeowners and landscapers alike.


5. Makita 18-Volt 22-Inch Kit XHU02M1

This kit is designed for professional landscapers and contractors who need a reliable and effective tool for trimming up hedges and other shrubberies. It comes with a tool which has a 22-inch blade that provides great cutting capacity and a motor that delivers up to 1,350 SPM cutting speed. It also comes with an 18-Volt lithium-ion 4.0Ah battery that will give the user up to two hours of run time when the hedge is used on the lowest setting. This kit also comes with a blade cover to keep the blade safe during storage and a rapid charger for charging its battery quickly.


4. Black & Decker 40-Volt 24-Inch LHT2436

Powered by a 40-Volt lithium-ion battery that has a long run-time and a 24-inch dual action blade that’s designed to produce fewer vibrations than many single action blades, this trimmer is designed for just about any job that can be thrown at it. Its blade can cut through branches up to 3/4th-inch thick and this tool can trim up to six thousand square feet of hedges per charge. This tool also has a wrap-around front handle that makes it easy to hold and allows it to be held in a variety of different cutting positions. It’s a trimmer designed to get hedging work done efficiently.


3. Black & Decker 20-Volt 22-Inch LHT2220

Manufactured with 22-inch dual-action blades that can power through branches up to 3/4th-inch thick and powered by a 20-Volt MAX lithium-ion battery that allows up to three thousand square feet of hedges to be trimmed per charge, this is an invaluable tool for just about any landscaper, homeowner or contractor. It also has a wrap-around handle that allows it to be used in a number of different cutting positions and also makes it easier to hold. The LHT2220 is sold with the trimmer, an LBXR20 battery, and a battery charger to charge the battery.


2. EGO Power+ 24-Inch 56-Volt Lithium-Ion

This model has a 24-inch dual-action blade that has a 3/4th-inch cutting capacity and is made out of hardened steel. A tough blade isn’t the only positive thing about this unit, however. This tool is also manufactured to be weather-resistant, to provide up to an hour of run-time on a single battery charge and is equipped with electronic brake stops for control. This unit is sold either as a bare tool, without the battery or charger, or as kits with either a 2.0Ah or 2.5Ah 56-Volt lithium-ion battery. It’s a unit that provides clean and fast cuts and is designed for tough jobs.


1. Dewalt 20-Volt DCHT820P1

Part of the ever-growing MAX system of tools, this trimmer not only uses 20-Volt batteries that are interchangeable with other tools in the system but also has a powerful high-output motor. This tool has a lightweight and compact design which makes it easy-to-use and a 22-inch blade that can cut through branches up to 3/4th-inch thick. It’s ideal for landscapers, homeowners, and contractors, and is designed to handle some pretty tough jobs. Overall, it’s a tool that useful for a variety of trimming jobs and makes itself useful from the moment it’s started.


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