Top 10 Best Snow Shovels of 2020 – Reviews

I think that everyone can agree that shoveling snow is a big hassle. It’s hard work and can be quite miserable. Fortunately, a person can lessen the amount of hardship they have to endure by purchasing a snow shovel that will make the job a whole lot easier. Of course, this often results in the user then having to figure out which model is the best snow shovel model available.

I know that finding the best snow shovel is no easy task, so I’ve compiled ten different models that are considered to be the top in the category. While I started out with the models that ranked lower and then worked my way to the number one spot, any of these are sure to get your walkways cleared quickly.

Best Snow Shovels – Top List

10. True Temper 18-Inch Steel Shovel

Designed with an 18-inch blade that’s made of high-quality steel and a D-grip handle that’s manufactured to alleviate some of the strain of shoveling snow, the True Temper is a shovel that’s ideal for quickly dealing with heavy winter storms. Capable of pushing snow and chipping ice, this tool will help the user get their sidewalks and decks cleaned in no time flat. It’s shipped unassembled, but can quickly be put together to deal with sudden winter weather. And since it’s made of durable, high-quality materials, this tool is sure to provide the user with many seasons of use.


9. The Snowplow 48-Inch Snow Pusher (50548)

This snow pusher is not only manufactured to give the user a good season of snow removal but is designed to remove snow for many seasons to come. That’s because it’s built with a heavy-duty fiberglass handle that’s reinforced and is designed to deal with heavy loads and a UHMW polyethylene blade that is not only tough and impact resistant but is also resistant to corrosion. Its blade is also exceptionally wide, approximately 48-inches wide, so it can clear larger areas at a time. All of this makes this shovel ideal for the homeowner or the snow removal professional who needs to get the job done quickly.


8. Suncast SC3250 18-Inch Snow Pusher/Shovel

This Suncast shovel combines all of the best aspects of a snow pusher and shovel. It has a curved profile that many shovels employ and allows snow to be removed without it being lifted, and also has a flat portion that when paired with the short shaft enables snow to be easily lifted. This gives the user options to how they wish to remove snow and ice. This model has an ergonomic bent handle with a steel core, an 18-inch by a 12-inch blade and a galvanized steel wear strip. Everything that a homeowner needs to get the snow removed from around their home.


7. Suncast SF1850 22-Inch Big Scoop Shovel

With a unique look design that many people often find fascinating, this shovel is designed to make short work of heavy amounts of snow. It has a total length of 60-inches and has a non-stick graphite blade that can really dig under ice and snow and helps to move it out of the way. This 22-inch by 28-inch by 5-inch blade is the ideal size to help the user quickly and efficiently remove the snow from around their home. And it’s one piece handle is easily collapsible so it can be easily stored during the off season. This ensures that this shovel will be a welcome addition to just about any tool shed.


6. Suncast SCF2950 20-Inch Snow Pusher Combo

This shovel/pusher combo has many of the features that people look for when looking for a winter shovel. It has a durable fiber core handle with an over-sized cushioned grip that’s easy to hold onto and use and has a 20-inch by a 13-inch blade that can either be used to lift or push snow out of the wear. This shovel also has a galvanized steel wear strip and is approximately 51-inches long. All of these features mean that this tool is ideal for dealing with all kinds of winter weather, from heavy snows to lighter ones and even ice.


5. Suncast SK4000 12-Inch Kid Shovel

This shovel is not only the ideal size to be used by children but is also the right size for anyone who feels that a full-size shovel is too big for them to use. It has a total length of 34-inches and has a 12-inch by 10-inch blade that can be used to easily get under the snow. It’s bright resin blade also features a rib pattern that helps to break through tough patches of snow. Another feature which can be found on this shovel includes a PVC handle with a D-grip that’s easy to use with smaller hands. This well-made shovel might not have the power of larger shovels but is compact and easy-to-use.


4. Garant YP139EAKDU Yukon 14-Inch Poly Blade Shovel

Designed in a way that ensures that it can be used in a more natural manner than other types of shovels, this ergonomic tool seems to be custom made for the human body. It has a D-grip handle that’s made of aluminum and is light yet durable and has a polyethylene 14-inch blade that can be used to shovel or push snow away. This makes this winter tool useful for just about any weather that mother nature can toss the user’s way and is designed to last for many seasons. Which makes it an ergonomic shovel that can be used by just about anyone.


3. Commercial 18-Inch Shovel With Fiberglass Handle

This snow pusher is designed to be used by professionals on really tough winter jobs. It features a long 44-inch fiberglass handles that’s reinforced internally at the grip and has a large D-grip handle that can easily be used, even when the user is wearing bulky winter gloves. This shovel also has an 18-inch wide blade that can get underneath the snow and ice and give the user the leverage they need to remove it. And since this tool is made from high-quality premium materials, including ABS and fiberglass, users can expect it to stand up to many seasons of winter use.


2. Suncast SC2700 20-Inch Shovel/Pusher Combo

Everything that’s required to get the snow shoveled and out of the way can be found in this unique tool. It features a non-stick graphite blade that’s shaped in such a way that it can easily get beneath snow and ice to give the user the leverage they need for shoveling. This blade is 20-inches by 13-inches, so it’s wide enough to clear a pretty big path allowing the user to get the job done quickly. It also has a handle that has a comfort grip and a steel core so it’s not only easy-to-use but also durable, too. This makes this an ideal shovel for home or professional use.


1. Dakota Snow Blade Removal Shovel With Wheels

This snow removal shovel has such a unique design it makes many people wonder why the concept of adding wheels to a shovel’s blade wasn’t thought of earlier. It has a 36-inch shovel blade with wheels on the bottom of it to make pushing it a whole lot easier. This allows the user to move a lot of snow at one time and to do it without breaking his or her back. With a blade that can move 180-degrees, all the person shoveling has to do is tilt it in the way they want so it will push the snow to one side or the other. This simple design makes this unique shovel one of the best ones currently available.


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A Guide To Buying Snow Shovels

Every winter, local grocery and hardware stores put out pretty much the same snow shovels for their customers to purchase. And these shovels fly off of the shelves faster than you can say snowstorm. Unfortunately, these shovels are not the best snow shovels available. In fact, many of them are actually subpar models and require the person using them to use more effort than they really should have to use to shovel their sidewalks.

The problem isn’t with the stores selling these shovels, however. It actually says more about the people that buy them than the stores that sell them. Most people give little to no thought to the snow shovels they buy—they just pick up whatever one they find. And this results in them buying a model that ends up straining their back or makes them exert more force than necessary to finish their shoveling.

We’re going to correct this problem right now. With this guide, we will hopefully get people to realize that not all snow shovels are created equally and that there is a difference between them. And hopefully, we’ll get a few people to reconsider their choices when they need to buy a new shovel. Having said that, let’s jump right into this article and talk about how to choose the best snow shovel available.

Consider The Shovel’s Blade

The first thing to think about before buying a new shovel for removing snow is the blade. Although it might appear like all snow shovel blades are the same, they come in two distinct styles: Rounded Shovel Blades and Straight Shovel Blades. Rounded blades are suitable for completely picking up and removing the snow, while straight blades are designed to cut through deeper snowdrifts. Most people will want to keep one of both types in their home, so they can deal with different depths of snow.

Snow shovel blades also come in several different materials. There are plastic blades, metal ones, and metal ones equipped with plastic wear strips. Although metal ones are the heaviest and require more work to use, they’re also the most durable. Plastic ones are suitable for lighter snow removal jobs but can become useless during heavy periods of snow. A good compromise between metal and plastic ones are the metal shovels that feature plastic wear strips. They’re not too heavy but are still durable.

Consider The Shovel’s Handle

The next thing to think about is the handle of the shovel. For the most part, snow shovels come with one of three different handle types. There are Ergonomic Handles, Straight Handles, Dual Handles, and Folding Handles. Let’s examine each one more closely, shall we?

Ergonomic Shovel Handles: These are designed to reduce the strain on a person’s lower back and are recognizable by how the handles turn back towards the user at an angle. When this shovel is properly used, it just about eliminates the shoveler from having to bend over to do their work. And since they don’t have to bend, they’re less likely to strain their backs. Unfortunately, this type of shovel does have a drawback. Its design prevents it from being used for picking up large loads of snow, so it might not be suitable for areas that give large amounts of snow at one time.

Straight Shovel Handles: These handles allow for large loads of snow to be removed at one time, and are also pretty useful at cutting through large snowdrifts. If there’s one minor problem associated with these type of handles, it’s the fact that the person is going to have to bend over to use it and that may result in strain to the lower back muscles.

Folding Shovel Handles: Shovels with these types of handles are designed to be stored in cars or backpacks for snow emergencies. Although they won’t handle the volume of snow that straight or ergonomic shovels will handle, they’re extremely helpful if your car is stuck in the snow and you need to dig out the tires to get some traction.

Dual-Handle Shovels: These shovels feature a straight shaft, but they also have a secondary handle that extends out. This allows a person to use both hands to use the shovel, so they can remove snow more efficiently.

Handle Composition

The final consideration a person should make before they buy their next snow shovel is what material the shovel’s handle is made from. Typically, snow shovels have either Metal Handles, Plastic Handles, Wood Handles or Fiberglass Handles. Let’s take a quick look at each type of material to determine its benefits and limitations.

Wood Handles


  • They’re lightweight
  • They’re durable
  • They’re strong


  • They have to be oiled every season

Metal Handles


  • They’re lightweight
  • They’re durable
  • They’re strong


  • Aluminum models may bend under heavy loads

Plastic Handles 


  • They’re lightweight
  • They’re easy to maneuver


  • They tend to become brittle and break during cold weather

Fiberglass Handles


  • They’re lightweight
  • They’re durable
  • They’re very strong


  • None