Top 10 Best Multi Tools of 2019 – Reviews

The multi tool is a tool that’s been carried by handymen, hunters, and survivalist the world over. And the reason for that is quite simple. It’s because these tools can be used for an almost limitless number of projects, from using it to make car repairs on the side of the road, opening a bottle of wine at the park or for removing old grout from your bathroom tiles. Thanks to this tool’s ever increasing popularity, there are a probably hundreds of different models available. Which can make it difficult to find the best multi tool available. Fortunately, I’m going to cut through the cutter and list ten models that I feel are the best multi tool models available and will serve you well on a day-to-day basis.

Best Multi Tools – Top List

10. Leatherman Squirt PS4

This miniature tool is designed to be clipped to a key ring or a carabiner and is available with a handle that comes in either black, red or blue. While it’s only 3.2-inches by 2-inches by 3-inches, it still has a variety of tools which make it ideal for emergency situations or unexpected repairs. It has 9 tools in all which include a file, knife, bottle opener, screwdriver, scissors, wire cutters, pliers, and scissors. And since it’s manufactured by Leatherman, it also comes with a 25-year limited warranty that ensures the company will fix it if it is ever broken.


9. Leatherman Stainless Steel Wingman

Made of stainless steel and available with or without a nylon sheath, this tool is ready for just about anything that can be thrown at it. It contains a total of 14 different tools which include a ruler, knife, file, pliers, wire stripper, wire cutters, can opener, bottle opener, a package opener and scissors. This device only requires the user to use one hand to open it up and it has a durable blade that locks into place and can be used for a variety of cutting projects. Which makes it an ideal tool to take camping, for use around the house or for taking to work.


8. Ninja Outdoorsman 11-in-1 Stainless Steel Credit Card Tool

Designed to fit inside the user’s wallet so they can easily carry it just about anywhere, this credit card survival tool has a number of built-in features which make it useful for a wide variety of situations. It’s 11-tools in one and contains a cutting edge, a can opener, ruler, beer bottle opener, saw blade, butterfly screw wrench, and a 4-position wrench, among other tools. It can be taken hunting, camping, fishing or hiking and is always ready to be of service. And since it’s made of stainless steel, it won’t break, bend or corrode and should last the user for many years.


7. Leatherman Charge TTI With Leather Sheath

Leatherman asked its users what features they would like to see in their tools and this product was the result. It contains 19 of the most wanted tools include a variety of drivers, a cutting hook, wood/metal file, a 420HC serrated knife, an S30V knife, needle-nose pliers, wire cutters, a crimper and much, much more. And since it’s made from stainless steel and comes with a leather sheath, it’s sure to provide the user with many years of service. It features tools that are accessible in its closed position and most of the tools, except for the plier head, locks into place allowing it to be operated by one hand.


6. Leatherman Surge With Leather Sheath

This Leatherman tool has a number of features which make it unique and useful. It contains 21 tools in all, which include everything from needle-nose and regular pliers, electrical crimpers and wire strippers with a 420HC knife, wire cutters, and a ruler. This tool can also be customizable by the user. The user can choose to add either a two-sided file or an open-tooth saw, both of which come included. And users can also access both of the knives in this tool with just one hand. Best of all, it has a nice portable size that allows it to be taken anywhere and it has a nice lanyard ring.


5. Leatherman Wave (830039)

This popular tool, the Leatherman Wave (830039) has been improved with a number of new modifications including larger locking blades, longer wire cutters, and pliers that are even stronger than ever. Some of the tools which can be found in it include a 420HC knife, a serrated knife, scissors, drivers, a ruler and a bottle opener. It has a closed length of 4-inches and an open length of 6.3-inches so it can be taken just about anywhere. And the entire unit, including all tools and blades, are made from a high-quality stainless steel, so it’s designed for long-term use in all kinds of different weather.


4. Leatherman Micra Stainless Steel Key-Chain Sized Multi-Function Tool

This key-chain size multi-function tool might be small but it packs some pretty big features. It has a closed length of 2.5-inches and only weighs 1.8-ounces, but it comes with 10 tools that make it the ideal tool to put on a set of keys or to pack in a pocket, emergency kit or sewing kit. Some of the tools which can be found on this unit include a knife, screwdrivers, tweezers, a nail file and a ruler. This unit can be purchased in a number of different colors including plain, black, red or green.


3. Punada 24-In-1 Pocket Tool

Designed to be used for just about anything, this pocket tool has 24 tools in one. Some of the tools which can be found in this extremely versatile multi-purpose tool include large and small knives, needle nose pliers, 11 different bits for different types of screws, a saw, and a wire cutter, among other things. It’s made from heavy-duty stainless-steel and has an ergonomic design that makes it very easy to use. This model has a folding size of 4-inches by 1.3-inch by .5-inch and comes with a nylon sheath that makes it easy to transport just about anywhere.


2. Leatherman Super Tool 300 With Leather Sheath

19 different tools in one multi-function tool are what users can expect to find when they buy this model. Some of the tools which can be found include wire cutters, wire strippers, needle nose pliers, regular pliers, wood & metal file, and a number of different types of screwdrivers. All of the tools, except for the pliers, will lock when they are fully opened, which ensure they are securely in place and safe to use. This heavy-duty unit comes with a lanyard ring and a 25-year limited warranty offered by the manufacturer which ensures that if it is ever broken, it will be repaired by Leatherman.


1. Victorinox Swiss Tool

This compact and very sturdy device is made in Switzerland and contains 37 different tools which make it invaluable for just about any situation. Some of the tools which can be found in this unit include several different types of screwdrivers, a bottle opener, can opener, metal file, saw, chisel and a variety of other tools. This device is approximately 4.5-inches long and only weighs 10-ounces, so it can be easily fit into a person’s pocket, a first aid or survival kit, a sewing kit or a purse. And this high-quality device is also backed by full lifetime warranty.


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