Top 10 Best Weed Trimmers of 2019 – Reviews

While there are a number of different tools which can be used to edge lawns and get rid of weeds, none of them are as effective as the weed trimmer. These tools are portable, easy-to-use and really do one of the best jobs at edging and weed trimming, which is probably why they have become an invaluable tool in the arsenals of both homeowners and gardeners. Since it’s such an important tool, it’s imperative that people find the best weed trimmer available to purchase. Doing so will ensure that the user finds one that will not only be durable but will have the features they need it to have. Below are ten models that I feel are the best weed trimmer models currently available.

Best Weed Trimmers – Top List

10. Worx 32-Volt Edger With Tilting Head

Although trimming is fairly easy to begin with, this unit has managed to make it even easier thanks to its innovative design. This unit has 3-in-1 capabilities, which allows it to be used for edging, grass trimming and even mowing small areas. This tool can quickly be changed from a trimmer to an in-line edger in only a matter of moments and without using tools. Its height can also be adjusted easily and it has a 90-degree tilting head as well. Other features include a 12-inch cutting diameter and an automatic single line feed that doesn’t require being bumped.


9. Black & Decker ST8600 13-Inch Trimmer

Equipped with a 5-Amp motor, this trimmer has more than enough power to cut through most weeds and to help the user restore order to their lawn. It automatically feeds trimmer line without the user having to stop what they are doing or bumping the unit and it has a lightweight design that’s easy to control and use. This height of this model can be adjusted and its edge guide allows it to be used with precision. All of these features are in a tool that’s fairly inexpensive but is still quite durable.


8. Husqvarna 128LD 17-Inch 28cc Trimmer

Lightweight and easy to handle, this gas-powered trimmer is designed to cut through yard trimming duties quickly and without excess effort by the user. It’s equipped with a 28cc engine and has a 17-inch width using .095 diameter trimmer line. This unit also has a straight shaft and is designed to fit comfortably in the user’s hands. It also has an air purge system that removes air from the carburetor, which allows it to start more easily than other trimmers. Another feature designed to make it easier to use is a stop switch which resets automatically to the on position.


7. Black & Decker LST136W 13-Inch Trimmer

This trimmer comes from a trusted name in the power tool industry and is designed to not only effortlessly power through weeds but also do it without the user having to make a lot of adjustments to it on the fly. It features a 40-Volt Max lithium battery that allows the unit to be used for long periods of time and charges quickly as well. It also has an automatic feed spool that doesn’t require bumping and a Power Command Dial that allows the user to choose between power or run-time. Another great feature is that it easily converts into an edger with just a turn of the unit’s shaft.


6. Black & Decker LST140C String Trimmer

Equipped with a 40-Volt Max lithium-ion battery that provides plenty of power when paired with this unit’s high-torque transmission, this model is capable of trimming just about any yard. It has an automatic feed spool, that doesn’t require bumping, and can easily be converted into an edger in only a matter of seconds. With a 13-inch cutting swath, this 6,500 RPM trimmer can make short work of weeds and grasses. It uses .065-inch trimmer line and comes with a charger, so it can be charged and used as quickly as possible.


5. Dewalt DCST9701X! Flexvolt Cordless Trimmer

Equipped with interchangeable Flexvolt 60-Volt batteries which can be used with a wide variety of Dewalt products, this trimmer is as versatile as it is powerful. It has a 15-inch cutting swath using .080-inch line and has a variable speed trigger with a high and low speed control. This lightweight and easy to handle trimmer also has a brushless motor that gives the best possible run-time and is designed to be durable, too. This trimmer can be used to clear tough overgrowth easily and should provide many seasons of use.


4. Greenworks 14-Inch 40-Volt Trimmer

This trimmer is capable of accepting a number of different attachments, which allow it to extend its usefulness beyond being just a trimmer. However, that’s not to say that it isn’t a good trimmer because it is capable of trimming quite well. It has a brushless motor that is highly efficient and is designed for quiet operation. It can cut a 14-inch path and has a bump feed that makes it easy to advance the .080-inch trimming line. This trimmer comes with a battery and a charger so it can immediately be put into service trimming the user’s yard.


3. Black & Decker LSTE525 20-Volt Max Lithium Edger

With the ability to change from a trimmer to a wheeled edger, the LSTE525 is as versatile as it is powerful and easy-to-use. It has a 2-speed control that allows the user to select between power or run-time and has a powerful motor that can produce between 5,500 RPM and 7,200 RPM. This model is also equipped with an “Easy Feed” system which advances the line when the user pushes a button. Other features of this tool include a comfortable grip, a cutting width of 12-inches and easy-to-install 20-Volt Max battery.


2. Makita XRU070X Brushless Trimmer Kit

Using two 18-Volt lithium-ion batteries, this trimmer has professional strength power that allows the user to trim for up to 60-minutes at a time. It also has quite a bit of power thanks to it brushless motor and its two speed-options that allow the user to choose between 0 to 5,000 RPM or 0 to 6,500 RPM. Power and run-time aren’t the only great things about this trimmer, however. Since it’s battery-powered, it has zero emissions and doesn’t need gasoline or motor oil to run. All that has to be done is to load the line, insert the charged batteries and then take it to do its job.


1. EGO Power+ ST1502 56-Volt Cordless 15-Inch Trimmer

This 15-inch trimmer has a number of design features which make it an ideal trimmer for homeowners, landscapers and anyone else who needs to get their yards trimmed quickly and without a whole lot of hassle. It has a powerful brushless motor that’s equipped with variable speed control, a dual-feed twist line that uses .095-inch diameter line and a weather-resistant construction. This unit also features an extended aluminum shaft that’s as durable as it is easy to handle. These features, along with this unit’s 56-Volt batteries, make it a useful tool for day-to-day yard work.


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