Top 10 Best Precision Screwdriver Set of 2019 – Reviews

Some people don’t think they will ever have the occasion to use a precision screwdriver set, at least until they get one and discover that these tools are useful for any number of different jobs including everything from tightening the screws on eyeglasses to taking off the cover to a portable radio. The best precision screwdriver set can really earn its keep around the house or garage. Before purchasing one of these sets, however, it’s always prudent to research and sees which brands produce the best precision screwdriver set. Which I’ve done with the following ten models. I feel like each and every one of these sets is useful in its own way.

Best Precision Screwdriver Set – Top List

10. Maxcraft 7-In-1 (60609)

This portable and easy to use screwdriver is made from durable aluminum, has a handy storage compartment in the handle for storing bits and comes with seven different bits which really make it useful for around the home. While it doesn’t have the number or variety that other kits have, it does have the basic ones that most DIY enthusiasts and homeowners will need. This includes four flat ones: a 1/16-inch, a 5/64, a 3/32 and a 1/8-inch, and three Philips: #0, a #00 and a #000. This unit also has a pocket clip and a finger grip so it can be used by just about anyone.


9. Keenest 12-In-1 Repair Tool Kit

Whether the user needs to tighten up a pair of sunglasses or repair their mobile phone or tablet, this portable toolkit is ready to stand by and deliver them the tools they need. It comes with several Torx screwdrivers (T2-T8), a Pentalob 0.8, a Phillips PH00 and PH000, a Tri-point Y2.5, and a Flathead. These tools are manufactured using handles made of ABS plastic and have hardened CRV steel tips as well. They are designed to fit nicely in just about any hand, are comfortable to use and have magnetic tips for added convenience. All of which makes them a useful set of tools to keep around the house, garage or workshop.


8. Naunch Small Screwdriver Repair Kit

This metal screwdriver comes in a handy case and has 22-magnetic bits made out of S2 allow steel, which makes them useful for a variety of different jobs from working on computers to game consoles and other electronic devices. Some of the bits which comes in this kit include 5 Philip heads (PH0, PH00, PH000, PH1, and PH2), 3 Torx heads (T4 through T6), 4 Slotted (SL 1.5, SL 2.0, SL 3.0 and SL 4.0), 3 Security Torx (TR8, TR10 and TR15), 2 Pentagonal (P2 and P5), 1 Tri-Wing 2.5, 1 Triangle 3.0, 2 Hex (H1.5 and H2.0) and 1 SP 2.0. Just about everything needed to work on a number of different electronics.


7. Syntus 63-In-1 Repair Set

This 63-piece kit comes with an aluminum driver, an extension rode, a flexible shaft extension, a standard 1/4-inch driver adapter, a triangle plectrum, a plastic stick and a 57 different bits. This gives the user almost everything they need to work on most cellphones, game consoles, tablets, laptops or iPhones. It comes with a number of nut drivers, hex bits, Torx bits, Torx security bits, flatheads, Pentalobes, Tri-points, as well as a few other specialized bits. Its drivers make it easy to install and pull the bits out and it has a flexible shaft that makes it useful for getting into hard-to-reach areas.


6. Stanley 6-Piece Jewelers Set (66-039)

This precision kit comes with a plastic case and has six different types of screwdrivers which make it good for jobs which require a smaller tool. Included in this set are a Phillips #0, a Phillips #1, a Slotted 1.8mm, a Slotted 2.3mm, a Slotted 1.4mm and a slotted 3.0mm. These are many of the screwdrivers a person needs for fixing watches or eyeglasses and are made with tempered steel blades and swivel headed handles. These tools are also corrosion-resistant and are backed by a limited lifetime warranty by the manufacturer. Which makes it a simple, but quite useful, kit to keep around.


5. Stanley 6-Piece Screwdriver Set (66-052)

Six screwdrivers are included in this set and they include a Phillips screwdriver, a 1.4mm slotted screwdriver, a 2.0mm slotted screwdriver, a 2.4mm slotted screwdriver and a 3.0mm slotted model. All of these come with swivel heads and durable plastic shafts that have cushioned grips. All of them fit into this set’s storage case which keeps everything together and makes it quite portable. This means that this set can be placed in the home or garage, or placed in the owner’s RV, car or truck. This ensures that the user always has the fastening tools they need at all times.


4. Best Choice 9-Piece Set

This 9-piece set has many of the screwdrivers that people need for handling repairs on various electronic components such as game systems, printers, computers, cell phones, and cameras. Each screwdriver is made of chrome vanadium steel and a chrome plated finish, which makes it resistant to corrosion, and rubber handles which provide a non-slip surface for a reliable grip. Some of the mini screwdrivers which are included in this set include three Phillips heads (#0, #00 and #000), three slotted (2.5mm, 2.0mm, and 1.5mm) and three Torx Star (T5, T6, and T7). And all are designed to meet ANSI standards.


3. Vastar 62-In-1 With 56-Bit Driver Kit

It doesn’t matter if the user is working on a laptop or an iPhone, there’s probably a screwdriver in this kit that they can use. It comes with a 4mm aluminum driver which has a magnetic socket, a ball-bearing swivel top, and rubber grips. It also has a flexible shaft extension for reaching into hard-to-reach areas and a 60mm shaft extension that can also be used as a T-handle for extra torque. This set comes with 56 different bits which include a variety of flathead sizes, JIS and Hex sizes, several Phillips sizes, and several Torx and Torx Security sizes.


2. Oria Magnetic Driver Kit 60-In-1

This set comes with a number of different parts which make it useful for just about any small electronics repair a person can think about. It comes with a 4mm aluminum driver with a magnetic socket, ball-bearing swivel top and rubber grips; a 60mm shaft extension, a 4mm bit connector which allows this set’s 4mm bits to be used in 1/4-inch drivers and a flexible shaft extension. This kit also comes with 56-bits which include a variety of Hex and Torx sizes, Phillips and flathead sizes, JIS sizes, square sizes, nut driver sizes and a mainboard and a triangle size.


1. Oria 86-In-1 Magnetic Repair Toolkit

This kit not only comes with a 60-In-1 screwdriver kit but also comes with a number of accessories which make it one of the most useful screwdriver kits currently available. It comes with two magnetic protect mats, two plastic opening tools, three ESD tweezers, three SIM card shells, a utility knife, a demagnetizing tool, an anti-static wrist strap, a cleaning cloth, four triangle Plectrums, a double-headed opening tool, two plastic spudgers, three metal spudgers, a tin scraper and a durable nylon bag to hold everything together. All of which makes this toolkit a good set for anyone who works on a lot of electronics.


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