Top 8 Best Pocket Flashlights of 2022 – Reviews

A pocket flashlight is something that everyone should carry with them at all times. That’s because having a light at your disposal is invaluable for any number of different scenarios. It’s useful for when the power goes out during a storm, to investigate noises in your backyard and to see the keyhole when you’re trying to open your front door. These type of flashlights are also useful for placing in emergency kits. Which is why I decided to go ahead and list ten of the best pocket flashlight models that you can currently buy. Owning the best pocket flashlight is the minimum level of preparedness that any person should invest in for their own personal safety and the protection of their family.

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Best Pocket Flashlights – Top List

8. Bronte Mini LED Key-Chain Flashlight

Designed to be placed on a key-chain and placed in the user’s pocket, this flashlight is a great unit to carry for any situation where you may need a little light. Powered by a single AAA battery, this unit will provide up to 150-lumens of light and is not only waterproof but is also resistant to impacts. And the best part about this light is that is can be operated with just one hand. This makes it a useful light to own or a good one to give away as a gift.


7. Anker Bolder LC40 LED Flashlight

This pocket light has an IP65 resistance to water and can be used in the rain. It has a durable body that’s made out of aluminum and is impact-resistant and has a high-quality LED bulb that provides up to 400-lumens of maximum light. Powered by three AAA batteries, this light can provide up to 4-hours of non-diminishing light and has an anti-slip finish that’s easy to hold. All of these features come together to make this a light that’s worthy of being placed into an emergency kit or a bug-out-bag and is sure to deliver light to the user when it’s needed.


6. Ever Brite 4-Pack LED Penlights With Batteries

This 4-pack of LED penlights come in a variety of assorted colors and produce a light that’s approximately 20-lumens. This makes it good for home use or to be used for camping, fishing, and hunting. Each of these flashlights needs two AAA batteries and these batteries are included with the flashlights. Each of these aluminum lights are high-quality and hold up nicely for day-to-day use. This makes them ideal for just about any situation imaginable and are also good stocking stuffers to give to friends and family for Christmas and birthdays.


5. Oyess Pocket LED Tactical Flashlight-2 Pack

Regardless of whether you need an emergency light for your emergency kit or bug-out-bag, or simply need a light to use while hunting or fishing, then this 2-pack of tactical lights is sure to fit the bill. They are waterproof up to IPX-4, which means they can resist rain drops but not being dropped into water and they fairly impact resistant as well. They are made of aluminum and have a simple push button that turns them on and off. And since they can provide up to 300-lumens of light, they are ready to provide lighting for just about any situation.


4. LE Adjustable Focus LED Tactical Flashlights-4 Pack

This 4-pack of tactical flashlights ensures that the user is never without a flashlight when they need it. Each of these flashlights are waterproof up to the IP4 rating and have aluminum alloy bodies that feel good in the hand and are designed to not slip. These flashlights have three different modes including low brightness, high brightness and flash mode for emergencies. Each one of them is powered by AAA batteries, which aren’t included, and any or all of them are good for placing into emergency kits, disaster kits or taking out on camping trips.


3. Olight S10R Batton III Pocket-Sized Torch

This rechargeable LED flashlight can produce up to 600-lumens of light and is waterproof for up to 2-meters. It also is drop resistant to 1.5-meters and has a low-profile black gel side switch that keeps the light from being activated accidentally while stored in the user’s pocket. This unit also has a low power indicator light which shows when the battery voltage is running low and has a timer function that can be set to one of two positions: a long timer for 9-minutes or a short timer for 3-minutes. It can be charged using a USB desktop charging dock and also has a charging port that’s compatible with Olight magnetic charging cables.


2. Cat CT1000 Pocket COV Light

Using chip-on-board (COB) technology, this flashlight is able to up its lumens output per square inch over previous models of this light and can produce up to 175-lumens of intense light. It has a magnetic rear pocket clip and a magnetic base that allow this light to be mounted just about anywhere so the user can always have light where they need it. This model is lightweight but it is also durable and has an ABS thermoplastic body that not only resists water but also resists impacts. It’s powered by 3 AAA batteries which will give the user about 7 continuous hours of light.


1. Zevez LED Super Bright Flashlight-5 Pack

This 5-pack of pocket lights come in an assortment of colors and are ideal for packing in emergency kits, disaster kits or for taking camping. Each of these flashlights has 9 LED lights which produce a beam of light 30-lumens strong at a distance of up to 20-feet. These flashlights are durable and lightweight, thanks to being made of an aluminum alloy and are small enough to be used by children as well as adults. Each one is also weather-resistant and has a simple on/off mechanism.


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Pocket Flashlight Guide

Because camping can involve hiking, and staying up late, a pocket flashlight is a must-have. Let’s not forget, there are plenty of other circumstances when a pocket flashlight will come in handy, from finding your car at night to staying safe on your way home. Whatever you want to use a pocket flashlight for, you can’t just go for the cheapest option. You need a reliable product that won’t let you down when you need it most.

Thankfully, you don’t need to spend a lot to find a quality product. The below guide will help you know what to look for and factors such as size, power, and materials are all considered.

Why Buy A Pocket Flashlight?

A pocket flashlight can be anything from a minute piece of kit to something that is pushing into normal flashlight size territory. Before you buy one it is important to consider the reasons behind buying it. If you are after convenience and something that can be used for outdoor pursuits then a pocket flashlight can be a shrewd purchase.

Some people need a pocket flashlight for a specific need, anyone who enjoys night fishing will know all about the importance of being able to get up close to your catch with adequate lighting. This is where a waterproof product will be key.

If you are hiking then it needs to be compact yet powerful enough to help you get back to camp. No matter what your needs, the following will help you understand what a quality pocket flashlight has to offer.

What To Look For In A Pocket Flashlight


Compact is the short answer but the size of a pocket flashlight is a defining factor. Keep in mind the type of adventure you are embarking on, or whatever practical use you need it for. Anyone who is hiking is going to need something easy to take from place to place that doesn’t weigh you or your bag down.

Some pocket flashlights can still be bulky but will give you a higher spec of flash light. If the size is less of a problem, then this is something to consider.


There is no point in buying a small flashlight that is convenient to carry but will barely illuminate your garden path. You need to think about why you will be using it. If you are camping or hiking, you might need something that can get you out of trouble or help you find your way home.

For personal use, 100 lumens should suffice to help you find your phone in a powercut but anything over 250 lumens will be better for outdoor pursuits like camping or hiking. Larger products are going to be more powerful but the convenience of a pocket flashlight  cannot be underestimated.


Most pocket flashlights are convenient just by being compact, but you should look for something that gives you a little more. Some products will come with hooks to attach them to your keys or trousers.

Some pocket flashlights will be more like a pen, making them portable and most of them have a handle that makes them easy to carry.


This is an important factor but can be difficult to interpret as some pocket flashlights come with variable settings. Added brightness will often be a strain on battery life but some products perform better than others. Some will have a built-in battery that can only be recharged via mains whilst others will take batteries meaning you can always take spares.

Some products have a battery life that spans over a couple of days whilst others only work for a few hours.

How Durable Is It?

A pocket flashlight is going to come under some level of abuse. Even when in your pocket, it is going to feel the bumps of the terrain you are hiking on. They can be cruched at the bottom of a bag, or swing back and forth when hanging from it. This is why it is important to find a durable product made from quality materials.

Some pocket flashlights will be waterproof, others splashproof and there are even those that are pretty much indestructible. Your best bet is to look for something that is impact resistant because you never know when you are going to drop it by accident. The lens must also be scratch resistant.


Because they are so portable, a pocket flashlight makes a great addition to any outdoor pursuit and once the adventure has finished, they can double up as a convenient light when you need one around the house.

If you want a quality product, then all the above factors are going to be important. now that you know what to look for, you should be able to find the right one for your needs.

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