Top 10 Best Leather Work Gloves of 2020 – Reviews

Leather work gloves are an essential part of any workman’s gear and have been for hundreds of years. Why is it still important in the age of advanced fabrics? Well, that’s because even though there are a variety of different materials that gloves are fashioned out of nowadays, none of them work as well as once crafted out of leather. The best leather work gloves are head and shoulders over gloves made from any other material. However, even among these type of gloves, not every glove made out of leather is great. Which is why I’ve decided to compile a list of the ten best leather work gloves currently available. Below you’ll find the models that are well crafted, durable and will hold up to just about any job the user wears them.

Best Leather Work Gloves – Top List

10. Carhartt Men’s Fencer Glove

Manufactured using 100% Suede cowhide and designed with a wrap around palm and thumb patch, these gloves are designed to hold up to harsh working conditions, no matter if they are being used to put up fencing or for digging a hole. They have a double-elastic cuff that makes them easy to put on and take off, yet remain secure while the user is working. The cuff is also vented so that air can get in as well. And when these gloves are dirty, the user just has to wash them by hand in warm water and detergent and then hand them up to dry.


9. G&F 2002L Full Grain Leather Gloves

With a straight thumb design, an elastic shirred back and a Keystone thumb for comfort, these pigskin leather gloves are ideal for anyone who needs a pair of gloves for work or play. They are sold in 3-packs, which make them economical as well as durable, and are a useful gift for everyone from drivers to utility and warehouse workers. They are made from a soft pigskin leather that can be hand washed and air dried and should provide the user with the durability they want in a pair of gloves. And since they come in a number of different sizes, from small to extra-large, there’s a pair for anyone.


8. CLC 124L Flex Grip Gloves

Although these gloves are made from synthetic leather and not real leather like comparable work gloves, they still offer the user the durability they need when worker. They’re designed to be shrink resistant, soft and comfortable and also to be extremely durable as well. They are made of a stretchable spandex which allows the user to have some flexibility inside the gloves and they have elastic cuffs which help keep them from slipping off during wet weather conditions. They are tough enough to be used by just about anyone in a physical job include machinists, mechanics and construction workers.


7. CLC 2046B Gardening & Landscaping Gloves

Made of a combination of 70% leather and 30% heavy-duty cotton, these gloves are designed to be durable and flexible at the same time. They are the ideal work gloves for gardeners and landscapers because they allow the user to have a more tactile feel for the things they are picking up than 100% leather gloves. They have split leather on the palm which provides the user with grip strength and has a rubberized safety wrist cuff which helps keep the gloves on the user’s hands while they are working. And their cotton back and wrists promotes air circulation around the hands.


6. Ironclad General Utility Gloves

This form-fitting glove is durable enough for utility work but is also comfortable enough to wear on a regular basis. It’s made from 55% synthetic leather, 35% stretch nylon and 10% Terry, which gives it its unique characteristics. It has double stitched reinforcements on the palm, fingers, and saddle and has rubberized knuckle impact protection. These gloves also have a secure wrist closure to help keep them on and the padded inner palm has the patented flex pattern on it for extra grip. These gloves are also machine washable and can be hung up to be dried.


5. Midwest Gloves & Gear American Made Gloves

These gloves are made in the United States from genuine American Bison, otherwise known as Buffalo leather. Glove enthusiasts who have never experienced Bison leather will be pleased with the high-quality durability and the smooth grain of this material. They are made of a heavyweight leather, so they are ideal for use by ranchers or linesmen. These gloves also have an inset thumb for comfort and have a hemmed cuff design that makes them look good. And since these gloves are unlined, they also offer the user the hand movement capability that they need while working with their hands.


4. Vgo Glove Men’s Gloves

This 3-pack of high-quality and durable gloves are not only ideal for protecting the user’s hands from harsh work but are also designed to be economically priced. They are made from pigskin leather which gives them a nice smooth texture and the ability to be washed and have an open cuff design with a shirred elastic wrist. They are not only durable and comfortable but also look good as well. And since they are made from pigskin, they naturally breath so that air reaches the user’s hands. Overall, they are good gloves to wear at work or while working around the home.


3. Ozero Cowhide Gloves

These cowhide work gloves are made not only to be durable but also to be flexible as well. They are manufactured with a thickness depth of 1.0mm to 1.2mm which is thick enough to allow them to protect the user’s hands from harsh working conditions but is also flexible enough to be comfortable enough to wear for long periods of time. Since they are made of cow leather, they are also resistant to punctures, cuts and even a moderate amount of oil. And they have a Gunn cut and Keystone thumb design which allows the user to have the manual dexterity they need for a variety of different jobs.


2. Wells Lamont Leather Gloves

Constructed of a high-quality cowhide and designed with a Gunn cut, these gloves not only look good but are extremely durable as well. They are ideal for all kinds of different jobs from landscaping to construction to utility work and have a ball and tape style wrist closure which allows the user to adjust their tightness to their personal preferences so they don’t fall off during tough assignments. They have a reinforced leather palm patch that offers extra grip, and a Keystone thumb design for flexibility and comfort. These are gloves which can be used at the work site or at home.


1. Euphoria Rose Gardening Gloves

It doesn’t matter if the user needs a pair of high-quality gloves for gardening, landscaping or handling firewood, these gloves will protect them from all kinds of splinters, brambles, thorns, and thistles. They are made from 100% leather and have an innovative design which not only protects the user’s hands but also their wrists and forearms. They are puncture resistant against rose, blackberry, and honey locust thorns and are fleece lined for added comfort. No matter what outdoor activities are being planned, these gloves are sure to protect the user’s hands day in and day out.


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