Top 10 Best Ladders of 2020 – Reviews

A ladder is an important tool for anyone who needs to do a job that’s not in their immediate reach. And while these tools all make look similar to each other, there are differences between the best ladder available and all of the ones that don’t quite make the list. These differences can mean and safe and easy-to-use platform for getting household projects done and an unsafe or difficult to use alternative.

I’ve done some research on the subject, and have concluded that there are some models that are really good for all kinds of different jobs. I’ve listed these ten best ladder models below so that all my readers can see which models are the best ones currently available. The following models are durable, high-quality and are designed to provide the user with a stable platform.

Best Ladders – Top List

10. Louisville 4-Foot Fiberglass Stepladder

Made of full-channel fiberglass and built with heavy-duty bracing, this stepladder is rated to hold up to 300-pounds. It also has slip-resistant rubber feet to provide a solid grip on the ground and is made from a material that’s non-conductive. Other key features which can be found in this product include aluminum angle feet, a molded top with tool slots, and a 4-foot size. This company also makes this model in other sizes including 6, 8, 10 and 12-foot models. This model is an ideal tool for not only around the home use but can be taken to just about any work site.


9. VonHaus Portable Steel Stepladder

Thanks to its innovative features, this stepladder is not only portable and lightweight but is also quite durable as well. It’s made of steel that’s been powder coated and is designed to hold up to 330 pounds. This model also has four wide steps that have gripped treads to increase traction and non-slip feet that offer stability no matter where this stepladder is setup. When folded up, this product can be easily placed into the bed of a truck, a trunk of a car or placed in a kitchen pantry. Opened up, this product is 4-feet high, 34.5-inches deep and 18.3-inches wide.


8. Best Choice Products 3-Step Stepladder

Useful for around the house use or for use around the office, this 3-step stepladder is made with a durable frame that’s easy to store, transport and use. It’s made of high-grade steel with skid-resistant feet that can be used on a variety of flooring. When folded, this products is 20.5-inches by 2.8-inches by 57.3-inches, and when unfolded it’s 13.75-inches by 8-inches by 18.25-inches. And with a weight capacity of 330-pounds, this stepladder will hold most people. All things considered, this product is ideal for any number of different projects.


7. Delxo Lightweight Aluminum Stepladder

This lightweight stepladder can easily be picked up with just one hand and transported anywhere in the house or out to the garage. It’s also easy to store and is just 4-inches deep when it’s folded. This means that it can be placed in the trunk of a car, in a broom closet or tucked in a corner. Even though it’s light, however, doesn’t mean it isn’t durable. It’s made of high-quality aluminum that can hold up to 330-pounds and gives the user a stable surface to stand on. This unit also has an over-sized top platform that clamps into a locked position.


6. Werner 6-Foot Fiberglass Stepladder

Functionality, durability, and stability are the three main features of this high-quality stepladder. It’s made with fiberglass rails, which is safer to use around electrical sources than aluminum models and has slip-resistant traction tread steps which help the user keep their footing while climbing it. This unit also has a heavy-duty aluminum holster top, stripes on the rails which make this product more visible and molded external rail shield to protect against abrasions. It also can support up to a 375-pound capacity and comes in a convenient 6-foot size, although this brand does manufacture models in sizes ranging from 3-feet all the way up to 12-feet tall.


5. Cosco Aluminum 5-Foot Stepladder

A stepladder doesn’t have to be designed with complicated features for it to be safe and useful. And no product proves that better than this model. It has a simple yet effective design that allows it to hold up to 225-pounds of weight and provide a stable surface for DIY enthusiasts, painters or anyone else who needs to extend their reach a bit. It has a tool-integrated top cap, has skid-resistant leg tips and a large platform top step. Overall, it’s a product that’s sure to help out just about anyone with their household or work projects and is suitable for just about anyone.


4. Giantex Folding Stepladder

This stepladder has a number of features which make it useful for work or home projects. It has a 330-pound capacity, four rubber pads on the bottom legs for safety and has a toolbox on top of the handle. It also has slip-resistant steps and a foldable design that allows it to be conveniently stored and transported. This is a useful product for all different types of professionals as well, from painters to handymen or DIY’ers. It’s a stepladder which is easy-to-carry, safe and comfortable to use as well. And since it’s made from iron, it’s designed to also be quite durable.


3. Little Giant Classic 26-Foot 10126LGW

The product can not only be used as an A-frame stepladder but can also be used as a 90-degree, staircase or extension model as well. And thanks to its Triple-Lock Hinge, it’s extremely stable in any of these positions. This makes this product one of the more versatile and safest units currently available. It’s also one of the strongest and can hold up to 300-pounds of weight. With its 26-foot height, this stepladder also has the height for most jobs and is useful to both professional and amateur handymen everywhere. It may not be the best stepladder, but it does deserve a mention.


2. Flip-N-Lite Heavy-Duty 6-Foot Stepladder

Weighing just 14-pounds, this 6-foot stepladder is certainly designed to be a lightweight model. However, that doesn’t mean that it isn’t also durable. In fact, this unit has a heavy-duty construction that can hold up to 300-pounds of weight and meets or exceeds all OSHA and ANSI standards for quality as well as safety. This unit also has a slim profile that makes it easy to use and to store. All of which simply means that this product is ideal for just about anyone who needs to extend their reach. That include painters, handymen, or other professionals.


1. Rubbermaid RMA-5XS Aluminum 5.5-Foot Stepladder

This product is just 5.5-feet tall, which is slightly smaller than most traditional 6-foot stepladders, but that just means that this product is also lighter than comparable models. It weighs just under pounds but is extremely durable and has an ANSI Type 1 duty-rating of 250-pounds. It also has a project-top built into it, which is useful for holding tools and other materials while the user is working. And since this model is both lightweight and compact, it can easily be folded or set up and can be stored in a variety of different locations. All of which makes it one of the best products in its classification that’s currently available.


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Ladder Guide

Gone are the days where a ladder was just made out of wood and reliant on your balance (although this is still important). Safety is key when it comes to scaling heights so you want to be sure you can trust your ladder. The advances in design mean that there is a big difference in what ladders can offer and for the unacquainted, it can be a bit lot to take in.

Even if you already have a ladder, it can be outdated and unreliable. This is when it is good to find out how you can upgrade to something that inspires confidence. This is why we have compiled this guide to help you understand the ins and outs of modern ladders to make sure you find the right one to fit your needs.

How Big Is The Ladder?

For painting and decorating your home, you might only need the first couple of steps. This narrows down the type of ladder you should be looking at as something too high is unnecessary and can be less stable. A three-step ladder might be all you need. Otherwise, the sky is the limit and you can find tall ladders tailored towards outside use where reaching taller parts of a building is necessary.

How Much Weight Can It Hold?

Sometimes known as a duty rating, this will tell you the maximum load a ladder is capable of holding. They start from Type III which can hold up to 200 lbs, then go up to IAA (Extra Heavy Duty) that can hold up to 375 lbs. With everything in between catered for as well, you need to consider the weight of the tools and equipment you will place on the ladder as well as your weight before deciding on the right type for you.

Types Of Ladders

Articulated Ladder

A common ladder than is best described as the swiss army knife of ladders. With changeable positions, the lockable hinges can be used to turn it into various types of ladders including stepladder, extension ladder, trestle ladder, standoff, and it can even be used as a workbench.

The hinges lock in different positions and vary depending on the manufacturer.


A common type of ladder used for smaller jobs, always remember to move in the middle of the steps to ensure it does not tip. Also, it is important to be sure all four feet and corners of the stepladder are rested upon flat, stable ground before using. Because it is self-supporting, it can be taken anywhere and used for lots of different jobs.


This is usually used when a step ladder doesn’t give you the height you require. It’s great for getting onto a roof or painting a ceiling when used properly. When you need to extend the height even further, a telescoping ladder offers you a little more.


A common ladder for handymen because it can be used as both a step ladder and an extension ladder. Because it is easier to transport one ladder that can be used for the two purposes, it’s a smart choice and can also be a wise choice for home DIY.


These are great for longer jobs like painting ceilings as the larger steps are kinder on your feet. Even in sturdy workboots, the thinner steps can take their toll so a platform is often a more stable and reliable ladder.

Step Stool

These are easy to store and can be good for when you need to grab something just a little out of reach. For some people, they can be all you need for changing some lightbulbs but are fairly limited compared to the rest of the list.

Ladder Materials


One of the more common materials as it has the benefit of being lightweight and easy to carry yet strong enough to hold a lot of weight. Also, manufacturers can keep costs down because it is affordable.


A good option but one that does have its limitations as you can’t buy all types of ladders in wood. They are heavier than most types of ladders but does not conduct electricity which will be a benefit for some types of work.


Not ideal for your occasional at-home use as they are heavy but they are built to last. You are more likely to see them where a heavy-duty ladder is required.


Durable and strong, it is popular with some brands of ladder but is not as affordable as other types.


Whatever you are looking for, make sure you know how to use the ladder you choose properly. A good ladder will come with in-depth instructions and safety guidelines so read them carefully before using. You should also make sure the ladder you choose has non-slip feet attached to keep it in place.