Top 10 Best Wood Fillers of 2022 – Reviews

Wood filler is a useful substance to have around the home. That’s because it can not only fill in imperfections in the wood grain of your furniture, giving it a nice glassy surface to stain, but it can also be used for other home projects. These projects include filling holes and cracks in wood products and using to fix other wood products.

Of course, the success of any project depends on the quality of the materials used and that’s why it’s important to buy the best wood filler possible. That’s not always easy, however, because the user has to take into consideration the type of filler needed. And that’s why I’ve decided to list ten of the best wood filler products that I’ve found, so my readers can choose the one that works for them.

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Best Wood Fillers – Top List

10. Woodwise 14-Pound Filler

This easy-to-mix powder can create up to 1.7-gallons of filler and it provides the same quality as most of the premixed products that are on the market. When mixed with water, it makes a wood patch or full-trowel filler that can be used for all kinds of projects including fixing broken edges of wood products and fixing gouges, nails, and cracks. In powdered form it’s freeze proof, it’s available in three colors: red oak, maple ash, and white oak and it cost a third of what premixed products usually cost. And it’s all in eco-friendly packaging that reduces waste.


9. Timbermate White Oak 8-Ounce Jar

This water-based grain filler is easy-to-prepare and is fast drying so it’s suitable for a wide variety of projects. When applied to wood and dry, it will easily accept stain or can be tinted according to the user’s preferences. Although it’s designed to not shrink, crack or fall out of the wood, it isn’t permanent until a finish is applied over it. Once applied, it can be easily removed before it’s stained by just using water. And if it freezes in the garage over the winter, it can be placed into a microwave and easily thawed out. It’s a product that should be useful in just about any home.


8. Minwax High Performance 21600000-12 Ounces

Sold in a 12-ounce container, this high-performance filler provides good value and is suitable for all kinds of different jobs. It can be used for rebuilding wood, repaired damaged wood or restoring rotten wood. It can be used as a wood adhesive and can be used to fix chairs, doors, window sills and other wood products. This product will harden in 15-minutes and is ready to be sanded in 30-minutes. It’s designed not to fall out or crack and when dry it can be sanded, planed, drilled and screwed into. This high-performance product is good for existing projects or for keeping around the home for emergencies.


7. Elmer’s Carpenter Filler E855-3.25 Ounce Tube

This product is sold in a 3.25-ounce tube so that it’s easy to apply and is manufactured using a water-based formula so that it’s as easy to clean up as it is to apply. When dry, this product can be painted and sanded and leaves a satin smooth surface. It’s resistant to cracking, shrinking and falling out of the surface and creates a high-quality and durable surface. This solvent-free formula is white and is designed for interior use and not exterior use. Even so, it’s a useful filler that can tackle all kinds of jobs around the home and is a good product to keep on hand.


6. Famowood Latex Filler 40022126-1 Pint

Whether the job calls for a filler that can be used for fixing smaller defects or one that can also handle large problems, this product is designed to get the job done easily and efficiently. It dries quickly, in about 15-minutes or so, and once dry it can be drilled, planed, sanded and screwed. It can be stained and painted and is suitable for both interior and exterior applications. Another great thing about this product is that it’s solvent free, professional quality and accepts both stain and paint like real wood would accept them. This product is also designed to not shrink or crack and is easy to clean up when the job is done.


5. 3M Bondo Home Solutions

Designed as a long-lasting filler, this product can be used for a variety of permanent repairs. It can be used to inside on projects such as wood floors, stairs, and cabinets, and it can be used outside on projects such as decks, fence posts, and garage doors. It dries within 15-minutes and is ready to be stained or painted in approximately a half an hour. This ensures that the repair can be completed on the same day that it’s initiated. After it has dried, this product can be planed, sanded, sawed and routed as if it were actual wood, which makes it useful for all kinds of repairs.


4. J-B Weld Kwik Wood 8257-1 Ounce

This 1-ounce epoxy putty strip is a useful filler for fixing small cracks and defects in wood products. This product works on all kinds of different types of wood including rotted and restored wood products and does a really good job on knot holes, screw holes and for on small defects in furniture. It contains no solvents, is designed to never rot, shrink or crack, and can be drilled or planed when it has dried. Speaking of drying, this product will set within thirty minutes and will completely cure in about an hour. When dry, it will have the same density as wood and will have a light tan color.


3. Elmer’s Carpenter’s Color Change Filler-8 Ounces

Ideal for repairing a variety of interior wood products, this filler can be used on scratches, holes, gouges and wood defects. It can be used on wallboard, molding, and painted surfaces, and can be stained, sanded or painted. This product goes on easily and has a purple hue to it when first applied. However, when it dries, it will turn to white and can then be sanded or planed. This American-made product is ideal for homeowners, DIY enthusiasts or professional contractors and not only gets the job done but gets it done right.


2. Elmer’s Carpenter’s E842L-1 Quart

This easy-to-use and clean up product can be used for a variety of wood repair projects and comes in a one-quart container. When applied, it dries quickly and resists both cracking and shrinking. When it has dried, it can also be easily painted or sanded as well. This makes it a great product for all kinds of interior home projects including repairing holes and gouges. Which means that it can be used on everything from window sills to floorboards to sideboards. Whether it’s purchased for an existing problem or simply kept on hand for emergencies, this product always stands ready to get the job done.


1. Donald Durhams 4-Pound Water Putty

This high-quality water putty comes in a 4-pound container and can be used to fill in knot holes, termite damage or nail holes. It’s formulated using gypsum, so it dries to a rock hard substance when it has dried. Although it’s not designed to be painted or stained after it has been used, it can be used for a variety of repair projects and can be planed, sanded or screwed into when it has dried. It’s a product that’s been around for some time and can be mixed at a ratio of 3:1 with water. And since it’s a dry product until it’s mixed, it has an extremely long shelf life.


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Wood Filler Buying Guide

Because most people want to extend the life of their furniture or old items, there are lots of quality wood fillers on the market. This goes both ways though, hgh demand also means sub-par products so it can be hard to tell them apart. When you know what to look for, it makes the job of repairing chips, divots, blemishes, rot, cracks, and holes a lot easier.

Depending on the type of wood and job you will be undertaking, there is a different product that will suit you. Some are better for general use but we’re going to go through what you can expect from a variety of wood fillers, so know what makes the good ones so effective.

Types of Wood Filler

There are two main types that you will come across, water vs solvent and each of them has their benefits.

  • Water-Based Wood Filler – Most of the time these are considered to be less harsh and do not have as much of an odor. They are made up of wood fiber and cellulose most commonly. The biggest difference between water and solvent-based wood filler is the amount of clean-up required. Water-based is easily cleaned using just soap and water but take care to make sure it does not dry on your tools as it is very difficult to remove. For many people, they are better because they are kinder on the environment
  • Solvent-Based Wood Filler – Traditionally, this was the only variant available and because it has formula heavily reliant on chemicals it is more difficult to clean up. With a stronger smell, you will need to keep the likes of turpentine and acetone handy for cleanup. Because of their resistance to heat and moisture, they are well suited to outdoor use.

What To Look For In A Wood Filler


A lot of wood fillers will be versatile enough to be used for most tasks but some have a specially designed formula to make them better at filling large divots and holes whilst others are good for smoothing pores. With plenty of products available to make light work of both, you don’t need to spend money on a specialist product but it can be advantageous. To fill the bigger holes, a putty-like formula is often a good choice, whilst a smoother texture is good for pores.


Some products are better for exterior use so make sure you consider the location of the wood you need to treat. If you are treating outdoor furniture or window frames then you will need to make sure the wood filler can cope with moisture and heat or it could end up cracking.


It is important to consider the color of the wood you will be treating before you buy. This makes it difficult to find a one size fits all wood filler that can be used on all your furniture unless they are similar woods and shades. If you are looking to treat the wood after smoothing the surface, be sure to choose a wood filler that is stainable to avoid unsightly blemishes further down the line.

Drying Time

all products are different and if they get the job done, then how long it takes doesn’t matter so much. Still, a drying time of over an hour can mean you are waiting a long time before you can clean up. Most wood fillers only take a matter of minutes.


The likelihood of a strong odor is greater with solvent-based wood fillers but the less odor the better. Look out for VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds) as they are the key fumes to avoid.


Whilst there are plenty of products that look impressive, don’t be fooled by large price tags. This isn’t always an indication of a good product and there is plenty of value to be found in some of the smaller brands. If you don’t need a multipurpose wood filler, then stick in your lane and find the one right for you.


The better wood fillers will be sturdy enough for you to drill or saw through in the future. Because you never know what you will end up doing with the wood around your house, it is good to know your wood filler isn’t going to ruin a piece of furniture.


The main thing to remember is to look for the right wood filler that suits the job you are undertaking. With a quality product, you can get the finish you need to extend the life of your furniture and save yourself some money.

Now you know what to look for, you can find the best wood filler.

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