Top 10 Best Lawn Mowers of 2019 – Reviews

Everyone wants the best lawn mower possible whenever they’re doing their yard work. After all, who wants to mess around with a lawn mower that’s hard to start, doesn’t run well, requires a lot of maintenance or doesn’t cut the grass well? Absolutely no one, that’s who. We all want the best model we can afford. A model which runs well, cuts grass well and has the bells and whistles we want it to have. Of course, finding the best lawn mower isn’t always an easy task. Which is why I’ve decided to do the research and find the best models currently on the market and list them in ascending order from number ten to the number one mower. Hopefully, this will be an aid for anyone looking for a great mower.

Best Lawn Mowers – Top List

10. Oregon Cordless 40-Volt CS250-S6

With heat-treated blades that are designed to not only stay-sharper than conventional blades but also to snip the grass carefully, it’s no wonder this reel mower is capable of holding its own with many electric and gasoline-powered models. Its height can be adjusted from 1-inch to 1-3/4th-inch and it has large 10-inch composite wheels that make steer and maneuvering over lawns easier. It also has a weather-resistant zinc-plated handle that has plastic grips and a 14-inch cutting width. It’s a mower designed to cut grass year after year with very little maintenance required.


9. American Lawn 14-Inch 4-Blade Push Mower

Weighing only 19-pounds and with a 14-inch cutting width, this mower is light enough to be used for just about any yard but is mainly designed to be used on turf grasses such as Bent Grass, Kentucky Blue Grass, and Zoysia. It’s 4-blade reel made from tempered alloy steel and its bed knife blade ensure that blades of grass are cut with scissor-like precision and aren’t mutilated. And this model is also equipped with 8.5-inch polymer wheels that are not only durable but also make the mower easy to push. Its cutting height can easily be adjusted from 1/2-inch to 1-3/4th-inch, so the user can cut the grass they way they like it cut.


8. Fiskars 17-Inch Push Mower (6208)

Although this cylinder mower is human powered instead of being powered by gas or electricity, it still manages to perform exceptionally well. It’s manufactured with Stay Sharp blades that cut the grass quickly and efficiently and doesn’t hack at it like some mower model’s blades tend to do. And it also has an Inertia Drive Reel that gives the user plenty of power to blast through tall grass and weeds without a whole lot of physical exertion. This mower also doesn’t require a whole lot of maintenance and doesn’t require gasoline, oil, electrical cords or a battery. Just push it and it cuts the grass.


7. Troy-Bilt 163cc 21-Inch 3-in-1 Rear Wheel Drive Mower

This model is equipped with a 21-inch deck, 6 different cutting heights and 3-in-1 mulching capabilities that allow it to be used on just about any yard. As its powerful 163cc Briggs & Stratton engine powers the blade, this mower is capable of side discharging the clippings, rear bagging them into the 1.9-bushel bag or mulching them. This unit also has a variable speed control that can be operated via a single lever and has 4 different speed settings so users can choose which one is the most comfortable to use while mowing. It also comes with 8-inch by 8-inch wheels that offer the user great performance while mowing.


6. Craftsman 21-Inch 140cc Gas Powered Mower

This gas powered mower is designed to not only deliver grass-cutting power but to also be quite versatile as well. It has blades that provide a 21-inch cutting width and is powered by a Briggs and Stratton Silver Series 140cc motor. This unit has 7-inch front wheels and 11-inch rear wheels for maneuverability and can either mulch, side discharge or rear bag grass clippings as it mows. This makes it an ideal mower for a variety of different yard sizes and grass types and is designed to provide the user with years of reliable grass cutting service.


5. Sun Joe 17-Inch 13-Amp Electric Mower

This 13-AMP 17-inch mower has the same cutting power as many gasoline-powered models but doesn’t pollute the environment. It has 7-height control positions that allow the user to set the cutting height from .98-inch all the way to 2.87-inches. Another benefit of this mower is that it only weighs around 31.5-pounds so it’s easy to use. This 2-in-1 unit can either mulch the grass cut or can be used to rear bag them, which makes it an ideal mower to use for just about any lawn cutting job imaginable. And since it’s powered using an extension cord, then batteries aren’t required.


4. Greenworks Pro 80V 21-Inch Cordless Mower

Able to run for up to 60-minutes when its 4Ah battery is fully-charged, this cordless mower can power through the grass cutting work of most small yards without having to wait for the battery to be recharged again to finish. This model uses a brushless motor that delivers the torque required for lawn cutting but does it without the noise of gasoline mowers. And since it has a 3-in-1 capability, it can mulch, rear-discharge or side discharge grass clippings as it cuts. This unit gets the job done without annoying exhaust fumes, loud noises, or intense vibrations that are often a problem with comparable gasoline-powered lawnmowers.


3. Remington 22-Inch Trimmer Mower

While this mower looks like a strange combination between a mower and a trimmer, it’s actually designed this way to tackle rough terrain and allow it to power through tall grasses and tough weeds. It’s powered by a 4-cycle 159cc OHV engine that allows it to cut a 22-inch cutting swath using nothing but 155 diameter trimmer line. This unit also has 14-inch wheels that allow the user to navigate this mower over rough ground. It also has an offset deck which gives it another advantage over uneven terrain. All of which makes this unit ideal for even some of the toughest jobs imaginable.


2. Greenworks 12-AMP 18-Inch Corded Mower

This electric corded mower allows users to cut their grass without having to worry about refueling it or keeping gas on hand. It has a steel 18-inch cutting deck that’s designed to be durable and to get the job of grass cutting done efficiently. This 2-in-1 can either mulch or side-discharge grass and can be adjusted to one of 7-different height adjustments from 1-3/4th-inch to 3-3/4th-inch. And since this model has 7-inch front and rear wheels, it can easily navigate even on uneven ground or along fence lines. All of which makes this mower a great choice for people who want to get their yard work done without much hassle.


1. EGO Power+ 56-Volt 20-Inch Lithium-Ion Mower With Battery & Charger Kit

With its weather-resistant design and its 45-minute cut time on a battery that only takes 30-minutes to charge, this mower is capable of handling a number of different types of yards. It has a 20-inch cut capacity, uses a 4Ah battery and uses a rapid charger. And since it has 3-in-1 capabilities, it can mulch, bag or side discharge grass as its being cut. Other features which can be found on this unit include LED headlights, the ability to fold for storage and a 600-watt high torque motor that can power through even tough grasses.


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