Cordless Power Tools Vs Corded

Anyone serious about their DIY is going to need to invest in quality tools to get the job done. Not only can using power tools help take the strain off of a lot of the manual work, but they are going to help you finish a lot faster than using brute force. Because there are so many options out there, it can be hard to tell which is best for you. This is why we are going to take a look at which is better, battery-powered tools, or corded.

Cordless Power Tools Vs Corded

The following is a list of the most important considerations as we compare the two common types of power tools.

Battery Life

One of the best traits of a corded power tool is that they do not leave you at the mercy of a battery pack. Having said that, a lot of modern battery-powered tools have a long battery life which means you don’t have to worry about it running out halfway through a job.

Most products last for several hours before you need to consider plugging them in and some will fully charge within half an hour so they won’t slow you down.


Although you expect a power tool to last many years, some brands are better known for the longevity of their products than others. This is where you need to go for better products. The battery of a battery-powered toll should last between 3-5 years but at this point, they can be replaced so you don’t need to purchase a completely new set of power tools.

Because of this, both products last a similar time with proper maintenance and when used properly.


This is a plus point for corded power tools as they are capable of generating greater power. Because of this, they have often considered the best option for getting through thicker materials.

Still, most cordless power tools are capable of generating plenty of power but this can decrease as the battery gets lower. For a consistent power supply of RPMs, corded power tools are better.


Portability is the great strength of a cordless tool set. A lot of DIY projects are done outside, or between different rooms which is where it can be better to move freely. It is not always advisable to use an extension cable and connect it to a power tool outside as it could pose a potential hazard should the weather turn. There is no risk of tripping over a wire with a cordless power tool.


The battery pack on a cordless power tool means it naturally will weigh more than the corded variety but for most people, this isn’t an issue. We’re not talking about tools that weigh twice as much here but they can cause some people to need to take a break after a while.


A lot of people find cordless power tools to be the easiest to store. This is because there are no messy wires to have to wind around the tool and can pack away conveniently.

Because of this, it is easier to pack it down and move it from your john to the car then home again compared to when you have a massive cord to worry about.


Another plus point for a cordless power tool. They can be moved easily and if you are working on a rebuild, there isn’t always a constant power supply or you might have to share a single plug with a light to work.

A cordless power tool isn’t restricted by a mains supply which is always a bonus.


Both types of power tools tend to have a reputation for safety but accidents can happen. When used properly, they are easy to avoid but a corded tool poses a hazard because of the electrical supply.

If you are using a power saw, for example, you have to take special care not to cut through the cord. There is no risk of this, or trips with a cordless power toolset.


There isn’t a lot between there here as you can spend as much or as little as you like on quality products in both categories. Having said that, cordless products do tend to be a little cheaper but there is something for every budget for both types.

Cordless Powered Tools Vs Corded Power Tools

The best type will depend on what the intended use is If you are a hobbyist who is looking to use the tools for DIY around the house, then a corded toolset can be the better purchase. The only time where it is better to use a corded power tool is if you are working with tough materials such as thick metal as you will need the added power.

Having said that, a lot of modern cordless power tools have more than enough RPMs in them to get through thick materials. The gap is certainly closing in this respect.

A professional can benefit from either since there is a need for consistent power but there will also be times where it is difficult to reach a power source so a cordless product is better.

Is A Cordless Tool Set Worth It?

You never know what tolls you are going to need and although you might have a specific project in mind right now, you can save money on purchasing items individually with a cordless tool set.

The main tools you want are a cordless drill, reciprocating saw, an impact driver, and a circular saw if possible. You might find a handful of extras included and although you might struggle to think of a time you will use them, don’t forget that as your skill set grows, you will want to take on different tasks.

One tip can be to purchase an additional battery. This way, you can charge the spare so when the power runs out of the one you are using, you have one at the ready. Switch the empty onto the charger and you never need to be out of battery.