Top 10 Best Wheelbarrows of 2022 – Reviews

To most people, a wheelbarrow is not something to give much thought. Which I can understand fully. After all, these tools aren’t as exciting as chainsaws or weed whackers, but they do serve a valuable purpose and are not only a useful tool for any homeowner but is also a necessity to the home gardener. That brings us to my next point, however. What makes for the best wheelbarrow? While there are certain criteria with which to judge these tools, I feel the best way to show you which ones are the best is to do a list of the ten best wheelbarrow models that can currently be bought.

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Best Wheelbarrows – Top List

10. Allsop Wheel Easy LE

This flush ground loading garden cart can handle a variety of tasks around the garden and can support up to 150-pounds of material in its basin. It has a 3-cubic foot sized basin that’s made out of fabric that’s been coated with a vinyl-coated denier nylon and has UV-resistant heavy-duty seams. This cart isn’t just useful around the garden, however. Since it only weighs approximately 15-pounds and has a collapsible design that’s easy to store and transport, this cart is also useful for doing other tasks such as taking it camping to help haul gear from the car to the campsite.


9. Polar Trailer 8449

This heavy-duty cub cart is a really useful tool to have around the home as it can be used for all of a person’s landscaping hauling needs. It has a high-impact polyethylene tub that can hold up to 7-cubic feet in volume and is rated to hold up to 400-pounds. This makes it useful for caring yard debris such as clippings or small branches, hauling wood chips for the garden or even moving camping gear to and from a campsite. Another great feature that can be found on this car are rugged wide-track rubber tires with shielded ball bearings. And since this cart is made from polyethylene, it only weighs around 35-pounds empty.


8. Jackson M6T22

With a well-balanced and sturdy design, this contractor cart is sure to be a welcome addition to any landscapers storage shed. It has a heavy-duty seamless steel tray with a 6-cubic foot capacity, a durable 16-inch tubed tire and steel cross strips, leg shoes and H-brace. Another great feature that can be found on this cart are its heavy-duty wood handles which are approximately 60-inches long and enable the user to get a get hold of the load they’re pushing. All things considered, this cart has a nice forward center of gravity that makes it easy to move debris and lawn debris from one area to the next.


7. Worx Aerocart WG050

This multipurpose yard cart is not only durable and able to move up to 300-pounds of materials but it is also quite versatile as well. It has over-sized flat tires that are designed to never go flat and never need to be inflated and it has a low center of gravity that makes it easy to push. This cart has an all-steel construction and can easily be converted into a dolly so the user can move things such as flower pots or small refrigerators. It weighs approximately 48-pounds when it’s completely empty and it is useful for just about any hauling job that can be thrown at it.


6. Rubbermaid Light Duty FG370712907

Using a design that not only makes it easy to push but also makes it easy to dump carried loads, this lawn cart is a useful tool for anyone who needs an extra hand with their lawn clippings and debris. This light-duty cart has a 4.5-cubic foot heaped capacity or 3.25-cubic foot level capacity and has two fixed wheels which give the user the control and maneuverability they need. This unit has an integrated handle and includes a molded-in beverage holder and a tool holder as well. While it’s not designed to handle heavy-duty work, it is a good light-duty tool for around the yard.


5. Marathon Dual-Wheel

Available in a variety of different colors and designs, including green, pink and one even having a ladybug design, this yard rover is designed to look good while it’s helping the user haul their yard debris. It only weighs 29-pounds, which is about 1/4th the weight of comparable carts, and it has a 5-cubic foot poly-tray that has a 300-pound load capacity. Its tray is about 36-inches long and 27.5-inches wide and it has two air-filled wheels which make it easy to balance and push. All thing considered, this rust-proof cart is ideal for just about any home who needs hauling help for their light-duty work.


4. Rubbermaid Commercial Products FG564200BLA

This heavy-duty polyethylene cart is designed to be durable, to be rust-free and easy-to-use. Its smooth high-density construction is designed without seams, so it’s easy to clean, and can support up to 300-pounds of materials. It also has pneumatic flat-free 20-inch wheels with a 5-spoke design that makes this cart easy to push and maneuver. With a 7.5-cubic foot total capacity and with ergonomic handles that make it easy to use, this cart is ideal for moving all kinds of yard debris, wood chips, fertilizer, decorative rocks or compost.


3. Suncast LC1250D

Suncast is a company that’s known for producing high-quality products that not only are durable and well designed but also are aesthetically pleasing as well. And this rolling cart is no exception. It is well constructed and has a lightweight design that makes it useful for light-duty hauling jobs. This unit also has a 15.5-gallon capacity and has 7-inch wheels that make it easy to maneuver. While it won’t take haul large loads, it will handle light loads very well and it will look good doing it. Which makes it a useful tool for keeping around the house.


2. Gorilla Carts GOR4PS

Heavy-duty jobs need a heavy-duty cart and hauling power is exactly what this cart provides. It has a 38.7-inch by 20-inch poly bed that’s designed to be durable and corrosion-proof and 10-inch pneumatic tires that make the cart easy to move. This cart can hold up to 600-pounds of materials and has a quick-release dumping feature that gives it the ability to unload quickly and easily. This unit also has a comfortable padded pull handle and a frame design that offers superior ground clearance over what other carts provide.


1. Gorilla Cart GOR6PS

While it’s not technically a wheeled barrow in the strictest sense of the word and is probably considered to be more of a cart, this heavy-duty wagon truly is truly strong and durable. It has a 40-inch by 25-inch poly bed that’s resistant to rust, a steel frame that makes it durable and a black finish that gives it a sleek look. It has 13-inch tires that are designed to handle just about any terrain and this unit can be pulled by hand or hooked up to an ATV or garden tractor. And since it has a 1,200-pound hauling capacity, this heavy-duty wagon will haul a variety of materials including dirt, rocks, and fertilizer.


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An Extensive Guide To Wheelbarrows

Wheelbarrows are great tools that allow gardeners and homeowners to do the things they need to do around their yard. It’s great for hauling soil and shrubbery for springtime planting or for hauling lawn care items throughout the year. They’re also great tools for contractors who may need to haul heavy loads of rocks, gravel, or concrete. These tools allow the average person to move heavy items from one part of their property to another area quite easily.

As effective and handy to use as most wheelbarrows are, it’s not always easy to choose the best one available. That’s because although wheelbarrows of the past were built all the same way, modern models come in a seemingly endless myriad of different styles and features. And that can make it difficult for a person to decide which one is right for them.

Fortunately for all of our readers, it no longer has to be difficult for them to choose the best wheelbarrow for their home and garden needs. We’ve not only listed the ten best models available, but we have also written this guide that will give everyone everything they need to know to buy a great wheelbarrow. So, let’s get right to it and get into the nuts and bolts of this article.

First Step: Choose A Wheelbarrow Material

The first thing that consumers can do to start on their path towards choosing a better wheelbarrow is to consider what material they need to be constructed from. Modern wheelbarrows are made of one of three different materials, and those materials are metal, plastic, and some sort of canvas material. Each of these three types has their benefits and their drawbacks, so let’s take a closer look at each of them, so everyone can determine which particular model would best suit their purposes.

Metal Wheelbarrows

Wheelbarrows are commonly made out of metal nowadays, and metal wheelbarrows are some of the strongest and most durable ones available. Wheelbarrows made out of metal are capable of handling heavy loads and they usually hold up to a lot of use. However, as strong as they are, they aren’t indestructible, so consumers should take good care of them and not leave them out in the elements. When considering a metal wheelbarrow, try to choose one that’s not only made from steel but if possible, one that’s been powder-coated to ensure it will last a good long time.

Plastic Wheelbarrows

Plastic wheelbarrows are not only less expensive than metal ones, but they’re also lighter, so they may be a good option for people engaged in light gardening or other activities that don’t require hauling around a lot of weight. If there’s one important thing that consumers should remember when buying a plastic wheelbarrow, it’s that they will crack if too much weight is used in them. However, if the consumer makes sure to stay within the wheelbarrow’s weight guidelines, then they should have no problems with them. Since they’re not made out of metal, they won’t rust, so the consumer doesn’t have to fret too much if they accidentally leave it out in the rain.

Foldable Wheelbarrows

Foldable wheelbarrows are another option that consumers can consider. Over the past few years, these models have become increasingly popular for a variety of different gardening jobs. And for that purpose, they’re pretty good. However, the consumer should realize that these wheelbarrows might be convenient, but they do have their drawbacks. Because they use some type of canvas or nylon to make the bed of the wheelbarrow, they not only aren’t strong enough to carry heavy loads, but they also tend to not be as durable as steel or plastic wheelbarrows. Having said that, however, they’re still a good option for anyone who needs a wheelbarrow for light gardening.

Second Step: Choose The Wheels

Wheels are another important consideration for anyone deciding on a new wheelbarrow. As a general rule, there are wheelbarrows with one wheel, two wheels, three wheels, and four wheels. One-wheel carts are easily maneuverable and easy-to-dump, but they do require additional upper body strength to operate. Carts with two wheels allow for greater stability, but they don’t have the maneuverability of one-wheel carts. They also don’t perform well on hills either. Three-wheeled and four-wheeled carts offer increasingly better stability than one or two-wheeled wheelbarrows, but they are harder to maneuver. All of these are things that need to be considered before the consumer purchases one.

It’s also a good idea for the consumer to consider whether they want pneumatic tires or solid tires. Pneumatic tires are just like an average bicycle or car tire, meaning that they’re inflated with air. Because they’re inflated with air, they act in much the same way as shock absorbers work. The air absorbs and offsets a lot of the ground shock that would normally be conveyed to the person pushing the wheelbarrow, which makes it easier to push on uneven terrain. Unfortunately, they’re also susceptible to popping if they catch a sharp rock or stray nail, so that’s something else that the consumer needs to consider. Solid wheelbarrow tires aren’t susceptible to popping, but they don’t handle rough terrain very well and they’re harder to navigate.

Third Step: Choose The Handles

The final thing to consider before buying a new wheelbarrow is what kind of handles are equipped on it. Straight handles are easy for dumping out loads, but they require both hands, and generally speaking, they require more upper body strength. Single-bar grips, T-grips, and closed handles, on the other hand, are more ergonomically designed and easier to handle. These kinds of handles can also be used to pull light loads with one hand if the need ever arises.

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