Top 10 Best Mouse Traps of 2020 – Reviews

Having to deal with mice and the damage they cause around the house can be quite frustrating, not to mention the tiresome battle homeowners have to fight relentlessly against these furry little pests. A good way to deal with mice is to use rat poison scattered across the areas they like to roam through. This method, however, is quite dangerous if you have pets of your own, so a good alternative to that is to employ mouse traps for the job. Now, we should point out that mouse traps come in a wide variety and they each have their own particularities. To give you some pointers on the matter, we thought it would be wise to compile a list of the ten best mouse traps out there for you to look at.

Best Mouse Traps – Top List

10. Hux Eye USM5009

The Hux Eye USM5009 mousetrap does not lag behind among mouse traps, even despite its affordable price tag. Available in a 6 or 12-pack mouse trap units, you can buy the right count of traps you need to fully eliminate the mice problem in your home. The units are made of polystyrene and steel to ensure a longer lasting value. They also feature a sensitive trigger that initiates a powerful snap when the mouse is in, one of the strongest in fact.


9. Fly-Bye DS9408-12

The Fly-Bye’s DS9408-12 Mouse Glue Boards utilize the Catchmaster’s signature top-quality adhesive and has a mouse-attracting peanut butter smell. It is a great mouse trap for both indoor and outdoor use. You can use it for catching mice, as well as fruit flies and moths, plus more other troublesome rodents/insects. The board is designed to lay flat or fold into a space-saving square box.


8. Kat Sense Catcher

The KatSense Mini Snap Trap could be what you need to eliminate mice at home. It has a sleek, simple to use design that features a more responsive, precise and effective trigger mechanism, which makes it easier and faster to use than the conventional wood models. It further has a built-in bait cup for holding a mouse attractant, improving its chances of success. Add to this the durable construction and you begin to understand why they enjoy their current popularity.


7. Victor M154

The Victor’s M154 pedal mouse trap is available in packs of 4, 8, 10, 12 or 72, offering you options to choose from according to your situation with mice. This trap is made with a wooden base and features a powerful wire snap for killing the caught rodents effectively. It is also a reusable model, great for both indoors and outdoors use. Not only that but you will find this trap to be quite sturdy as far as its construction goes.


6. Catcha Catch-and-Release

This is a catch-and-don’t kill mouse trap model that features a spring door which automatically closes when the mouse enters to eat the set bait. The rodent is trapped inside until you release it. Using no glue or poison, and that you don’t have to touch the mouse, it is a very safe and hygienic way of mice elimination. It is simple to use, for all you need to do is placing some peanut butter inside the compartment and then open the door. After you have released the trapped rodents, you can clean the unit for later reuse.


5. Tomcat Press ‘N Set

The Tomcat Press ‘N Set is another effective mouse trap for killing mice. Its innovative design boasts a press-to-set feature for easy use, while an integrated grab tab provides no fuss, no touch rodent disposal. Guaranteed to kill the intruder, this trap is your powerful ally when fighting the troublesome rodents out of your house. After you have baited the trap, simply position it where the mice frequent. It also has a grab tab for disposing of the caught rodent hygienically.


4. Intruder 30442

A very easy to use model, the Better Mousetrap features a simple design and straightforward mechanical parts that make it one of the most effective models today. Its design suffocates the rodent to death once captured, ensuring no undesirable mess or unhygienic contact. Moreover, for your kids and pet’s safety, this is an incredible option to consider. Mostly due to its chemical-free mechanisms but also because of how easy it is to deploy.


3. Vensmile Humane Smart

Contrary to the majority of all mousetrap models that are designed for killing, the Vensmile Smart captures the rodent while not inflicting injury or pain. In addition to being clement, this trap is safe for pets and kids. It is simple to use, too and has an easy to clean design for stain and odor elimination. It is also impressively durable and reusable for a guaranteed long-term value, along with having the capacity to trap more than just one mouse at once.


2. Victor M2524 Electronic Trap

The Victor M2524 is an electronic mouse trap that kills the rodents in a jiffy by utilizing a high-voltage shock, which makes it one of the most effective options in the game. It features a bait trough along the back for luring a mouse in and onto its metal plates, where the smart circuit technology detects it and immediately executes the shock for an effective, fast kill. Its tunnel design and the beveled columns secure the mouse, ensuring it doesn’t escape.


1. Snap-E 102-0-019

This Snap-E’s mousetrap ranks among the most popular models available today. It is made of polystyrene and steel in order to be not only sturdy but long-lasting as well. The trap also has a functional bait cup for holding the bait and a fast response strike bar for killing rats, mice, or other rodents instantly. Speaking of which, this trap catches rodents from the front, back or the side. It is also simple to set up, which is great considering that its design allows you to dispose of the dead mouse without having to touch it at any given time.


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A Guide For Buying & Using Mousetraps

Although not everyone believes in their use, the fact of the matter is that mousetraps are often necessary to combat mice in the home or in the garage. Without these devices to keep a check on the populations of mice, then they’re number can quickly grow out of control. Since mice only have a gestation period of 21-days and can produce up to 14+ mice per litter, it’s easy to see how the number of mice in a home can quickly grow out of control.

In order to help our readers find the best way to stop these pests, we’ve decided to write this guide. In this guide, we’ll not only tell you how to select a trap from among our list of the top mousetraps, but we’ll also tell you how to properly set up your traps for the best results. Let’s get this guide started and work towards securing a better mousetrap for our mouse hunting endeavors.

Choosing A Mouse Trap Type

When it comes to mousetraps, consumers have a choice between a few basic models. There are Metal Pedal Traps, Kill & Contain Traps, Electronic Mouse Traps, Catch & Release Traps and Glue Traps. Let’s take a closer look at each of these different traps and talk about their advantages and disadvantages.

Metal Pedal Traps

Just about everyone has seen these traps used in some capacity, either in person or in movies. These traps consist of a base that supports a kill bar, a latching mechanism, and a metal pedal. Cheese, peanut butter or some other form of bait is placed upon the metal pedal, and the kill bar is pulled back with the armbar latched into place. When the mouse attempts to remove the bait, the mechanism is sprung, and the kill bar snaps down on the mouse breaking its spine or neck.

Advantages: Very effective, Affordable, Kills Mouse Quickly.

Disadvantages: Can be difficult to set, Mouse cleanup is quite messy.

Kill & Contain Traps

This trap comes in quite a few variations, but they’re all pretty much designed to do the same thing. They’re designed to kill the mouse quickly, but do it in a way that’s more contained than the metal pedal trap. These devices work by either using a pedal and a kill bar, like the metal pedal trap or uses a plastic latch that comes down with force and kills the mouse. Either way, the trap dispatches the mouse quickly, and then the container can be emptied out pretty easily.

Advantages: Very Effective, Affordable, Cleanup is easy

Disadvantages: Some of them are difficult to set or reset

Electronic Mouse Traps

Electronic mouse traps work by using an electrical charge to kill the mouse. When the rodent enters the rat trap, an electrical charge is sent to instantly kill the mouse. These traps are quick, effective and aren’t that difficult to set up. However, they do require the batteries to be replaced occasionally.

Advantages: Quick, Effective, Cleanup is easy

Disadvantages: Requires batteries, Costs more than other traps

Catch & Release Traps

As the name suggests, these traps are designed to capture the mouse unharmed, so it can be released out in the wild someplace else. Although it seems like a pretty humane way for a person to capture a mouse, the homeowner still has to figure out what they should do with the mouse. if they capture and kill it, then it sort of defeats the purpose of humanely capturing the mouse, but if they try to release it outside of their home, then they may catch the disapproval of their neighbors. After all, once the mouse is captured, where do you dump it that doesn’t result in someone else’s home getting infested? It’s something the homeowner should think about before purchasing one of the traps.

Advantages: Catches mice effectively, Are easy-to-use, Is a humane rodent removal system.

Disadvantages: Homeowner has to figure out what to do with the mouse after it’s captured.

Glue Traps

Glue traps are another method of dealing with rodents, although not everyone is happy with their use. That’s because these traps consist of a glue pad that the mouse gets stuck on. After the mouse gets stuck on it, then the homeowner can simply throw the whole trap, along with the mouse, away. This isn’t the most humane method of dealing with rodents, however, as the mouse usually lives for a few days while being attached to the trap and eventually dies of dehydration.

Advantages: Catches mice quickly, Catches mice effectively, Easy to clean up

Disadvantages: Not a very humane method of rodent extermination.

Ensuring Your Traps Are Effective

Now that we’ve selected the ten best mousetraps, and have talked about some of the mousetraps that are currently available, it’s time to talk about how to get the most out of your mousetraps. With that in mind, below are some tips which will help you make your mousetraps as effective as possible in capturing and/or killing mice.

Wear Gloves

When baiting and setting up your traps, it’s advisable to wear a pair of disposable rubber gloves. That will prevent your human scent from getting on the trap and make it more likely that rodents will approach the trap.

Keep Your Home Clean

If there are other places for mice to get food in your home, then they’re less likely to be attracted to your traps. So make sure that all food messes are cleaned up promptly. Remember, even a little crust of bread is enough food to feed several mice, so make sure your home it tidy to keep the rats hungry and more likely to visit your traps.

Place Traps Along Baseboards

Mice love to use baseboards to travel, so make sure that you set your traps along the walls in areas where you have noticed the highest amount of rodent traffic. This will increase your likelihood of snagging a mouse.

Use The Appropriate Baits

Although many people are tempted to use hard cheeses in their mousetraps, the truth of the matter is that this type of cheese isn’t a very effective bait. Most mice prefer a bait that’s a little bit sweeter and a little bit softer. Below are some foods you may want to bait your mousetraps with for maximum effectiveness.

  • Marshmallows
  • Peanut Butter
  • Gum Drops
  • Soft Cheeses
  • Cat or Dog Food
  • Beef Jerky
  • Chocolate