What is this place?  It is the original Collection of Odd. The oldest, and largest e-collection of illusions has tons of optical tricks, brain dazzlers, mind benders, apparitions, chimeras, mirages, plus a few mysterious, and addictive games. With free downloads, informative articles, lots of special features, and useful information throughout. The web site is dedicated to scholars, explorers of all ages, fun seekers, and those who are simply looking for a good solid bop in the brainpan. The mission of this web site is simple: to be useful.

Who are we? Robert K. Ausbourne (Bob) is the managing editor. That’s me. I maintain the web site from where I started it, on a PC in the corner of my living room. I work full-time as conceptual designer, and have a passion for the science, and art of optical illusions. I have loved learning about them for as long as I can remember. One thing I’ve learned is that illusions beg to be shared. The urge to show off a new illusion is almost over powering, “Hey look at this!” If I had a nickel for every time I’ve said that.

It occurred to me that the World Wide Web would be the perfect home for my optical illusion collection. What better place to display all my illusions? I could show my illusions to everyone, everywhere, any time? A dream come true!

Arthur A. Azevedo (Tony) builds our multimedia illusion exhibits from the smallest wisp of an idea, and programs everything from soup to nuts. Tony is the lifeblood of our dynamic content. Because of him our presentations have grown far beyond a static image collection. Tony currently works full-time as an electronics engineer.

The Future. We’re going to be adding bigger and better dynamic multimedia illusions, and special features for those with faster Internet connections – industrial strength DSL illusions! More downloads, and course materials, and we want to make it easier to use our stuff in the classroom. Someday students will be able to set up their own experiments, collect data, and plot the results online in real time.