Top 10 Best Trauma Shears of 2020 – Reviews

When most people think about trauma shears, they really don’t think beyond its medical use. Sure, it’s by nurses and EMT technicians to cut clothes off of patients and for removing bandages, but they are also useful for a number of other things. They can be used to cut through thin metal strapping, to cut open tape or clam-shell packaging, and for cutting through tough fabrics. And that’s not even mentioning the fact that they are an absolutely essential tool to place in any first aid kit or bug-out bag. The best trauma shears have so many uses, it’s a wonder that more people don’t own a pair. Which is why I’ve decided to list ten of the best trauma shears below so that everyone can find a pair that suits them well.

Best Trauma Shears – Top List

10. Princess Care 5.5-Inch Utility Scissors

Made using 420 stainless-steel, and strong enough to cut a penny in half, these bandage scissors are useful for keeping around the house, for inclusion in a first-aid kit or for placing into a survival kit. It’s packaged using only eco-friendly retail packaging, is fairly priced and is manufactured by a company which strives to produce quality products. They have an extra-large offset handle that’s easy to grip and use and have a 5.5-inch blade that’s serrated. The whole product is autoclavable so it can be used in a medical setting. Overall, these scissors are a useful tool for just about anyone.


9. Nurse Nico 7-Inch Black Shears

These high-quality medic shears are approximately 7-inches long, which makes it the ideal size to fit the widest number of hand sizes possible. It has a sharp and durable blade that’s Teflon coated stainless-steel blade that can be used to quickly remove clothing from trauma patients, can be used to cut off bandages or fiberglass splints and for cutting through a number of other materials. It’s manufactured by a company that tests their products in the emergency departments of Southern California hospitals and are designed to withstand even the most grueling work environments.


8. Think Safe 1095TS Shears

Whether a person needs to cut through a cast or through the tough clam-shell packaging of the products they buy, these rescue scissors are up for the task. They are approximately 7-inches, which is an ideal size that allows it to be handled by just about any size hands and has a blunt tip that makes it safe. It can be autoclaved up to 200-degrees and can be used for a variety of different cutting jobs. All things considered, these basic scissors are designed to get the job done but do it without costing an arm and a leg. All of which makes it a useful addition to any medical kit.


7. Ever Ready Black 7.25-Inch Scissors

These 7.25-inch bandage shears are a good size to fit in most user’s hands and are made of bonded titanium, a material which is stronger than steel so that it can cut through a number of different materials. It can be used to easily cut through bandages, fiberglass casts, tape, and gauze. This product also has a bent handle that makes it suitable for cutting on surfaces and has a tactical black color. These scissors are a good product to be used by paramedics, nurses and emergency room personnel or can be thrown in a home first-aid kit or survival bag.


6. White Coat 7.25-Inch Shears

These 7.25-inch trauma scissors can be used to cut through a variety of materials in an emergency and are a useful tool for paramedics, nurses or doctors. Its bent tip titanium blade is powerful enough to easily cut through clothing, tape, gauze, and bandages and is angled so that it can be used on surgical tables or elevated surfaces. This set not only comes with a pair of shears, however. It also comes with a medical grade pen light that can be used to make visual inspections of a patient’s eyes, ears, nose or mouth and is easy-to-use.


5. Recon Medical 7.5-Inch Crash Scissors

Useful for just about any first-aid kit, medical bag, or survival kit, these shears are designed to quickly and easily cut through clothing, bandages, and tape. They are also an item that can be carried in cars to be used to cut through seat belts in the case of a crash. Their fluoride coated stainless-steel blades are designed to hold up to regular use and are strong enough to cut a penny in half. And since they have a minimalist design that doesn’t take up a lot of space, they are easy to pack in backpacks, handbags, and bicycle bags.


4. Surviveware 7.5-Inch Shears

These rescue shears are designed to cut through seat belts, bandages, clothing and other pieces of material in an emergency. They are 7.5-inches long and have a blunt tip that prevents skin from being punctured while these scissors are being used to cut off clothing and they are used by emergency room personnel and trauma nurses all over the world. Their stainless-steel bonded blades are extremely durable and are coated with black fluoride so it can be used in stealth situations. These scissors can easily be stored in medical kits at home, work or in the car.


3. Xshear Extreme-Duty Shears

With stainless-steel blades that are twice as thick as convention EMT scissors and are sharpened to a razor’s edge, these shears are ideal for paramedics, EMTs, nurses or any other emergency healthcare provider who needs a high-quality pair of hospital shears. They have a patented blunt tip that’s paired with a curved design that allows them to be easily used on elevated surfaces such as tables and is safer for use around the skin. They are also built with a heavy-duty center bolt that ensures these scissors won’t come apart during critical moments.


2. Carabiner Shears 7.5-Inch Stainless-Steel Model

These EMT shears are designed to be medical grade scissors that can cut through a variety of materials including clothing, seat belts, and bandages. These 7.5-inch scissors have a blade that’s manufactured using surgical grade Japanese stainless-steel that’s made with milled serrations along the blade. This model also has a smooth handle and is equipped with a carabiner so it can be within reach at all times. And since they are designed with medical use in mind, these scissors can be put into an autoclave at 290-degrees Fahrenheit. Overall, these scissors are the ideal tool for EMT staff, paramedics, and other medical professionals.


1. Madison Supply Premium Quality Shears

These medical shears have the features that many people look for when they are looking for a pair of scissors for medical use. They are 7.5-inches long, can be put into an autoclave and have a fluoride-coated blade with milled serrations. It has a high-quality plastic handle that’s designed to be easy-to-hold and use. These scissors can cut through all different types of fabric and bandages, and can also be used to cut seat belts as well. It’s an ideal tool that can be used in hospitals, clinics or in the home and is easily packed into any first-aid kit.


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Trauma Shears Guide

Because you never know when an emergency might occur, it is always best to be prepared. It can be easier to remain calm in a critical situation can when you have the right equipment and part of that is by using the best trauma shears. They aren’t all made equal and some of the sub-par products can be a real let down.

To help you negotiate a tricky decision, and to make sure they don’t jam when you need them the most, the following guide details everything you need to know so you can cut through bandages, clothing, and anything else with confidence.

What To Look For In Trauma Shears

Angled Blade

The benefit of using an angled blade is that it becomes multi-purpose. For many professionals, it makes it easier to cut through surgical tape. This also makes them ideal for cutting through clothing at an angle.


You need to know that when you haven’t used your trauma shears in a while, they won’t let you down. The best are built to last, whether that is with regular use or not.

If you are a professional looking for trauma shears then this will be particularly important.


The better the materials the more reliable the traumas shears are likely to be. The better products are made from surgical grade stainless steel. These wear well and are easy to clean. You can find coated stainless steel as well as bonded titanium making the shears particularly strong.

Blunt Tip

This is a common characteristic of what makes trauma shears distinguishable. The reason behind it is that it won’t pierce the skin when you are cutting near so clothing can be removed without the risk of an accident.

Comfortable Handle

If the situation you find yourself using trauma shears in becomes critical, the comfortable handle might not be something you think about but it can make cutting easier if you can grip the shears with ease. Some materials are tougher than others so you may have to add a little more pressure, this is when you will be thankful for the comfort.

Sturdy Center Bolt

This is the simple piece of the tool that keeps everything together so you need it to be reliable. Look out for any reports of this failing or coming loose but you shouldn’t have a problem with the reputable brands.

Autoclave Compatible

Some scissors are easier to sterilize than others so check to see if the pair you are considering are fine to be placed in an autoclave. This will sterlizie them at 290-degrees Fahrenheit so you can see why only certain brands are suitable for putting in a pressure chamber.


A lot of the value will be in how often you use them. Although a quality pair that allows you to help someone faster is priceless, you don’t have to spend a lot to get a pair of trauma shears that will last a long time. Professionals might wish to pay more as they will be using them more often.


This is more important for those who buy the high-end trauma shears as they will also come with added expectations. Anything you rely on should come with a warranty and the more years of protection you get the better.

Trauma Shears Vs Medical Scissors

Many people call trauma shears medical scissors but to the initiated, they are very different. To put it simply, trauma shears are a type of medical scissors, but since a variety of shapes and sizes fall under the umbrella of medical scissor, this is understandable.

Trauma shears are designed to be more heavy-duty than some of the other variants and are the type of cutting instrument you need to get through tough material such as clothing. This is crucial when the patient is unable to remove them and the situation is desperate.

What Are Trauma Shears Used For?

For most households, a pair of trauma shears make cutting bandages and band-aids simple. This is why you will find them tucked away in the first aid kit in many homes. There are more serious uses though and as anyone who works in an emergency room will tell you, being able to seamlessly cut clothing from an injured patient can be vital.


A pair of trauma shears might not be high on a lot of people’s shopping lists but when the time comes, they might wish it had been. A quality pair can make light work of cutting through clothing and bandages to make a traumatic event that little bit easier.