Top 10 Best Portable Solar Panels of 2019 – Reviews

Portable solar panels are a wondrous invention. Whether they’re used to power a cell phone during a camping trip or used to provide power to a work site so power tools can be used, they are an invention that pays for themselves in no time flat and helps the user inch one step closer to energy independence. Of course, before you can actually achieve independence from fossil fuels, you have to take the time to learn the which brands are the best portable solar panels currently available. And that’s why I’ve decided to go ahead and list ten models that I personally feel are the best portable solar panels, so you can save yourself some time and effort.

Best Portable Solar Panels – Top List

10. Sun Jack 14-Watt Charger & 10000mAh Power Bank

This portable kit is designed for use while camping, hiking or backpacking and provides enough power to charge a cell phone or other device with a USB plug. It has a built-in IC chip that can identify the device that’s plugged into it and the panels themselves can produce about 2.8 amps of USB power. The weather-resistant panels can be easily folded down to about the size of an iPad and can fit into most backpacks. And since it’s drop-proof, shockproof and dust-proof, this unit can be used by in a variety of different environments.


9. Eco Worthy 12-Volts 100 Watts PV Panel

Designed as a component for off-grid solar panel systems that can be used to provide power for boats, greenhouses or recreational vehicles, this panel system comes with a number of features which make it quite handy. Depending upon available sunlight, it can produce up to 500-watt-hours per day and is easy-to-install thanks to its pre-drilled hole. The panels themselves are made of poly-crystalline and it’s housed in an aluminum frame that allows it to be used outdoors. This unit also has an IP-65 rated junction box that’s dust-proof and water-resistant.


8. Eceen Travel Panel and Charger

This compact and lightweight travel solar panel is small enough to be taken anywhere and can be used to charge mobile phones and tablets. It’s 11.5-inches by 6-inches when folded and a mere 12.8-inches by 12-inches when it’s open and in use. Its panels are highly efficient and have a built-in smart IC that can automatically adjust to the devices which are connected to it to ensure they are charged in the most efficient way possible. This unit has a zip pack design that allows it to be resistant to damp conditions when it’s folded and can be attached to trees, tents or backpacks.


7. Renogy 12-Volt 200-Watt Starter Kit

Designed as a kit that can be used to introduce users to the world of solar power or to add to an existing off-grid system, this products has a number of features which make it ideal for bringing power to RVs, boats, cabins or sheds. This model comes with two Renogy 100-Watt panels, a 30A PWM Wanderer Charge Controller, an adapter kit and an 8-foot 10AWG tray cable. It’s everything needed to start a new solar project and can easily be moved into place. Depending on sunlight availability, this unit can put out up to 1000Wh per day.


6. Acopower 100W Foldable Kit

This kit comes with two pieces of high-efficiency 50-Watt mono-crystalline solar panels and a 10-Amp charge controller. This unit is easy-to-setup and use and comes with a suitcase that allows the user to pack it up and set it up elsewhere in no time flat. This unit has a folding size of 25.6-inches by 19.9-inches by 2.6-inches and only weighs approximately 26-pounds. This kit also has protection from overheating and overcharging and comes with a number of accessories which include a pair of alligator clips, a 15-foot cable, a pair of Anderson connectors and two pairs of MC4 connectors.


5. Renogy 150 Watt 12 Volt Monocrystalline Panel

Able to withstand high winds and snow loads, this solar panel can be used in a variety of different climates. It is EL-tested, has a positive output tolerance of 0 to 3 percent and provides great performance, even in lower light conditions. It’s bypass diodes minimize power loss and its TPT back sheet ensures smooth performance. This panel is ideal for taking on camping trips or for use at a mountain cabin and can be the beginning of an entire off-grid power system, all that has to be done is to pair it with a compatible MC4 adapter kit.


4. Goal Zero Nomad 20 Panel

This folding and portable mono-crystalline panel can be taken anywhere and can directly charge USB and 12-volt devices directly from sunlight. It has a built-in junction box that has a smart-charging IC and produces power from sunlight quickly and efficiently. It can be chained with other Goal Zero panels to increase charging speed. It’s a great portable panel that can be used to charge smartphones and tablets no matter if the user is in the mountains, on the beach or out on a camping trip. It’s green energy on the go.


3. KerYoung 21-Watt Solar Charger with Panel

This unit can convert up to 23-percent of the sunlight which falls onto it into energy and is ideal for taking camping, for days on the beach or for hikes in the mountains. It is only 11.4-inches by 6.7-inches when it’s folded, so it can be taken anywhere and when opened, it’s only 27.55-inches by 11.4-inches. It has smart IC technology which ensures that devices are charged with the max output possible and it’s useful for charging smartphones and tablets. This unit comes with a USB cable that has multi-charge connector and 4-carabiners.


2. RAV Power 24-Watt Panel and Charger

Although it has a small compact size that allows it to be taken anywhere, it also is capable of transforming up to 23.5-percent of the sunlight it receives into energy. This allows it to charge a variety of devices from smartphones to tablets and since it has 3 USB ports, it can charge more than one device at a time. And each of the three USB ports is equipped with iSmart technology, which detects the device being charged and automatically adjust so that the optimal charging current is used. This unit is durable, designed to be water-resistant and is packed with two micro-USB cables.


1. Renogy 100-Watts 12-Volts Panel

Designed with multi-layered sheet lamination with advanced encapsulation material and a TPT back sheet, this panel is able to deliver performance and still maintain its longevity. This unit can resist 5400PA snow loads and 2400PA wind loads, so it can be used in just about any climate. It has water-resistant MC4 connectors rated to the IP67 rating and can be used with either on-grid applications or with off-grid battery applications. And depending on the quality and the amount of sunlight available, this unit can produce up to 500-watt-hours per day. Since it’s only 47.3-inches by 21.3-inches, this unit can easily be taken from one location to the next.


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