Top 10 Best Soldering Stations of 2019 – Reviews

A soldering station is a basic tool which keeps your iron close at hand for when you need it and prevents your workbench from becoming covered in burns. There are a number of good models out there, some very basic and some with more advanced features. Only the person who knows what he or she needs can determine the best soldering station for their particular needs. What I’ve learned, however, is that there are a few features that should be looked for when one is searching for one of these devices. Features that can mean the difference between merely a so-so station and the best soldering station available. With those features clearly in mind, I’ve decided to list what I feel are the best models that can be bought currently.

Best Soldering Stations – Top List

10. X-Tronic Model #4010-XTS

The X-Tronic Model #4010-XTS has features that make it useful for any workshop. It comes with a 60-Watt soldering iron that has a temperature range between 200 to 480-degrees Centigrade and comes with 10 soldering tips. The central unit has a brushed aluminum front display panel and an option that allows the user to switch between Centigrade or Fahrenheit reading on the Vacuum Fluorescent Display. Quick temperature correction and heating stabilization are built right into it as well. This unit also has a self-function test will intelligence on overloads and short circuits. This set also comes with a goose-neck lamp, tweezers, and an extra heating element.


9. Hakko FX-951-66

Designed for users who do a lot of soldering on a daily basis, this station has the power and the durability for even non-stop work. It comes with an iron that is about 188mm long and uses about 70-Watts of electricity. It can heat up between 200 and 450-degrees Centigrade thanks to its composite heater and comes with a station that has an output voltage of 24-Volts. This kit also has a digital temperature display. The holder is also adjustable so that it can be used while the user is standing up or while they are seated, so they can work in a way that’s comfortable for them.


8. Weller WLC100

Everything a person needs to begin working right away, except for the actual solder, is included in this kit. It comes with a lightweight pencil iron that comes with an ST3 iron-plated copper tip, a replaceable heating element and has a comfortable padded grip. The holder itself comes with an on/off switch, and variable power controls that are easily adjustable from 5-watts up to 40-watts. And the power switch is lighted, so the user doesn’t accidentally leave the iron on when they are done with their soldering. This makes this a useful tool for any DIY enthusiast or hobbyist.


7. Whatnot Widgets 12-Piece Kit

This twelve piece kit comes with everything a person needs to get right down to their soldering work. At the heart of this kit is an adjustable temperature iron with a 30 to a 50-Watt range that can be heated from 200 to 500-degrees Celsius. This iron has a clear plastic handle and has a 110-Volt 2-prong electric cord. Also in this kit is a pair of helping hands that are equipped with a 2X magnifier and two alligator clips, an iron stand, a solder wire pen, a brass tip cleaner and cleaner holder, a desoldering pump, 2mmx1.5-meters of desoldering wire and a hard plastic case.


6. Aoyue 469 60-Watt Variable Power

The Aoye 469 comes with the main station, a platform, a cleaning tray with a sponge, a spring-type iron holder, a solder spool stand, manual and a 60-Watt iron that’s equipped with a T-I tip size. The iron has a temperature range of 200-degrees to 480-degrees Celsius and has a long-lasting PTC element that not only allows it to quickly heat up but also allows it to achieve an accurate temperature. The main unit has a variable temperature control, and a dual-color LED that shows temperature status. This makes this a useful station for hobbyists of all types.


5. Sealody Digital Station With Stand SSA51

This set comes with a power unit, an aluminum stand, a brass solder tip cleaning wire, a sponge and an iron. Its 55-Watt iron heats up quickly and efficiently to the desired temperature between 180 and 450-degrees Celsius. The digital displays on this unit show the precise temperature, and it has two buttons which allow the user to raise or lower the unit’s temperature. With a heavy-duty stand that keeps the iron at a safe angle, this unit is good for beginning hobbyists or DIY enthusiasts and is both easy-to-use and safe. It also comes with a handy instruction manual.


4. ANBES 60-Watt Kit

Fourteen different pieces can be found in this kit. These pieces include a PU carrying bag, a pair of tweezers, wire stripper cutters, an iron stand, a tin wire tube, a desoldering pump, five soldering iron tips and an iron. It has a working voltage of 110-Volts and 60-Watts of power. It can deliver a temperature range between 200 and 450-degrees Celsius, and the iron uses 900M series tips. This makes this kit a useful accessory for anyone who works with circuit boards, does jewelry welding or repairs home appliances.


3. Weller WES51 Analog Station

Easily adjustable from 350 to 850-degrees and ESD-safe, this analog station is ideal for just about any DIY enthusiast or hobbyist. It’s built-in heater and sensor combination allows the unit to quickly reach temperature and allows for quick temperature recovery while it’s being used. While it doesn’t have the digital displays like many contemporary units now have, it does offer reliability and durability all in one. This system comes with a slim comfortable to use pencil iron and comes with a stand and a sponge. And the unit has a sleep function that can be used to turn it off after 99-minutes of inactivity.


2. X-Tronic Model #3020-XTS

This complete kit is not only a useful kit that’s easy enough for beginners to use but also has the controls that many professionals can appreciate. It comes with a blue LED fully-adjustable LED temperature display, has an auto cool-down function, a switch that allows the display to be switched between Celsius and Fahrenheit and a ten-minute sleep timer. It also has a PID Technology Program built into it that allow it to monitor the actual temperature of the 75-Watt iron’s heating element and tip so it can make adjustments as needed. This unit also comes with an iron holder, solder roll holder, brass sponge tip cleaner and cleaning flux.


1. Hakko FX888D-23BY Station

This workstation comes with an iron holder, a sponge, a cleaning wire, manual, a t18-d16 tip and a soldering iron. This unit has a 2-digit user interface that allows the user to access the unit’s features such as adjusting its temperature. This unit can be used to solder at lower temperature sets for working with sensitive electronics and has a thermal recovery rise time back up to 350-degrees Celsius within 20-seconds. This well-built and durable system is sure to do the job it was designed to do and is ideal for anyone who needs to get their soldering work done efficiently.


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