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Grades K1 – 8

Super Science Fair ProjectsScience fair projects, topics, experiments and ideas. How-to choose and do science fair projects: Scientific Method, write a report and abstract, make display board, give presentation; what to do at the science fair, teachers and parents resource.
Mrs. Dean’s Clsas
Mrs. Dean’s 3rd grade class at Gwinnett Country’s Britt Elementary School. Student essays and artwork, with live-music accompaniment.
Mrs. O’s Virtual Math ClassMargate Middle School in Florida. Checkout a homework assignment, get help or peruse extra credit ideas, plus a  photo album.
Ms. Lane’s HomepageRoom 117 in Schaumburg, IL; School District 54. Student projects, photo essays, stories and more. Check out tonight’s homework assignment.
Dr. Labush’s Links To LearningCreated by second grade teacher Dr. Labush at the Broward County School System, this site is aimed at students, teachers and parents. Research, informational, education and fun links.
Our Lady of the Assumption Elementary SchoolPart of Holy Spirit Roman Catholic Separate Regional Division #4, in Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada. Classroom pages, special education, books, calendar and more.
Jill Britton’s HomeTeacher, consultant, author, speaker Jill Britton offers a mathematical extravaganza for middle-school students. Polyhedrals, patterns, tessellations, symmetry and more.
Crestwood SchoolIn the Edmonton Public School System. Elementary and Jr. High. Includes a mission statement, calendar, links and a newsletter archive in PDF format.
Daniel Hale Williams Elementary School 850 students proud, located in Chicago’s inner city. Includes a essay about the schools namesake, “Dan” Daniel Hale Williams and on violence in the lives of inner city children.
Kutypies PageTara Kuty’s sixth grade science and math class in Tully, NY.
Mr. Meek’s Art HomepageLook at the talented works of sixth graders and learn more about the projects that students work on at school.
Sighting the First Sense – Seeing is BelievingSeeing is believing. Offers information and interactive study aids on sight and visual perception. Lots of graphics and things to do.
Mrs. Regnier’s WebpageGranby Public Schools in cyberspace. For parents and kids. Very colorful and musical. Pictures and fun games, events and lots of fun links.
Westfield Park Primary SchoolFrom Western Australia. About the school by the students. Includes original artwork, photos and stories. Don’t miss the Aboriginal art gallery.
Plummer-Motz Elementary SchoolClassroom on the web. Includes current homework, extra credit pages, book reviews, links and some rather nice student pages.
Murdock Middle SchoolA virtual tour of this school through links, information pages, lots of pictures, student pages and more.
STELLER OnlineNasa’s STELLAR online is a wonderful resource for teachers and students. It’s full of original teacher created units and lessons which are in time with the CA State and National Science standards.
Kameyosek SchoolSchool newsletter, links for home and school, calendar, and student work area. Grade 6 student  page has assignments, reports, and new features.
Taylors Elementary SchoolAn award-winning site which benefits both school and community. This large site is dynamic and easy to navigate. Be sure to visit Melodie White’s Discover Science Class pages.
Glenview Middle SchoolLesson plans, activities, worksheets, teacher notes, extra credit, examples of student work, and web sites for middle school life science topics.
Ruth K. Broad Bay Harbor Elementary SchoolFull-featured, dynamic website. Designed with parents, community, and visitors in mind. In honor of founders Ruth and Shepard Broad. Visit the Media Center.
Mr. Mann’s Math & Science PageAn excellent list of 8th grade science and general links, and resources useful to students, teachers and parents. Check out the Photos of the Day!
Mrs. Venosdale’s Fourth Grade WebhiveClassroom website with teacher links, fun ideas, and great activities. Have fun buzzing around this great website. Music too.
Thomas Merton AcademyThomas Merton Academy offers a quality Catholic education to all students. At this site you will find Catholic links, a montly newsletter, curriculum, and handbook highlights. A nice website to visit. Well organized, with great graphics.
Mrs Smith’s Second GradeOur class website offers a weekly newsletter, monthly calendar, student work samples, and links to other sites. A musical place for students to explore.
Mrs. Sammons’ Home PageThis is a content-centered website for students ages 8 and up. Lots of links are provided for all curricular areas. Fun too! Lots of wonderful pictures and things to go, see, and do.
R J Kinsella Elementary School
Elementary school in Hartford Connecticut.
Bush’s BulldogsBush’s Bulldogs is the class webpage. The students access the daily classroom activities and homework from this site. Later in the year, the students will write stories to be published online. The students study communities. We would like to correspond through email to another third grade classes in the USA.
Lea St Mary’s Catholic Primary School
Lea St. Mary’s Catholic Primary School was founded in 1850 and now serves the parishes of St. Mary’s Lea Town and St. Robert’s, Catforth. It is situated in the village of Lea Town in a quiet rural area.
Mr. Curry’s 5th Grade
This is the extensive web site to Vinci Park School’s web site, designed by the school’s guru and teacher, Rob Curry. It has links to projects designed by the teacher and to exterior links as well.
Mr. Salin’s 6th GradeOur classroom site is shows off our interactive bulletin board, an online magazine we publish on the 15th of each month, • Net links to relevant information that we’re studying — check us out, and please send us feedback!
The Coley Chronicle Online
Mr. Coley’s 5th Grade classroom website designed to foster parent-teacher communication as well as showcase student writing and artwork.
Catholic Homeschooling in HawaiiA Catholic homeschooling site with curriculum guides; book lists, etc. A beautiful and thoughful web site from the Aloha State.
Mrs. Poarch’s Science ClassMIddle school science resources. Great web site. Richard Fyenman will welcome you. Lots to see and do.
Mrs. T’s PlaceWebsite for teachers and students. Lesson ideas, links, shockwave games and student pages.
Mrs. Childs’ School Site
Please visit my brand new classroom website. It was designed for my 9th grade math students and their parents; but anyone is welcome to visit. The site has more than just “math stuff” on it and has been designed to make your visit an enjoyable experience.
Whitfield’s WizardsThis web site is for the parents and students of Room 15. It contains information on assignments, projects, and expectations of 5th graders. We welcome all visitors.
Mrs. Buller’s SiteEducational resources, learning games, important information and much more for the parents and students of Resurrection Catholic School in Lancaster, PA.
Optical Illusions 4 KidsThis is a kid safe zone with optical illusions for kids of all ages. Challenge your skills of perception. Is what you see, what you get? Will you ever be able to trust an eye witness account again? Remember seeing is not always believing.
Computer Technology ClassMrs. Keen’s 6th grade Computer Technology Class
Crockett County Middle School

  9 – 12 / High Schools

Forest Trail Academy Forest Trail Academy is an accredited high school and offers many benefits and advantages over customary educational methods and systems presented through our public schools.
Cardinal Hayes
High School
The official web site of Cardinal Hayes High School, Bronx, N.Y. Link submitted by Mr. Frank Mosco, Director of Technology.
Why is the Mona Lisa Smiling?
The science, art, music, and mystery of Leonardo de Vinci.  An award winning, collaborative project by Steve Feld’s John F. Kennedy High School class in Bronx, New York along with students in Sweden.
Neuroscience for KidsStudents, teachers and anyone can learn about the human nervous system. Activities, experiments, resources, links. Check out Dr. Chudler’s newsletter!
Bat’s BytesTrudy Battaly teaches science at the Academy of Mt. St. Ursula. Her webpage is for students of biology, physics, math and anyone who loves ecology.
Anderson High SchoolAnderson High School in Anderson, Indiana. Huge, well organized website maintained by the art department’s own web publishing class.
Physical Science on the WebDarcie Schlott’s page concerning her physical science lab classes. Lots of book reviews, games and help for students, teachers and parents.
Bega Valley Christian CollegeAustralia. Provides web resources for student body and faculty members. A school with developing ideas.
WHS AP BiologyAdvanced Placement Biology course in Williamstown, NJ. Learn about the school, tour a classroom, peak at current projects. Links and resources. 
Mike Elings Physical Science ClassesBoulder Valley School District. Science students have access to class schedules, calendars, class assignments, handouts and very handy online student progress reports.
Psychology Web SitesFrom Jim Matiya, Carl Sandburg High School in Orland Park, Illinois. Precious links. Introduction to Psychology, Projects and more. What’s a Psychology Fair? Find out here.
GeotasticTom Williams put this site together for his Geography Students and anyone else interested in the subject. Lots of graphics, student work, homework help and links.
Instituto di Istruzione Superiore“Primo Levi” Montebelluna-Veneto, Italy Technology and design. Presented by Professor Alfredo Sabato. Check out the cool interactive title block on the front page.
Eye Magic: Optical IllusionsA wonderful collection of optical illusions. Includes scientific explanations. 
The Leys SchoolCambridge, England. A website about Astronomy and the solar system. Includes educational links. 
Math Resouces Mathematics links and other resources for high school students. Wonderful, well-organized resource portal. Interesting links, graphics, and lots of informative help screens. Worth a visit even if you don’t need help with math.

  Community Colleges

3D ArchitectureAn Instructor of visual communications and architectural drafting at Austin Community College in Austin, Texas, displays several 3D presentations from his manual, including some elegant impossible structures and student renderings.
On-line Math Learning CenterInteractive Math help from Instructor, Debbie Kell at Mercer County Community College.


Berkeley Physics Home PageThe UC Berkeley Physics Department.
AlleyDogSupport for psychology students. Help with classes, glossary of terms, interactive quizzes, links to resources with summaries and reviews, FAQs, message boards, contests, and more. By Graduate student Doug Kaufman at Virginia Commonwealth.

  Education Sites/Portals

Trade SchoolsSearch the complete database and find the best technical college or trade school for you.
Sail Laser Sail Laser is a sailing program available to anyone in the area of Coconut Grove who is interested in taking lessons. It is open during the year as well as to vacationers in the summer.
YAMAn e-zine written by youth for youth, with a Canadian flavour. The YAM invites youth aged 15 to 19 that have something to say, that want to network with other young people and learn more about countless interesting subjects to participate and submit material (articles, photographs, poems…) that they have completed in their free time and/or in class. 
EncycloZine EncycloZine is a hybrid portal / concise encyclopedia. Daily articles on the arts, humanities, science, and technology, and links for further study. Puzzles, games, quizzes, and discussion forums. This is an ideal site for students and inquiring minds to start their quest for knowledge on the Internet.
Educating NetIncludes Homeschooling, Scholarships, College prep, Teacher and Library resources, Career Counseling, Continuing Education, Re-training  and more.
Discovery Channel SchoolEducational activities and support for K-12 educators, students and parents. Supports Assignment Discovery, TLC Elementary School and Teacher TV.
ParentSoupA premier resource website for parents and kids produced by iVillage.
Math is FunInteractive Math Fun Exhibits by Shockwave programmer Geoff Dellow. Great stuff.
Schooligans.comDonna Girard is a computer literacy teacher in Bow, New Hamshire and a graduate lecturer at Plymouth State College. Her webpage has a wealth of information for kids, parents and teachers.
Ukrainian Educational PortalRussian and English. Lots of information and support features. Organization Lists, Event Calendar, Studying Abroad, Distance Learning, Schools, Book Reviews and more.
Cyber High Program
Completing high school on the Internet. Disadvantaged students can access coursework, participate in learning activities, receive feedback and review progress toward graduation.
Flying Turtle Science and Technology ExploringClearly written, fun, well researched pages show how the same basic principles influence and control the way things work in nature, living organisms, and human technology. Plenty of useful links in an organized format. Great art.
Kosmoi: Worlds of Science, Nature, and TechnologyEducational articles, books, posters, and links pertaining to the worlds of Science, Space, and Technology. Includes great links to illusion posters, books, and some unique interactive illusion exhibits. Great fun.
ScienceIQIncrease your science IQ with a cool science fact sent to your email each workday. From cloning to nanotechnology and from global warming to fundamental physical principles: interesting, relevant and comprehensive science facts for curious minds 5 to 105 years old.
AudibloxA system of cognitive exercises, aimed at the development of the skills foundational to reading, spelling, and writing. Effective for dyslexia, dysgraphia, spelling problems and other learning disabilities.
Puzzle MasterPuzzle Master has a large and unique collection of brain teasers & puzzles for sale. In addition they also carry chess, mechanical banks, puzzle books, magic trick books, boomerangs, etc.
Student InternationalInternational Student Advisor is an information rich and completely free resource for students considering study abroad. There are 100 free page guides covering every aspect of the student international life.