Top 9 Best Rotary Tools of 2020 – Reviews

There’s one tool that should be in just about anyone’s tool chest or workshop. It’s a tool that can polish, cut, drill, sand and do a whole lot of other things. And the best thing about this tool is that it’s easy-to-use and is relatively inexpensive. What tool am I talking about? It’s a rotary tool. They are some of the most versatile tools a person can have in their handyman arsenal. The best rotary tool can be used to accomplish all kinds of different tasks and are invaluable to DIY enthusiasts, craftsmen, and professional handymen. They can be used on a number of materials including wood, plastic, concrete, grout and even steel. And that’s why I’ve decided to make a list of what I consider to be the best rotary tool models currently available below.

Best Rotary Tools – Top List

9. Hitachi Cordless 12-Volt GP10DL

This versatile tool is very versatile and can handle a number of different jobs. It has a variable speed dial which gives the user the ability to control the speed, which can go from 5,000 RPM to 35,000 RPM. This compact tool is only 8-3/16-inches long and is also lightweight weighing only a little over a pound. With a built-in LED light, this unit can also give the user the ability to work in low-light conditions. And since it has a soft grip handle and a built-in anti-vibration system, this tool is not only easy to hold but allows the user to have complete control as they’re working.


8. Tacklife 3.7-Volt Cordless PCG01B

This 3.7-volt cordless tool is designed to be powerful and easy-to-use. It has a simple one-button switch that allows the user to select from one of three speeds: 5,000 RPM, 10,000 RPM, and 15,000 RPM. It also has a collet size of 3/32-inches, which allows it to handle a variety of different bits including the bits in its 31-piece accessory kit. All of this allows this tool to be used for grinding, drilling holes and a whole lot of other tasks. And since it has a rubberized handle, is only 7.16-inches long and weighs under a pound, it’s also as comfortable to use as it is versatile.


7. WEN Corded 2305 With Flex Shaft

This corded rotary is designed to be beneficial to just about any craftsman or DIY enthusiast. It comes with a 100-piece accessory kit that comes with all kinds of different bits including high-speed cutters, polishing wheels, grinding stones, mandrels and drill bits. Another key feature found on this unit is that it has a variable speed control that can be adjusted to run it at anywhere from 8,000 RPM all the way up to 30,000 RPM. And it has an on-board spindle lock that makes changing out bits quick and easy. Altogether, this kit gives the user the ability to tackle a variety of jobs and is quite useful for just about any workshop.


6. Dremel 3000 120-Volt 1/25-Inch Set

This kit comes with a tool that has a variable speed control that can be used from 5,000 RPM all the way to 32,000 RPM and is made with replaceable motor brushes that extend the life of the tool. This unit can be used with most Dremel rotary accessories and attachments and comes with a kit that contains 25 accessories as a start. Some of the accessories included with this device include a high-speed cutter, two fiberglass reinforced cut-off wheels, a silicone carbide grinding stone, an aluminum oxide grinding stone and a carbon steel brush. This is a cool running unit that’s manufactured using ball bearings and is designed for durability and versatility.


5. Milwaukee 12-Volt 2460-21 M12

This Milwaukee rotary kit is durable, easy-to-use and quite convenient to carry to the job site. It has a powerful motor and variable speed control that allows it to reach speeds between 5,000 and 32,000 RPM and provides performance even under load. This tool has a 1/8-inch collet, so it can be used with a wide variety of different accessories and the whole unit is only 9.5-inches long and only weighs approximately 1.3-pounds. And since this tool has a protected front bearing and a grinder style exhaust port, it also has a longer life than comparable tools on the market.


4. Dremel 7300-N/8 4.8-Volt Cordless

Approximately 8-inches long and weighing only 1.4-pounds, this cordless rotary is a useful tool for use at home, in the garage or at a workshop. The tool itself has a speed control setting that allows it to run at either 6,500 RPM or 13,000 RPM, which makes it good for fine detail work. This kit also comes with one Ni-Cd battery, a 3-hour charger and 8 different accessories. Some of the accessories included with this unit include a 407 1/2-inch 60 grit sanding drum with a mandrel, a silicon carbide grinding stone, a felt polishing wheel, a 3/4-inch carbon steel bristle brush and a 240 grit sanding band.


3. Dewalt DW660 5-Amp Cut-Out

This rotary cut-out tool is designed to have a low vibration level and to run as smoothly as possible. It has a 5-Amp 30,000 RPM motor that provides the unit with excellent cutting power but it has a slim design that makes it easier to hold and use. This tool has a dust-sealed switch so that it doesn’t consume a whole lot of dust, which allows it to have a longer life. This innovative tool has a turn-on and bumps off switch that makes it easy-to-use and comes with a drywall cutting bit, a 1/4-inch collet and a 1/8-inch collet. Which makes it ideal for handymen, craftsmen, and woodworkers.


2. Dremel 4000-4/34 High Performance Kit

This high-performance heavy-duty rotary is designed to handle both delicate and tough jobs with equal ease. It’s a corded model that has a 1.6-Amp motor that’s equipped with electronic feedback so it will adjust itself according to the demands of the job. It also has a variable speed control that allows the user to fit its speed to the job at hand. This unit has an easy-twist integrated nose cap wrench which allows for quick accessory changes and comes with four different attachments and thirty-four different accessories. The attachments include a multipurpose cutting guide, a sanding guide, a circle cutter and a detailer’s grip.


1. Dremel 8220-1/28 12-Volt Max Cordless

Designed to be durable and powerful, this tool is manufactured using only high-quality materials. It uses lithium-ion battery technology that will hold a charge up to two years in storage and do it without any ill battery-memory effects. It’s 12-Volts of power and cordless capability make it easy-to-use just about anywhere and gives it greater versatility than corded models. This tool also has a quick collet lock that allows for faster accessory changes and comes with a one-hour charger. It also comes with a carrying case, a and 28 different accessories including a multipurpose cutting guide attachment, grinding stone and wheel, cutting wheel, cut-off wheel, and a several cleaning and polishing accessories.


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Rotary Tool Guide

A rotary tool can be an essential piece of equipment for DIY professionals and hobbyists but every set is completely different. Although the versatile product is great for many reasons, there is no one size fits all of your needs will determine the type of product you should buy. The large rotary tools are popular with professionals and can be used to cut metal, buffing, sanding and a whole lot more.

A lot of people buy them for craft work so you can see just how much your needs will change the type of product you should buy. To clear a few things up, our rotary tool guide is here to help you make a smart decision.

What Are The Different Types of Rotary Tools?


These are great for longer projects or those that require full power. This because they aren’t limited to battery life, and give you the maximum potential of the tool. A lot of people prefer this type of rotary tool because they are lighter but they can only reach as far as the cord allows. If you are working in a larger group, this can become a hazard.


The obvious advantage with a cordless rotary tool is the ability to conduct the work anywhere. Still, the run time determines how long you can spend between having to charge so if this is the type of product you are after, be sure to buy one with a long lifespan. The extra weight can be a pain when using them for a long time but these remain a popular option.

What To Look For In A Rotary Tool


Otherwise known as rotations per minute this is the speed at which your rotary tool can operate and the bigger the job, the more important this is. Anything over 30,000 RPM is a standard maximum with the better brands hovering around 33,000. You should also find a rotary tool that has a lot of changeable speeds to suit different jobs.


A measure of power and electrical charge the device has. It needs to have a good amount behind it but you shouldn’t always look for the higher number as it doesn’t always make it better.


You need the right attachments for the work you intend to do but a lot of products come with a complete set that can be used for woodwork, tiling, polishing, construction, and more. Most of them come with a variety of accessories to be used on all sorts of jobs but more on these later.


As with any power tool, some rotary tools are louder than others. When you are using them for a long time, the volume starts to take its toll. Some products are known for being quieter without affecting performance.

Charge Indicator

When using a cordless rotary tool, it is important to you know how much life the device has left. If it is low you can plan your breaks and charge it on your terms.

LED Lighting

Modern tools have come a long way and a popular enhancement is LED lighting that makes it easier to see when daylight fades and can improve accuracy.


This is something that all reputable companies should offer, especially considering the price of rotary tools. They are a serious investment which is why you want a serious warranty to protect your purchase.

What Kind Of Accessories Should I Look For In A Rotary Tool?

  • Carbite Bits – These are great for carving and their hardness makes them durable. Some are so heavy-duty they can be used in heavy metal.
  • Polishing Bits – Also known as buffering bits these help to make metal surfaces look shiny, just use a little oil before applying.
  • Drill Bits – Usually, a rotary tool will come with plenty of drill bits to create different size holes depending on the job.
  • Cutting Wheel – These are great for when you want to make light work of getting through metal surfaces and are a popular attachment on rotary tools.
  • Sharpening Wheel – An attachment for sharpening tools and extend their usage. Sometimes this can be one of the neglected attachments in your kit but it is useful when you remember it’s there.
  • Sanding Drum – Another popular attachment for smoothing over rough surfaces using removable sanding paper.
  • Grout Removal Attachment – For removing a number of construction materials including one of the most dreaded jobs in DIY – removing grout. It is certainly going to make a painful job a lot easier.