Optical Illusion-Related Web Sites

Science Fair Central

A good place to start a project. Includes handbook, project ideas, links and books. 

Visual Perception

Peter K.Kaiser, York University

The Joy of Visual Perception: A Web Book

Optical Illusions

Japanese website

Japanese language but well worth a visit. Wander around a bit to see some truly unique exhibits.

Optical Illusions


Grand Illusions

Features rare and unique illusions such as Chinese Spouting Bowls, Magic Mirrors and other oddities. Includes an online shop.

Visual Perception

Maya Pines

It’s all in the Brain

Illusions reveal the brain’s assumptions.

Bausch & Lomb Press

The Human Eye in Anatomical Transparencies

Need visuals? Here you go.

Natural Illusions

Professor McReady

The Moon Illusion Explained

The history and current theories about the famous moon phenomenon.
Take a look at our demonstration of the Moon Illusion.


Clay Boutilier, UW Department of Psychology

What is the Stroop Effect?

Looking for a dramatic, yet simple science project? See if the Stroop is for you. We have our own Flash version of the Stroop tests in the Science Projects Section, Exhibit 6. Take the tests yourself—it’s fun.

Audio Illusions

Lloyd A. Dawe, PhD; Department of Psychology and Human Ecology, University of Oklahoma

Tritone Paradox

Think music can’t be illusionary? Amazingly enough, the sounds we hear can be as ambiguous as any illustration. To see a tuneful demonstration of Shepard’s Scale illusion, see our demonstration in the Ambiguities Section, Exhibit 21.