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Circular Pattern I

A moiré pattern is the combination of two or more patterns viewed at the same time. This example will produce a weird moiré of rotating, parallel lines. To ...

Build an Impossible Triangle

Build an Impossible Triangle and discover the Ames Transformation! The plan is a full-color PDF formated page which requires Acrobat Reader 3.0 or later to ...

Impossible 3D Stairs with Illusory Music

Follow the steps in either direction.  They go on forever no matter which way you go. These steps are musical steps.  Mouse-over to hear an idividual note, or ...

Impossible Columns

Impossible Columns How many round columns do you see in this figure? How many columns? The geometry shown is quite impossible, yet the entire structure is ...

The Checker Board Illusion

Are all the gray squares in the checker board the same shade? Yes. If you don't believe it drag the pill-shaped swatch over the squares to see if they really ...

What’s in a Name?

Only the negative parts of the letters which make a famous persons name are shown in this puzzle. The trick is to re-assemble the pieces and reveal the hidden ...

What’s Wrong?

Most of us have handled a standard deck of playing cards at one time or another. The basic card designs with which we are all familiar have remained unchanged ...

Mystery Applet

Here is a game that will attempt to read your thoughts. Keep one hand on the mouse at all times (just kidding). Wait for the first instruction then follow ...

Rusty Rust Paintings  HINTS

Painting Hint The Hidden Tiger ... Look at the Tiger closely and take the title "literally." Dream ... You are looking for an ...

Rusty Rust  ANSWERS

  Painting Answer The Hidden Tiger ... The Tiger's stripes spell out the title of the painting. Dream ... The outline of the ...


To a lover of illusions, D. L. "Rusty" Rust is a champion. Wildlife artist Rusty Rust is a premiere American painter and producer of a rich ...

Prete Illusion

Sandro del Prete, a Swiss artist, began his career in 1981. After studying art and technique in Italy, Prete returned to Switzerland, where he continues to ...

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