Top 10 Best Pliers of 2020 – Reviews

Pliers are a tool that everyone needs at one time or another but are usually not given a second thought by most people. However, when you need to finish a job that only the best pliers can accomplish, they become indispensable. Which is why a high-quality one has a place in every toolbox.

Below, I’ve listed ten of the best pliers I’ve found. These are models that are built to be durable, dependable and to perform the jobs they are designed to do. While there can be some variance in the prices of these tools, I feel the following ones also offer the best value as well.

Best Pliers – Top List

10. Stanley 6-Piece Mini-Set (84-079)

This set of 6 miniature grippers is designed to give the user the options they need to confidently finish any job. All of the grippers in this set are 4-inch mini models that have a forged steel construction, a rust-resistant finish and double-dipped handles that are comfortable to use. This set meets ANSI standards and has a limited lifetime warranty. Included in this set are a pair of groove joint, long nose, mini flat nose, cutting grippers, nippers and a pair of bent nose grippers. While these are too small for normal applications, they are ideal for electronics or other small jobs.


9. Stanley 84-056 3-Piece Set

This 3-piece set of grippers comes with a 6-inch diagonal model, a slip joint model, and a long nose model. The cutting one has an induction hardened cutting edges that are designed to last a lifetime and all of them have machined jaws. They have easy-to-hold and use textured handles that won’t fatigue the user’s hands as quickly as some other tools and protects the tool as well. Sold with a limited lifetime warranty from the manufacturer, this 3-piece set of tools is ideal for just about anyone’s toolbox or garage and is sure to provide years of service.


8. Workpro 7-Piece Set

Made using drop forged steel so that it’s extremely durable and heat treated so that it presents a fully polished look, these grippers are sure to give the user the options they need to get their work finished. These tools have double-dipped grip handles that are designed to be comfortable and the pair with the cutting edge has hardened edges. The grippers which are included in this set are an 8-inch groove joint, 6-inch long nose and slip joints, a 4.5-inch long nose pair, 6-inch diagonal, 7-inch linesman and 8-inch slip joint.


7. Craftsman Evolve 5-Piece Set

This five-piece set is designed for anyone who needs a variety of grippers for their DIY projects but doesn’t want to spend an arm and a leg buying each pair individually. It comes with a pair of 6-inch diagonal, 6-inch long-nosed, 6-inch slip joint, 7-inch lineman and 8-inch groove joints. They have bright green handles that are easy to see on a workbench and are also comfortable to hold in the hand. This set gives the user the options they need to tackle just about any project.


6. Stanley 4-Piece Set (84-058)

Included in this set are four different pairs of grippers: an 8-inch slip-joint, an 8-inch lineman, an 8-inch long nose and a 7-inch diagonal. All of them are made with machined jaws which help them to firmly grip items and the cutting pair have induction hardened cutting edges that are designed for lifetime use. All of these grippers are made using drop-forged steel and have a bi-material handle that’s easy-to-use and hold. This set is ideal for anyone who needs the option to grasp, cut or bend materials and are a nice addition to any tool bag or toolbox.


5. Channellock 3-Piece Set

Manufactured by a company that’s been in business since 1886, this gripper gift features good quality tools that are well designed. Included in this set is a 6.5-inch model 426, a 9.5-inch model 420 and a 12-inch 440 model. They are designed using a patented undercut tongue-and-groove design plus a patented PermaLock fastener. These features ensure that these tools work well every single time they are used and hold up to daily use. They are also equipped with comfort grips which make them quite easy to hold and easy to use.


4. Knipex 7-Inch (8603180)

While there are a variety of different grippers and wrenches available, there are few of them that are designed like this one from Knipex Tools. It has a patented design and slim profile that makes it easy to use this tool in small spaces and makes it extremely versatile. It’s 7.25-inches with a 1-3/8-inch opening capacity and has a push button that can adjust it to one of 13 different adjustment settings. It also has parallel smooth jaws and is great for fastening, gripping, and bending. It also has a self-ratcheting action that allows for fast, easy operation.


3. Channellock 10.5-Inch Fence Tool 85

Home owners who need to install and maintain wire fencing need a reliable tool that will get the job done and do it without breaking. Fortunately, that is precisely the reason why this gripper was invented. It is a multi-function wire stretcher, splicers, and two cutters. It can also be used to stretch wire, splice wire, hammer, as a staple puller or a staple starter. It has comfortable blue grips which make this product not only easy-to-hold but also quite easy-to-use. All in all, it’s the one tool that will handle wire fence jobs quickly and efficiently.


2. Knipex 3-Piece Set

This tool set features tools which are designed to be a hybrid between a pair of grippers and wrenches. These tools can be used to grip, hold, bend and fasten and have a very slim profile that allows them to be easily used even in small spaces. They come in a 7-inch, 10-inch and 12-inch models and each of them have a push button that allows them to be adjusted to a wide variety of different positions. When used, it also offers zero backlash under pressure which prevents it from causing surface damage to the nut or bolt being worked on. That makes these grippers ideal for use by just about anyone.


1. Knipex 10-Inch Cobra (8702250)

With a push-button that allows for up to 25-different adjustment positions and a 10-inch long design, these Cobra grippers are designed to quickly and efficiently handle any job they’re tasked with doing. They have a jaw capacity of 2-inches for round nuts and 1-13/16-inch for hex nuts and have comfort grip sleeves that make them easy to hold while they’re being used. They weigh approximately 13-ounces, have finger guards and specially hardened teeth that prevent wear and increase their grip. They are ideal tools to be placed in any toolbox or workbench.


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A Guide To Pliers

Pliers are extremely useful tools that help to increase the grip of a person’s hand so that several different jobs can be accomplished. Therefore, it’s a tool that’s an absolute necessity in anyone’s toolbox. And we will go even further and say that there should be several different types of pliers in each toolbox. After all, they come in a variety of different sizes and with different handles and jaws. That makes each one of these different sets of pliers ideal for the jobs that they’re made for. Unfortunately, that also means that consumers have to do a bit of homework to figure out what pliers are the best ones for their toolbox.

To prevent our readers from buying pliers that they might not need, we decided to write this guide on pliers. In this guide, we’ll dissect the various types of pliers, so our readers can see at a glance which tools belong in their toolbox and which ones are probably left on the store shelf. Having stated our purpose clearly, we would now like to delve into the matter at hand and find the best pliers for our readers, or more aptly stated, help them find the best pliers for themselves.

The Different Types Of Pliers

Although this article can’t talk about every single type of pliers available, we can cover some of the more popular ones being sold these days. For this article, the most popular types of pliers include Locking Pliers, Adjustable Pliers, and Non-Adjusting Pliers. Of course, each of these different types can be broken down further into sub-categories, but we’ll get to that in a moment. Okay, now that we’ve stated the basic types of pliers available, let’s take a closer look at each one.

Locking Pliers

These types of pliers hold on to the piece begin worked on and they’re equipped with a screw at the base of the handle that can be adjusted to fit the pieces in question. Once the handles of these pliers are locked tight, they’ll hold in place. This allows the user to maintain a hold on the work-piece while they manipulate it. These types of pliers come in both curved jaw and long-nose varieties, so let’s take a closer look at each of these sub-types.

  • Curved Jaw Locking Pliers: Suitable for removing screws that have been broken or freeing nuts and bolts that are frozen stuck.
  • Long Nose Locking Pliers: These pliers are suitable for getting into small areas and/or maintaining a grip on small bolts.

Adjustable Pliers

These pliers allow the jaws to be adjusted, but always stay parallel once the handles have been properly engaged. These pliers come in three basic types: Pipe-Gripping, Wrench-Pliers, And Tongue-And-Groove Pliers. Let’s look more closely at each of these sub-categories.

  • Pipe-Gripping: Otherwise known as pipe wrenches. They have curved jaws that are serrated so they hold pipes well without scratching it.
  • Wrench Pliers: These are designed for turning bolts without stripping them.
  • Tongue-And-Groove: These provide the best leverage due to their long handles and their groove-joint jaws. This makes it great for loosening or tightening pipes.

Non-Adjusting Pliers

Non-adjusting pliers, as their name implies, are pliers that can’t be adjusted. These types of pliers can be broken down into four sub-categories that include Lineman Pliers, Curved Needlenose Pliers, Needlenose Pliers, and Bend Needlenose pliers. Let’s briefly examine each of these.

  • Lineman Pliers: These are pliers with toothed jaws that are equipped with wire cutters. They’re designed for twisting, bending and grabbing light sheet material and rebar.
  • Curved Needlenose Pliers: These have an s-shaped nose with toothed jaws. They’re designed for removing small screws from hard-to-reach places.
  • Needlenose Pliers: Has lightly toothed jaws with a rounded back. These are designed for picking up small objects.
  • Bent Needlenose Pliers: These have small pointed jaws with a spring return. They are good for manipulating or grasping small wires or screws.

Choose Pliers That Are Well Made

Another thing that has to be considered is the material that the pliers are made of. It’s important to buy pliers that are chrome-plated or vanadium-plated steel alloys for the best results.

In Summary

And that’s all there is to it. If our readers use the above guide to help them select their next pair of pliers, then they’ll be able to find the pliers that will suit them the best. As we said earlier, it’s likely that most people are going to need to buy several different pairs of pliers, especially if they’re planning on working on several different types of projects. After all, the best tool is the right one for the job.