Top 10 Best Paint Stripper For Wood of 2019 – Reviews

If a person intends on painting a wood surface that’s been previously painted, then they are going to have to use a paint stripper for wood. This is especially important is the previous layers of paint are old and have begun to deteriorate, leaving a painted surface that’s bubbly, cracked or peeling. Trying to paint over these faulty paint layers can result in a paint job that’s less than professional. When choosing one of these products, however, it’s important to choose the best paint stripper for wood that’s available or else the person doing the work may end up with a brand that won’t get the job done efficiently. Which is why I’ve decided to list ten of the best paint stripper for wood brands currently available. Products designed to make short work of removing paint from wood.

Best Paint Stripper For Wood – Top List

10. 3M Safest Stripper (10101)-1 Quart

This paint and varnish remover is designed to be a safer alternative to many of the intensely corrosive removers currently available. While it may still cause eye irritation if instructions aren’t followed, this product does have a low-odor and low fume formula that makes it safer for indoor use. It also has a good vertical cling that lets it hold onto the offending paint until it can be manually scraped off. This product is safe enough that it can be used without gloves, although some individuals with skin sensitivities may need to wear gloves anyway. All in all, it’s a good low-power alternative to some of the harsher products out there.


9. Jasco Premium (QJBP00202)-1 Quart

With the ability to strip multiple layers in one application, this product can remove a variety of paints, varnishes, lacquers, shellac, epoxy, latex and urethane coating. It’s an extremely powerful formulation that can be used on not only wood but also metal, concrete, and masonry as well. This product is manufactured in the U.S and is designed for professional and marine use. Although proper safety precautions have to be taken while using this product, it is non-flammable. This product comes in a 1-quart container and is a brushable semi-paste that’s easy to apply to the intended surface.


8. Defy Exterior Wood Stain Stripper-1 Gallon

This wood stripper is an easy-to-use and biodegradable formula that’s designed to remove old, semi-transparent and clear wood stains so that the natural beauty of the wood can shine through. It will take off stains and varnishes, along with dirt, mold, and mildew. It will also remove the mill glaze that often exists on new pieces of lumber so that the surface will hold a new stain or paint. With the ability to cover approximately 100 to 150 square-feet per gallon, this product is ideal for treating a variety of different wood projects and is a product that some people like to keep around the house.


7. Citri-Strip Aerosol Remover-17 Ounces

Designed to remove paints and varnishes from a variety of wood products including cabinets, doors and furniture, this product is formulated to be strong enough for most jobs. It’s also designed to be safe, however, and contains a methylene chloride free formulation that’s non-caustic and is designed to be safer than conventional strippers. It comes in a convenient aerosol can that’s easy-to-spray and use and is not only safe for indoor use but also has a nice scent to it. While it’s not a mess-free product or a product that works quickly, it does have the ability to power through most stains.


6. Citri-Strip Varnish Stripping Gel-1 Quart

This varnish stripper is designed to be safe for indoor use, to be non-caustic and to have a nice smell to it. That’s because it’s not made with methylene chloride, which is the main ingredient in many strippers and is an extremely toxic ingredient. This formulation isn’t just safe for home use and doesn’t just have an orange smell to it, but it also has the ability to remove layers of stain and varnish from cabinets, doors, furniture and just about any other wood surface. This product also has the ability to stay wet for up to 24-hours, which allows a whole piece of furniture to be done at one time.


5. Blue Bear SoyGel Urethane Stripper-1 Gallon

Designed to quickly and easily remove paints, enamels, sealers and even epoxies, this Urethane remover is designed to quickly restore wood back to its original glory. Formulated with soybeans and a variety of other natural chemicals, this product can remove multiple layers of varnish and paint but do it in a safe way that doesn’t utilize methylene chloride. It’s a low-odor and non-caustic coating remover that can be used for a number of different do-it-yourself projects including furniture, cabinetry, and door framing. This safe paint remover has been used by consumers for over twenty years.


4. Sansha Corporation Remover (33831)-1 Gallon

Safe to use on a variety of woods and metals, this product has the ability to remove all paints, varnishes, and stains. It’s formulated to be a nonflammable liquid that goes on easily and quickly removes the materials surface coating, yet can be cleaned up easily with water. It can be spread on the surface in a number of different ways and comes with a chemical-resistant trigger spray that can be used to get the stripper into even hard to reach areas. It’s also a safe product to use as long as the user wears the appropriate protective equipment and follows all instructions.


3. Savogran Super Strip Remover (01133)-1 Gallon

This heavy-duty stripper is designed to handle even the toughest of jobs and is formulated to remove years of built-up polyurethane, adhesives, paint and varnish on either wood, metal or masonry. This product can also be used for removing paint from concrete floors or from marine finishes. And after application, tools used to apply it can easily be cleaned off using soap and water. This remover is designed to be used outdoors, but can also be used indoors in well-ventilated areas and with the proper equipment. Everything considered this product is useful for a wide range of applications.


2. Savogran Stypeeze Semi-Paste (01103)

This product is formulated to cut through multiple layers of paint and varnish on a number of different surfaces including wood, masonry, and metal, and do it without harming the surface itself. It’s a semi-past that clings well to the material it’s applied to and will cling to even rounded, curved or vertical surfaces. This product is designed to stay wet long enough to allow the user to finish the whole application and is easily cleaned up using water. It’s a product that can be used on paint, shellac, varnish, and lacquer so that the underlying surface can come through.


1. Savogran 5F5 (50004)-1 Quart

Designed for marine, industrial and consumer use, this high-potency stripper can remove a variety of surface from wood, metal, masonry, and glass. It has a great vertical cling and can penetrate surfaces deeply to remove paints, varnishes, lacquers and other surfaces. It’s easy-to-use, won’t drip and won’t corrode metal or raise wood grains. It’s also non-flammable and works quickly. It also comes in a quart container that’s easy to handle. This makes this product ideal for doing a number of different projects including stripping paint from furniture, boats, woodwork, cabinets, and antiques.


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