Top 10 Best Screwdriver Sets of 2022 – Reviews

If you were ever tasked with taking apart a tightly screwed assembly, you will be well aware of how vital it is to have a proper screwdriver set on hand. While your average screwdriver may be enough to help with menial screwing/unscrewing jobs around the house, for anything a bit more complex you’re going to have to go the route of screwdriver sets and everything they represent. Now, we should point out that despite their versatility, not all screwdriver sets can be expected to meet the same standards, not the cheaper ones at least. To give you some pointers in this regard, we put together a list of the ten best screwdriver sets money can buy.

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Best Screwdriver Sets – Top List

10. TEKTON 2987

This top performance model from TEKTON is highly regarded for its hardened carbon steel shafts finished with enduring black oxide. Its chrome-plated steel alloy handles integrate free-turning end caps, allowing a constant pressure as you drive screws. Furthermore, anti-slip knurled handle offers precision control while its hex and nut drivers feature a hone in handle for leveraging bar-assisted torque.


9. Stanley 60-100

Stanley’s 60-100 10-piece screwdriver set boasts an ergonomically designed handle that features a non-slip grip for better control, comfort. Its nickel-plated heat-treated bar is resistant to corrosion, allowing steel blades to withstand repeated abuse, which makes Stanley 60-100 one enduring toolset. Moreover, it offers many of the common bit sizes—satisfying a broad ranged fastening needs.


8. DEWALT DW2530 34 Piece Magnetic Compact Rapid Load Set

Presenting 34 pieces, the DW2530 screwdriver set has proved quite handy in a range of tasks. On top of the screwdriver set, it includes tweezers plus an extension shaft to add to repair and maintenance task precision. The set is also very portable since it is even pocket-fitting, a convenience you hardly get with many of the other models available on the market. This is partly owed to the ergonomy this set displays and how easy it is to deploy it.


7. Stanley 66-039

This 6-piece set offers versatile swivel-head handles that deliver incredible reach and precision. Its brilliant, plated shafts have been fluted to ensure steady and convenient grip. Moreover, its blue-finished blades are made of hardened, tempered steel for superior corrosion resistance. It also includes a handy storage case, which is something one must always look for when buying a screwdriver set.


6. JACKLY 45 in 1 Professional Portable Screwdriver Kit

Bringing 45 useful pieces, this set offers an excellent repair/maintenance package that provides a level of service beyond what’s usually expected from a screwdriver set in this price range. The bits are made of premium-grade metal for resisting the toughest of on-the-job challenges. Moreover, this tool set boasts the ergonomics to allow you enjoy working with all types of screws, even the less common types.


5. Craftsman 9-31794

This Craftsman’s 17-piece screwdriver set is another top-ranking, high-performance model available, one that offers a lot more than most inexpensive sets possibly can. We say this because it delivers great quality in all its forms, making it a truly reliable repair/maintenance toolkit. The handles, for instance, are designed ergonomically to ensure a firm grip and control during use. Moreover, the slender screwdrivers are also very sturdy, enough to both loosen and fasten screws of any kind.


4. Nanch H8 Precision

With the Nanch H8 22-in-1 screwdriver set, you get a truly ingenious design, one that makes it stand out from the rest. The blades, for instance, are made of S2 steel, which delivers an undeniably longer life. This particular set is designed for those who want to open up electronics like computers, smartphones, and other complex electronic devices. To offer greater reach, the driver features a slender, longer yet sturdy design. At the same time, its handle has an anti-slip material for greater control.


3. Vastar VRK8-AXL-1

A good set to own, the Vastar VRK8-AXL-1 screwdriver set will serve you greatly on matters opening up electronic gadgets like laptops, phones, and such. This set further includes quality plastic pry openers, recommending it as more appropriate for modern electronics. It also boasts a flexible design shaft that makes it even more efficient as you open large electronics with your screw buried even deeper. Despite its seemingly bulky form, it is still a highly portable product.


2. TEKTON 2841 Everybit

The TEKTON 2841 is a great screwdriver set that offers a whopping 135 pieces for you to employ. Of these, 105 are screwdriver bits, with the rest being precision bits. Equally incredible is that the screwdriver features a versatile forward, reverse, as well as fixed drive positions, while the grip is non-slip and comfortable. This recommends it for opening up phones, computers, wristwatches, and other similar electronics.



This is without a doubt one of the most popular screwdriver sets out there. Among its many great highlights, we find a versatile Flex Torq feature which makes it easily flexible up to 15-degree tilt. Again, the driver has a wobble-resistant, anti-drop design, one that recommends it for tackling tough worksite duties. This is also owed to its impact-ready bits which provide the precision, power, and reliability needed for any sort of tedious screwing/unscrewing jobs. DEWALT DWA2T40IR is packed with 40 various bit sizes and tips commonly used nearly all tasks, making it the ultimate resource any professional, DIYer, or handyman needs.


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Screwdriver Set Guide

Is a home even a home without a set of screwdrivers? A quality set doesn’t have to cost the world but it can save you money on the cost of a handyman when a bit of DIY will suffice. A little know-how and the right screwdriver set can go a long way but certain factors determine what is a product worth buying, and what will end up breaking after a few uses.

Most people don’t even know that there are different types of screwdrivers and of course, the materials used are going to be important. To find the right value that suits you, we have put together this buying guide to help you make a sensible purchase.

What To Look For In A Screwdriver Set


This might seem insignificant but a good tip will determine how durable your screwdriver set will be. Finding a hardened tip will ensure they are built to last so always look out for this. You will notice a difference in how the tip looks but this doesn’t always guarantee they have been hardened. Some companies try to manipulate the material to look as though it has been hardened. Read the back and be sure the tip is hardened.


For most household DIY jobs, a standard set of Phillips and/or flat head screwdrivers will help you get the job done. For the professional, you might need the standards heads just mentioned, as well as a set of specialist heads. These can include the likes of Robertson, Hex, Torx, and Posidriv heads and are all made to work with different shapes of screws. Some are used for the likes of furniture, others automotive so make sure you are buying the right set of heads for your needs. You can read more about each type below.


There are generally two types of handles, separate and integrated. As their names suggest, a separate handle will come with interchangeable heads which is convenient in terms of storage but also means that smaller parts can be lost easily. On the other hand, integrated means there are more to store but are sturdily built and generally stronger.

Make sure the handle you choose is grippy but feels comfortable to hold. They should be easy to turn with a cushioned grip. Remember that some jobs take longer than others so you need something that isn’t going to make your hand feel sore.


Some screwdriver sets come wrapped in plastic that will be thrown away as soon as you open it up. Purchasing this is reliant on the fact that you already have somewhere to store them. Alternatively, the better screwdriver sets will come in a sturdy case that has dedicated space for every item to make sure they do not move and damage one another. This also ensures you never lose anything.

Different Types of Screwdriver Heads

Flat Head

One of the most common screwdriver heads and an essential part of every handyman’s toolbox. The flat shaped tip is best used manually as when opting for a power-driven technique it can cause a cam-out effect where the tip comes out from the head, potentially causing damage to the screwdriver. Nevertheless, what this common screwdriver head lacks in grip, it makes up in convenience.


The other common type of screwdriver head and one that is designed to work well with power aided screwdrivers, but is still fine for manual purposes as well. With an X shape, it offers more control than a flat head hence why it is better for power-driven screwdrivers.


A screwdriver head that is becoming more common thanks to its use in the automotive world. It is known as a star tip in some corners thanks to the shape of the indents that are greater in number than the previous two head types to ensure it can be fixed with more force and is considered to be very reliable.


More common in Europe it features double X indents and is popular for jobs that require a screw to be tightened with a lot of force. Most of the time a Phllips screwdriver can be used on these types and they are thought to be reliable and are resistant to slipping.


Otherwise known as square screwdrivers these are less common in the Europe but popular in the USA and Canada. There is no angle involved and it is a reliable screw with good locking.


Whatever you are looking for, make sure you know what the job requires, but also consider what future uses your screwdriver set might  be used for.

A quality screwdriver set will last for decades and should see you through many jobs. Some sets will have a variety of heads from the above-mentioned varieties although this might be unnecessary for you. Much like an integrated handle, one size doesn’t always fit all.

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