Top 10 Best Whittling Knifes of 2019 – Reviews

Using a whittling knife to transform a piece of wood into something truly special is a time-honored tradition. For hundreds of years, old-timers used their blades to bring to life the objects and animals which lived in their imaginations and brought them into the world made out wood. A tradition that began to wane for a few years, at least until Internet carving culture revived it. It’s never been a better time to begin this practice, assuming you can find a suitable knife. To help those interested in this whittling culture, I’ve listed ten blades that I feel are the best whittling knife models that were available when I began this list. These models will help the aspiring woodcarver transform an ordinary piece of wood into something magical.

Best Whittling Knifes – Top List

10. Morakniv 122 Knife With Laminated Steel Blade

The Morakniv 122 is a smaller woodcarving knife that has a laminated steel blade that’s nice and thin and is in a birch wood handle. The blade is 2.4-inches long and .08-inches thick and the knife has a total length of approximately 6.7-inches. This model is lightweight, weighing only 1.9-ounces and are designed with whittling in mind. These knives have been crafted in Mora, Sweden since 1891 and have been appreciated by carpenters and other woodworkers for all of that time. Which makes it an ideal knife for using for small wood-crafting projects and should provide the woodworker with many years of reliable service.


9. Opinel Carbon Steel Folding Pocket Knife

Simplicity and efficiency are two of the traits that the manufacturer’s of this knife tried to imbue into this pocket knife. Manufactured in the French Alps since 1890, this blade has a number of features which makes it a useful tool for whittling. It has a carbon steel blade and a stained beech handle that not only makes it versatile but also makes it very nice looking. And 95% of the wood used in this knife’s handle has been responsibly acquired from sustainable sources. This model is also equipped with a Virobloc safety ring and the blade can be locked when it’s closed to make it safer to transport.


8. Beaver Craft Fine Detail Knife

This wood detail knife is designed for fine woodworking and can be used to make very fine detail cuts on finished wood projects. It has a very sharp blade that can really cut through softwoods and has a knife handle that’s made from hardwood oak and processed using linseed oil. Its handle is very nice looking but more importantly, it’s designed to reduce hand fatigue during carving projects. All of which makes this knife a suitable knife to use in the workshop or while carving a piece of wood on the front porch. It’s also a great gift for the aspiring carpenter or woodworker.


7. Beaver Craft Roughing Knife

This sloyd knife is useful for carving wood and roughing wood out and for whittling. It’s designed to be highly usable by beginners or professionals and has a high-quality carbon steel blade that’s sharp right out of the box and can cut easily through softwoods. It also has a hardwood oak handle that’s been processed using linseed oil and is designed to be beautiful and also highly ergonomic. This knife’s thin-point is useful for working in tight areas for detail work and the edge of the blade is durable enough to cut through a variety of woods, including walnut, hickory or oak.


6. Flexcut 3-Piece Knives Starter Set

This starter set of knives gives the user the three of the most popular knives used by amateur and professional wood carvers. It includes a cutting knife that has a 1.25-inch beveled blade and a rounded point, a detail knife that has a 1.5-inch straight blade with a very fine point, and a roughing knife that has a longer blade and is designed for removing more wood during roughing sessions. All of these knives have razor-sharp high-carbon steel blades that are sharp straight out of the box and beautiful ash hardwood handles that are not only nice looking but are also easy to hold.


5. Beaver Craft Detail Knife

Made for using during fine detail carving, this knife has a blade and a handle both designed to hold up to the job at hand. It’s made using a high-quality carbon steel blade that’s been hardened to the correct hardness level and sharpened so that it’s razor sharp straight out of the box. It also has a hardwood oak handle that easy-to-hold and doesn’t fatigue the user’s hand as quickly as other chip knives. This knife has an overall length of 6.5-inches and a blade length of 2.35-inches, which makes it handy for chip carving and valuable tool for anyone’s toolbox.


4. Flexcut JKN88 Whittlin’ Jack

This whittling pocketknife is equipped with two blades to give the woodworker the options they need to finish almost any wood carving job. It has one blade which is a detail knife with a 1.5-inch blade and the second blade is a 2-inch roughing knife. Both of the blades in one model gives the user a wide range of different options. Each of the blades is made of high-quality carbon steel that’s sharp right out of the box and are in a walnut inlay handle that’s very handsome and also comfortable to hold. Which makes this American-made knife useful to have in a pocket all year round.


3. Flexcut High-Carbon KN13 Knife

The Flexcut KN13 is a knife with a beautiful ash hardwood handle that fits comfortably in the user’s hand and can be held for long periods of time without causing undue fatigue. It also has a 1.5-inch straight-edged knife with an extremely fine point that’s designed for fine detail work but can also be used for rough cuts, when necessary. This knife is small enough to store in a toolbox or a kitchen drawer and is designed to hold up to years of use. Points which make it a useful tool for just about any woodworker to own and a powerful addition to any workshop.


2. Morakniv 120 Knife With Laminated Steel Blade

Designed with a tapered blade of laminated steel and measures 2.4-inches, this knife is designed for fine, precision carving. This knife’s blade thickness is only 2.7mm, which makes it ideal for handling detailed work and getting into tight spots. This product also has an oiled birch wood handle that fits comfortably in the hand and has an ergonomic feel to it. The company that manufactures this knife has been making knives for over a 125-years and this blade is just the latest example of their excellence. It’s also a knife that’s backed by a limited lifetime warranty.


1. Moraknive 106 Knife With Laminated Steel Blade

Manufactured by a company in Sweden that manufactures a lot of different whittling knives and has been doing so for over 125-years, the Morakniv 106 is widely regarding as one of the best whittling knife models currently available. That’s because it has a well-made oiled birch handle that’s strong, comfortable and easy to hold, and has a 3.2-inch blade with a length of .08-inches and is tapered. With a total length of 7.4-inches, this knife can be taken just about anywhere and is a product that can be used on the front porch, in the art studio or in a woodworking shop.


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