Top 10 Best Sharpening Stone of 2019 – Reviews

A sharpening stone is an essential tool to keep around to keep your blades as sharp as possible. Which makes them useful for chefs, hunters, fishermen and anyone else who relies on a sharp knife for their day-to-day activities. The best sharpening tool is capable of keeping high-end knives at their very best and will even transform sub-par blades into pretty nice cutting implements. Of course, you may be asking yourself just how do you find the best sharpening stone available? While that isn’t an easy task with all of the stones on the market, everything from ceramic to synthetic stones and everything in between, I’ve decided to make your search a bit simpler by selecting what I feel are the ten best sharpening stone products available. They’re listed from my least favorite up to my all-time favorite, but I believe any one of these stones is worth checking out. After all, they’re all pretty good.

Best Sharpening Stone – Top List

10. King Deluxe Stone 1000

This Japanese made stone is approximately 8.25-inches long, 2.5-inches wide and 1.25-inches deep, which makes it a pretty good size to handle most blades. What’s really nice about this stone, however, isn’t its size but the fact that it is 1,000 grit. Which is a good grit to sharpen just about any dull knife that doesn’t have a chipped edge. It’s an ideal blade to keep in the kitchen, either in a drawer or next to your cutting board, or to pack in a tackle box or a hunter’s pack. All things considered, this stone would be useful for too many different knives to list here. It’s just a dependable tool that gets the job done.


9. Smith’s DCS4 Fine & Coarse Combo 4-Inch Stone

This diamond sharpener contains both fine and coarse blades in one 4-inch long sharpening tool. It’s layered with micron-sized mono-crystalline diamonds and a sharpening groove on both sides. The coarse side is 325 grit and the fine side is 750 grit, which gives one side for dealing aggressively with very dull blades and another side which puts a razor-sharp hone on already sharp blades. The differently sized grits are also color coded so that the user can easily identify which side is which while they are out in the field or on the go. This unit also has a lanyard look, thumb guard, and a non-slip rubber handle.


8. Bluesun Whetstone 1000/3000 Grit

This whetstone features two different grit sizes that ensure the knife blade can be sharpened properly. It has a 1,000 grit site that’s designed to refine dull edges and to restore extremely sharp knives and there’s a 3,000 grit size that’s designed to put a fine blade on a sharpened knife and to enhance the edge by polishing it. This unit is made from natural corundum that’s produced using seventeen different processes and is inspected three times before shipping to ensure product quality. It’s a nice sharpener for sharpening everything from straight razors to kitchen knives and hunting knives.


7. Bluesun Knife Sharpener 2000/600 Grit

This high-quality stone sharpener is designed to provide the users with the options they need to keep all of their knives in tip-top condition. It has a 600 grit side that refines dull edges and can re-profile damaged knife edges quickly and a 2000 grit side that designed for fine sharpening and polishes. This tool is made from natural corundum that’s been over fired and has been thoroughly inspected. It’s a good whetstone for handling kitchen, fishing, hunting and sushi knives and should give the user plenty of use over the years.


6. Shapton Ceramic Kuromaku 5000 Grit

This ceramic whetstone has a 5,000 grit that makes this an ideal finishing stone for a variety of different varieties of knives. While it’s not designed to sharpen dull knives it can put on a really nice edge on most American and European knives. It’s also a good stone to finish knives that are designed for cutting meat such as butcher knives. This stone is 210-millimeters long, 70-millimeters wide and 15 millimeters thick and is made from high-quality ceramic that’s designed to hold up for a long time. Overall, this is a good mid-range sharpener that will handle the finishing work for most kitchen knives.


5. Sharp Pebble 400/1000 Premium Stone

This stone is designed to sharpen very dull blades and restore a nice finish back to their edges. It does this with two different grits of stone. On one side, there’s a 400 grit surface that can sharpen even the dullest of blades and can deal with such problems as chipped edges. On the other side is a 1000 grit edge that’s good for putting a sharp edge on the blade. This dual feature makes it an ideal sharpener to take on hunting or fishing trips or for keeping around the kitchen to tackle dull butcher knives. It comes with a silicone rubber base that holds the stone and reduces wear and tear on the user’s wrist.


4. Three Way Cut Premium Stone Kit 1000/6000 Grit

This unit not only has two of the most common stone grits for keeping knives in good condition but it also has a nice look to it that complements any kitchen. It has an elegant bamboo base which has an anti-slip bottom and is useful for not only keeping the stone in place but also looks quite nice. In it is a double sided stone. One side is 1000 grit for quickly removing dull edges and the other side is a 6000 grit for honing the blade to a fine edge. This allows it to handle a variety of kitchen knives and keep them in the best possible shape.


3. Sentima Knife Sharpener 400/1000 Wet Stone Kit

This wet stone is not only a great sharpener for keeping kitchen, hunting and fishing knives as sharp as possible but also makes it a great holiday gift. It features a stone that has two different grit sizes, one on each side and a lovely non-slip bamboo base that not only looks nice but provides stability. Between the bamboo base and the stone is a silicone ring that provides additional stability by holding on to the stone. The stone itself has a 400 grit on one side, for fixing up blades, and a 1000 grit on the other side that allows the user to put a nice sharp edge on their knives.


2. Sharp Pebble 2-Sided Water Stone 1000/6000 Grit

Two different grit grades are better than one, especially in this model of knife sharpener. This stone has one side which has a grit of 1000, which makes it great for bringing blades back to life, and on the other side, it has a grit of 6000, which allows it to put a fine hone on the sharpened knife. This stone sits in a silicone base that holds it in place and is then seated in a nice looking bamboo base that adds additional stability. This kit is easy to put together and once it’s assembled, the user can then use the stone, and a little water, for keeping their blades nice and sharp.


1. Grayd 2-Side 1000/6000 Professional Grade Whetstone

This stone is designed to provide premium knife sharpening results. It has a beautiful bamboo base that provides a stable platform for sharpening and looks nice too, and it also has a silicone base that fits between this layer and the stone. All of which grants an additional layer of stability. Finally, the stone which sits in it has two different grits, one on each side. It has a 1,000 grit for dealing with dull blades and it has a 6,000 grit which is useful for adding a fine edge to already sharpened blades. Taken all together as one kit, this product is sure to provide most users with the sharpening system they’ve been waiting to find.


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