Top 10 Best Outdoor Motion Sensor Lights of 2022 – Reviews

Outdoor motion sensor lights add a layer of safety and security to any property and are useful for lighting patios, backyards, pathways and pool areas. Not only do they allow the user to move around outdoors after dark without having to search for a flashlight but they also deter would-be thieves. The best outdoor motion sensor lights provide peace of mind and comfort to any home. As is the case with most anything else though, the job these lights perform is dependent on how well they are designed and manufactured. Which is exactly why you’ll find ten models that I think are the best outdoor motion sensor lights currently available. Any of these lights are good enough to put just about anyone’s mind at ease.

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Best Outdoor Motion Sensor Lights – Top List

10. Cinoten LED Security Lights

This security flood light is designed with two heads that provide a nice range of light and they are designed to be more energy efficient than 120-watt halogens but to produce a good amount of super bright light. They are manufactured to look good, to be waterproof up to IP65 standards and can be set to come on with activation of the motion sensors or can be used as a dusk-to-dawn light. Since it’s made to use LED lights, this unit will last approximately ten times longer than traditional halogen models.


9. Upower Solar Sensor Lights

These solar powered lights are easy to install because they don’t need to be wired to a house’s electrical grid and powers itself using only the sun. They are made of stainless steel and are designed to withstand snow, ice, and sun. These units are also equipped with a 1000 mAh 3.7-volt Li-ion rechargeable battery that provides up to 10-hours of light when fully charged. With two working modes, these lights are ideal for just about anyone who needs to cast some light on their backyard, their patio area, their deck or driveway.


8. InnoGear Solar Wall Sconces

This 2-pack of lights can be attached to gutters or eaves and come with a mounting pole that extends them out from the building a little bit to ensure that they receive adequate sunlight to charge them. They have four different working modes: quarter brightness, half brightness, dim light with a motion sensor, and off with motion sensor. They are equipped with large 2600 mAh panels that allow them to charge quicker, even when there isn’t a lot of sunlight. And since these units are waterproof and heatproof, they can be used anywhere outdoors. This makes it a good set of lights for just about any home.


7. Vivii Super Bright Light 4-Pack

Using only hinges and mounting screws to install, and without needing to be electrically wired into the homes electrical grid, this four pack of lights are easy to install. They are also durable and are not only heatproof but weather-resistant as well. They use only the power of the sun to charge and one fully charged can provide up to 12-hours of lighting. These units also have a motion-activated sensor that turns the light on when something enters its field within 15-feet of it. It will then stay illuminated for about ten seconds if it doesn’t detect any further movement.


6. Mpow Outdoor Solar Lights

Sold in pairs, these bright outdoor solar light each have 8 LED lights that can really illuminate the area in front of them. They also have a built-in motion detector that can sense movement from a distance of up to 26-feet when the unit is installed at 5.6-feet above the ground. Waterproof and extremely durable, these lights will resist rain and very hot weather and can be used all year round. And since they have three intelligent modes: strong light mode, dim light mode, and strong light sensor mode, they can be used for a variety of purposes or outdoor locations.


5. Litom 24-LED Lights

Designed to be water-resistant to IP65 standards, and to be compliant with FCC certifications, this light is not only designed to cast a powerful ray of light but is designed to be reliable as well. It has a wide-angle design that provides a large coverage area than comparable solar powered lights and it has 24 high-powered LEDs that provide just the right amount of light. With three different modes: this light is also very versatile and can be used for a variety of different scenarios or locations. Which makes it ideal for front or backyards, for over garage doors or even on an RV.


4. Opernee Solar Spotlight

Using a 6-inch by a 6-inch poly-silicon solar panel, this unit can fully charge approximately 4.5-hours after sunlight exposure and will provide up to 9-hours of lighting through the night. It can detect movement from up to 20-feet away and has twin 350-degree rotating spotlights. This lighting unit is quite easy to set up and has a dusk-to-dawn sensor that prevents the light from kicking on during daylight hours. And since its lights produce up to 600-lumens of light, users can rest assured that they will light up their backyard, front yard, patio, deck or driveway quite easily.


3. Sgodde 36-LED Wireless Lights

This 6.5-inch by 4.8-inch by 3-inch solar light is equipped with 36-LED lights which together produce a beam of light that’s 600-lumens strong. That’s strong enough to illuminate just about any area where lighting is needed including the front door of a house, a backyard or over a garage door. With 4-in-1 intelligent light, this light can provide four working modes: motion sensor plus soft light mode, motion sensor mode, flashing mode and always on mode. And these settings can easily be changed by pressing a button underneath the light. It’s a quick and easy way to solve outdoor lighting problems.


2. Hyperikon LED Flood Light

With a super bright LED flood light and a durable exterior that’s designed to be dust and water resistant up to 1P65 standards, this outdoor light can solve just about anyone’s lighting needs. It’s an adjustable detector that can have its time and sensitivity customized by the user and is designed to offer 45,000 hours of usage over the course of its lifetime. Which makes it an ideal light solution for a variety of outdoor locations including over garage doors, backyards, patios, decks and pool areas. It’s a quick, easy and inexpensive method to bring safety and security to a home’s outside areas.


1. Lampat Wide Angle Lights

This easy-to-install lighting kit gives everyone the ability to add lighting to their outdoor areas and do it without needing to enlist the services of an electrician. This unit is equipped with 62 bright LED lights that provide an intensely powerful beam of light. This light is also weather-resistant, up to IP65 standards, and the unit comes with a clear plastic case that makes it even more durable and weather resistant. They are extremely well-designed and durable as well. All of these features combine simply mean these lights are ideal for just about anyone’s outdoor areas.


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Outdoor Motion Sensor Lights Guide

Home safety is paramount, so to keep potential thieves at bay, a quality set of motion sensor lights can protect your home, and help you to sleep better at night.

There is a lot to consider though as many brands can boast of their ability to last for years but when you use them, they aren’t up to the task. To make sure you buy something right for your needs, the following guide will help you know what to look for in the better products.

What To Look For In An Outdoor Motion Sensor Light


How much space they can cover will determine just how effective an outdoor motion sensor light is. A small yard will not require a lot of lights but if it has a light every few metres then it will offer better protection. Some people prefer to have a more powerful motion senor light just outside their front door which will discourage unwanted visitors, it’s all about your specific needs.


Solar lights are becoming increasingly popular and there are plenty of reliable brands. Some people aren’t sure about the technology and prefer to know that their lights can be plugged in via mains so they always work. Others will require batteries and as long as you keep an eye on the strength of the charge, they can offer ample protection and be very cost-effective.

Efficiency is important as you don’t want to buy anything that will drastically increase the cost of your electric bill and most outdoor motion sensor lights spend most of their time idle so will not hike up your bills.


A light is only as good as its brightness which is why you need something powerful enough to offer some protection, but not so much that your neighbours are buying black-out blinds because of you. Sometimes a glow is all you need so remember that more lumens aren’t always better.


Some products can be struck in the ground whilst others can be pointed in different directions. There are even some that will follow the motion and almost all of them are waterproof.

Some products have different settings so you can change the strength of the light and some are battery powered but with solar built-in as well.


This should be your main concern as some motion sensor lights just aren’t as good at picking up movement as others. The Passive Infrared Sensor (PIR) is a good indicator that can sense the presence of someone nearby. They can pick up heat so humans and animals will alert the light whenever they enter the range of the sensor.

Others are just based on motion which is a simpler, yet still very effective way of triggering the lights. The last thing you want in a motion sensor light that is going to go off too often, check the reviews but also look for a product that has adjustable sensitivity settings.


Some lights are made more durable than others and a lot of brands will tell you how many hours of use you can expect from their product. Reliable motion sensor lights will last longer so don’t get anything that doesn’t offer tens of thousands of hours usage.


This is another sign of quality products and often shows how much a company trusts their products. It isn’t essential for some people but if the lights let you down and it’s only been a few months since you purchased them, you are going to want to get your money back.


As mentioned earlier, some products are solar-powered which is much better for the environment but they do rely on you living in brighter, warmer areas with more hours of sunshine. If this isn’t you, or you need something that is more reliable then there are products that take environmentally friendly bulbs. Anything that can save money on an electric bill is worth considering.

Cable Length

Some products are designed to be placed close to home whilst others will have a longer lead making it capable of lighting your path or further. If you are plugging it into your mains, be sure it has the reach that you require before purchasing.


Make sure you find the product that ticks the boxes that are unique to your needs. If you want to scare foxes then you need something that can be placed around your garden but those concerned with home safety should opt for something a little stronger, that can be used outside the front and back door.

With a lot of value to be had, there is a product to suit all homes.

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