Can I Use My Electric Pressure Washer In The Rain?

Although there might be a rain forecast for the foreseeable future where you are, you may have some important tasks in and around the house to take care of. Using an electric pressure washer in the rain is something to think twice about, but the temptation is there, especially since a lot of people leave these high-tech pieces of equipment outside and they are already working with water. When time is of the essence, you need to know if it is safe to use an electric pressure washer when the conditions are already wet. Let’s consider this, and other related questions.

So, Can Your Electric Pressure Wash In The Rain?

Unless the instructions on the product you purchase advise you not to, it is usually fine to pressure wash in the rain. A good gauge can be the UL (Underwriters Laboratories) safety rating that can be found on most modern products. Because they test for wet environment use, you can tell if the electric pressure washer is fine to use in the rain.

Without this rating, you could be at risk of ruining the electrical parts as they might not have adequate protection from water, and even worse, you could suffer an electric shock.

Is It Dangerous Using A Pressure Washer In The Rain?

Although it can be dangerous to do anything on wet and slippery ground, there are certain things you can do to make it safer. A gas-powered pressure washer is safer than electric when using it on a rainy day.

Still, any moisture can impact the inner components including the motor which could mean an expensive repair, or the need to purchase a new product. Using the UL safety rating as guidance, you should be able to tell if the product you have, gas, or electric, is fine to use in the rain.

Are There Conditions Where You Should Not Use An Electric Pressure Washer?

Even if the brand you purchase says it is fine to use in the rain, or the UL rating suggests the product is near bulletproof, there are certain conditions you should avoid using a pressure washer in. First of all, any heavy rain where visibility starts to become challenging should be the sign that it is not a good day to use your pressure washer.

Any forceful wind is another time where no matter what the UL rating, you should not be pressure washing the outside of your house. If there is lightning or a storm imminent, resist the temptation to get this task done, and stay safe inside.

Is It Worth Waiting Anyway?

The truth is that even if it is safe to use ane electric pressure washer in the rain, it is the rain that is going to stop your wash from being so effective. Because it will wash your detergent away before the pressure washer has had a chance to move it, your siding or drive is not going to get as much of a wash as it should.

This makes your job a lot more challenging than it needs to be should you wait for more favorable conditions. You will also find that is is more difficult to grip and control the pressure washer when it is wet or there is a strong wind which can mean you are less accurate and you could even drop and damage the washer.

It is better to wait for a clear day or when the rain dies down, a bit of drizzle should be fine but this will still not be as favorable.

When Should You Pressure Wash?

A lot of people get this right and use their pressure washer regularly. It should be done in the same way as you would approach a car checkup. Every now and then it is good to give it a once over with one intense wash every year. When power washing on a sunny day, it helps to dry everything properly. When you notice a build-up of leaves and debris it can be a good idea to get the pressure washer out to clear blockages and stop any build-up from impacting your home.

Mold and mildew can build so pressure washing to remove it can help to protect the inside of. your house as well as makes it look nicer on the outside. Any change in the season can be a good time, particularly after fall and the lead up to summer is a good time as the house tends to stay nicer for longer. Keep an eye out for when there is a bit of sun coming as this can make using your pressure washer easier, and more enjoyable.

What Is The Sign Of A House That Needs A Pressure Wash?

There are some telltale signs that a house needs a good clean and if you cannot spot it from afar, running your hand along the surface can be very telling. If you find dirt on your fingers, then it can be the perfect time to give it a clean. You don’t have to wait for a storm to have been to clean the exterior but this is one of the most common times that people like to use their electric pressure washers.

Sometimes the location of your house can mean you will need to clean it more frequently. Any trees nearby can cause sap to fall onto the exterior and if you live near a road, this can cause lots of grime and dust to collate on the exterior of a building.

Should I Pressure Wash After Heavy Rain?

After a storm or a bout of more rain than usual, you might notice a lot of dirt on the side of your home or in your driveway. This is because rainwater holds a lot of dirt which can be left in the places that show up, particularly on light-colored buildings. This is why you will find a lot of people using their leaf blowers the next day, then the pressure washer.