Top 10 Best Torque Wrenches of 2020 – Reviews

Like most precision tools, torque wrenches need quite a bit of research upon purchase, especially if you’re a professional who needs a truly reliable tool. Even though many micrometer wrenches have reversible ratchet heads, they really shouldn’t be used as ratchets for practical reasons. We should also point out that unless the micrometer isn’t set to a high torque value, then you probably shouldn’t stress the internal mechanism. Either way, a properly configured torque wrench can make all the difference in the world in the right circumstances. To help you find a good one, we put together a list of the ten best torque wrenches money can buy.

Best Torque Wrenches – Top List

10. Tooluxe 03703L

With this torque wrench, you get high precision readings any other time and get a much better job done overall. We say this because this particular wrench is ideal for accurate tightening/loosing of bolts and nuts for vehicles and equipment. Its intuitive scale has dual direction calibration from 0 to 150-foot-pounds. The unit is made of sturdy steel alloy and corrosion-resistant chrome finish, featuring a textured grip black handle for handling comfort.


9. Capri Tools 31200

Featuring a 1/4-inch drive plus +/- 3 percent clockwise calibration accuracy, the Capri Tools 31200 is a high precision and performance torque range you can count on. Its premium-grade parts, lubricants, and innovatively improved internal mechanisms make it a powerful tool for excellence in daily use and for long time value. It is fully made of 100% steel and it is convenient to use, thanks to knurled handles for lip-free grip. It also has to be said that it delivers a torque range of 20 to 150 inch-pound.


8. Pittsburgh Pro 239

Utilizing a heavy-duty cam-and-pawl system, the Pittsburgh Pro wrench boasts a click-stop design that provides a 20 to 150 ft. lbs torque range and a +/-4% calibration accuracy. It can be used in either direction for versatility, while its 18-inch drive and both ft. lbs and NM readings allow you to accurately set the torque. Overall, it is a really durable tool that delivers a long time value as far as sturdiness is concerned.


7. EPAuto ST-010-1

The EPAuto ST-010-1 torque range, ranking among the best models, features an enduring ratchet heat made of hardened Chrome-Vanadium steel alloy for durability and strength. Its satin finish is resistant to scratches and corrosion for added value. For user convenience and performance efficiency, it makes a click sound when preset torque is reached. Again, its dual-range scale is easy to read while its knurled handle guarantees a non-slip grip.


6. CDI 1501MRPH

Made by CDI, this 1/4-inch drive easy-adjusting micro-meter model of torque wrench features a dual-scale with dual direction calibration and also features a positive lock for a more superior and convenient performance. It is an easy and quick to set torque wrench whose laser marked scale is also simple reading. The tool further boasts quick-release buttons that offer great socket retention and also seamless socket removal, while its ergonomic handle provides a very comfortable grip.


5. VENZO Bicycle

This Bicycle torque wrench is an essential for anyone who uses a motorcycle, bike. It helps in safe installation of bolts and bike parts. Again, it prevents cases of over-tightening and also too little torque that may risk your bike’s performance and safety. The Venzo includes a high-quality bit set, allowing you to reach any bolts fast and easily. Its torque ranges between 2 and 24NM, while also featuring a gauge ideal for bicycle carbon parts.


4. CDI 2503MFRMH

The CDI 2503MFRMH is another great torque wrench, one that provides you with a rugged, heavy-duty strength for withstanding the rigors of any professional jobs. Its handle is lightly knurled to offer a tough, anti-slip grip. The unit features dual-scale, dual direction calibration, and has a spring-loaded pull-down positive lock. It has accurate and simple-to-set, easy-to-read laser marked scales. Moreover, integrated quick-release buttons offer great socket retention and also simple socket removal.


3. Neiko 00206A

Neiko 00206A is a heavy-duty torque wrench for those stubborn nuts, bolts. Its extra-long, contoured grip handle offers good control, while its anvil head 180-degree rotation improves versatility. Its corrosion resistant break bar is made of sturdy Chrome-Vanadium steel for lasting durability. The Neiko 00206A is an ideal tool for any expert and serious DIYer—a true deal for those impossibly tight fasteners.


2. TEKTON 24340

Featuring a +/- 4% calibration accuracy, the TEKTON 24340 is a 0.5-inch drive click torque wrench that allows you to work with great confidence, without guesswork and the tendency of over-tightening fasteners. It helps you deal vehicle or equipment fasteners correctly and properly secure parts without damaging them. Given its ingenious design, it is simple to use and features a reversible ratcheting head for driving fasteners in either direction while measuring torque in a clockwise direction.


1. TEKTON 24335

A best-selling model, the TEKTON 24335 Torque Wrench is highly popular and effective. In an 18-3/8 inch design, it features a high contrast range which is also dual range, making it very simple to read even in dimly lit settings. It is easy to use and very reliable in helping you fasten bolts efficiently. Furthermore, its steel construction makes it very durable; no wear, & tear, no breakage, and no chance that it will break down over time.


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Guide To Torque Wrenches

When a bolt needs to be tightened to an exact amount of pressure, then the person is going to want to use a torque wrench. These tools allow the person handling them to set the wrench so that it either clicks or gives way when a certain amount of torque is reached. This makes it an essential tool for applications where an overtightened screw can cause damage to the material the screw or bolt is used on. They’re tools that can be used for a wide variety of different jobs from machine shops to garages and just about anything in between.

Although when most people speak of torque wrenches they make it sound like there is only one type of torque wrench, the reality is that there’s a variety of different types. They not only come in a wide variety of different sizes: from a 1/4-inch drive up to a 3/4-inch drive, but they also come in different sizes including beam-torque, click-torque, and electronic torque models. In this guide, we’re going to go over some of the basics of these wrenches, so consumers can buy the one that’s right for the application they’re going to use it on.

Types Of Different Torque Wrenches

Now that we’ve set the stage for how torque wrenches are used, it’s time to talk about some of the different types of torque wrenches available. Below is a quick overview of each different type.

Beam Torque Wrenches

Beam torque wrenches are the first wrenches of this type that were ever made and they’re perhaps the most simple. Unfortunately, their simplicity also means that they are usually the least accurate wrenches as well. These torque wrenches have a torque gauge that is built on a beam that shows how much pressure is being applied to the bolt as the person uses it. Since this model won’t stop or give an audible click when it has reached a specific torque, the user has to constantly watch the gauge to ensure that they haven’t applied too much torque, which can be a tricky thing to do. Many people end up buying these type of torque wrenches because they’re cheap. However, they usually regret that decision because although these tools are inexpensive, they’re also usually bulky and very heavy.

Click-Torque Wrenches

As the name of these wrenches suggests, these tools make an audible click when the specified amount of torque has been reached by the operator. These wrenches are usually pretty accurate, are easy to set up and use, and are usually very durable. For these reasons, these tools are often used by professional mechanics who need their torque wrenches to perform accurately and to hold up to constant abuse. The only drawback to these models is that you have to stop applying pressure once the click has been heard, or you’ll end up overtightening your bolt.

Electronic Torque Wrenches

The most precise, and probably the most expensive of all of the wrenches available are electronic torque wrenches. These devices not only often have an LCD that gives current information on what torque level the wrench is set to, but it also produces an audible beep when that torque has been reached. And that may not be all of the features that can be found on these innovative tools. Some of them are equipped with several other features that can include a vibrating handle and other safeguards to prevent the user from over-torquing their bolts. These tools are handy, but they can also be quite expensive.

Consider Drive Size

Torque wrenches come with different drive heads, so most people who have to work on a variety of different nuts or bolts tend to have several different sizes of torque wrenches. Below are the most common types of torque wrenches that are available and what they’re usually designed to handle.

  • 1/4-Inch Drive: Good for small nuts and bolts.
  • 3/8-Inch Drive: These are good for handling automotive jobs.
  • 1/2-Inch Drive: These are perfect for heavy automotive suspension work, for transmission mounts or engine mounts.
  • 3/4-Inch Drive: This size wrench is designed for large nuts such as lug wheels.

Some Other Features To Consider

Once a person has decided on what type of torque wrench they want and the size of its drive, then they’re going to want to think about some of the other features that they may need it to have. Below are a few things that the consumer should consider before they purchase their next torque wrench.


The primary concern of anyone purchasing a torque wrench is the accuracy of the tool. Some of the better torque wrenches have a +/- accuracy of under 4%, and the really good ones are the ones that have a 2% +/- accuracy. It’s also a pretty good idea to purchase torque wrenches that come with a calibration certificate that proves that they’re accurate.

Manufacturer’s Warranty

It’s also a pretty good idea to choose a torque wrench that comes with some kind of manufacturer’s warranty. Even the cheaper models have a warranty of at least a year, and some of the professional quality models provide a limited lifetime warranty. So really, there’s no reason to purchase one of these tools that don’t come with some kind of warranty.

Torque Set & Lock

A person will also want to make sure that they buy a wrench that can be set and has a torque lock. It’s just too difficult to try to stop on a particular amount of pressure by looking at a scale, so a person should do themselves a favor and choose one that’s easy to set and locks the torque setting in place.

Bidirectional Ratching

Another feature to consider is bi-directional ratching. This feature allows the tool to be used either clockwise or counterclockwise. Although this may not be a big deal to most people, there are left-handed and right-handed threads that must be handled and this tool is capable of handling them.