Top 10 Best Drill Bits of 2020 – Reviews

The quest for a reliable set of drill bits can be quite tiresome nowadays, mostly because of the sheer variety the market has to offer. If you do not take the time to learn about the brands that make good drill bits and what exactly to look for once you’ve figured out which set best suits your needs, you might get stuck with off-brands that are more likely to break as soon as you push them to the limit. To help you through this seemingly tedious process, we put together a list of the ten best drill bits out there for you to look at.

Best Drill Bits – Top List

10. IRWIN Tools SPEEDBOR Max Wood Drilling Bits

The IRWIN Tools SPEEDBOR Max Wood Drilling Bits set comes in a set of 10 pieces. Thanks to their 3 cutting spurs, these drill bits produce cleaner holes with less breakout and a much longer drilling lifespan. Furthermore, their sharp-edged screw point tip helps to penetrate quicker and makes it easier to drill through the toughest materials. We should also point out that each drill bit features a tapered tri-flute design that ensures a quicker chip ejection and minimal binding.


9. Tooluxe 10055L Titanium Coated Hex Shank Drill Bits

Featuring a set of 30 ultra-strong, robust pieces, the Tooluxe 10055L Titanium Coated Hex Shank Drill Bits set comes with a special quick change design. Made from high-quality titanium coating these bits are uniquely constructed with roller forged and ultra-sharp edging to ensure clean cut holes and quicker penetration. The drill bits include sizes ranging from 1/16th inch to 1 inch respectively. The set also includes a quick change adapter that helps in locking in and releasing chucks into hex sleeves.


8. DEWALT DW1720 Brad Point Bit Set

This DEWALT DW1720 Brad-Point Drill Bits comes in a set of 6 pieces. Each of these pieces is coated with a special titanium coating to ensure long lasting durability and higher performance levels. Thanks to its tapered web, it helps in the reduction of breaking and is perfect for residential as well as commercial utilization. We should also point out that this set comes with a deluxe carry case making it easier to store and transport as well as to keep it neatly organized.


7. Tooluxe 10171L 13-Piece Titanium Drill Bit Set

Uniquely constructed with High-Speed Steel with a premium quality titanium coating, the Tooluxe 10171L 13-Piece Titanium Drill Bit Set offers long-lasting lifespan even after being utilized on a daily basis. Owing to its 135-degree split point tip and special twisted design, it prevents walking, helps to clear chips and any particles quicker than other such devices and also increases the speed of cutting. It also comes featuring a 1/4th-inch hex shank that automatically fits into most power tools. To make it easy to store and carry around, this set comes with a handy holder with markings to indicate the different sizes.


6. Drill America DWD29J-CO-PC Cobalt Steel Drill Bit Set

With sizes ranging from 1/16th of an inch up to one inch, the Drill America DWD29J-CO-PC Cobalt Steel Drill Bit Set includes 29 pieces of robust bits. Made from premium grade cobalt steel, these bits are ultra-durable and reliable and can be utilized to drill the toughest material. Thanks to its Gold oxide finish, it helps in lubrication and offers optimum wear protection. The set features a 135-degree self-centering split point that helps to penetrate all types of material without any clogging or chipping.


5. Irwin Industrial Tools 63221 Metal Drill Bit Set

Constructed from high-quality M42 5% cobalt and high-speed steel, the Irwin Industrial Tools 63221 Metal Drill Bit Set offers top-grade resistance from abrasions while drilling the hardest materials. Thanks to its 135-degree split point, these bits reduces feed pressure, and offer ease of penetration making it easy to drill even the toughest materials. Furthermore, each drill features a unique spiral flute design that helps in faster chip ejection.


4. DEWALT DW1177 20-Piece Black-Oxide Metal Drill Bit Set

Equipped with 20 pieces of heavy-duty Black-Oxide Metal, the DEWALT DW1177 drill bit set comes with a special finishing to ensure higher levels of wear protection. Thanks to its unique parabolic design and construction, each bit offers more strength as compared to other drill bits. Furthermore, its 135-degree split point design helps in the reduction of slipping and walking. To add to its high performance and durability, this set comes in a high-quality container with a soft-grip lock, to ensure its bits are neatly organized at all times.


3. Irwin Tools 3018002 Cobalt Metal Drill Bit Set

The Irwin Tools 3018002 Cobalt Metal Drill Bit Set is a 29-piece, high-quality set of cutting and drilling tools that are made from 8% cobalt alloy and premium grade high-speed steel. Uniquely designed for optimum heat resistance and added durability, this set of drill bits start drilling upon contact to ensure cleaner holes. The 135-degree split point adds in higher speed levels, more durability and prevents walking. This set also comes with a molded rubberized casing that ensures protection against any outer damage.


2. Drill Hog 2.29 Pc Cobalt Drill Bit Set M42 HSS 29pc USA Drills

Made from premium grade solid cobalt and M42 high-speed steel, the Drill Hog 2.29 Pc Cobalt Drill Bit Set comes in a set of 29 pieces. With sizes ranging from 1/16th inch to 1 inch in 1/64th increments, this set of 29 pieces offer a robust drilling can easily drill through stainless steel, farming equipment, frames of trucks and much more. Thanks to its 135 degrees split point, this drill set prevents “walking” and owing to its Tri-Flat shank, spinning in the chuck is also eliminated.


1. DEWALT DW1361 Titanium Pilot Point Drill Bit Set

Designed with a high quality, Titanium Pilot point that ensures an extended durability, the DEWALT DW1361 Drill Bit Set is a reliable tool that is highly recommended by professionals worldwide. Thanks to its sharp-edged point, the drilling starts on contact and produces neat and clean holes. With bits ranging in size from 1/16th of an inch up to 1 inch to choose from, this heavy duty 21 piece set is bound to offer the flexibility any tough drilling job requires. Last but not least, it also comes in a handy plastic case, making it easy to carry. Not only that but it also features a tapered web that offers a better performance and long-term durability.


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A Guide To Drill Bits

Although some people may spend a whole lot of time considering what type of drill they’re going to use, most people probably don’t spend a whole lot of time considering are the drill-bits themselves. And that’s a shame because buying the right drill bits can mean all the difference between a professional job and a job that’s is just good enough. Therefore, anyone who wants to ensure that their work is the highest quality possible is going to want to consider the drill bits that they’re using and what bits they may need.

When you’re considering bits, it’s important to not only consider what material they’re made from, but it’s also important to consider other factors that may affect tool performance. To help our readers figure out which bits are right for the job they’re working on, we’ve created this guide that should provide much-needed help. So without any further delay, let’s spend a little bit of time to find out how to buy the best drill bits for a job.

Let’s Talk About Materials & Finishes

First, we’re going to want to discuss are the materials that the drill bits are made of. Bits come are made using a variety of different materials, and each of these bits is better for some jobs more than others. Let’s examine each of the more common materials used for making bits and see what they have to offer.

  • Steel: These are basic drill bits that can drill through wood, plastic, and tin. They’re good for smaller DIY projects and don’t cost a whole lot.
  • High-Speed Steel (HSS): These bits can drill through not only but, but also PVC, fiberglass and softer metals such as tin or aluminum.
  • Carbide-Tipped: These bits are designed to last longer than steel and HSS bits, and they stay sharper longer. This makes them great for drilling through masonry and/or tile.
  • Titanium-Coated HSS: These bits are designed to last longer than HSS or Black Oxide bits. They stay sharp for a long time and are good for drilling wood, fiberglass, PVC and some metals.
  • Black Oxide Bits: These are HSS bits that have been coated with a special finish to resist corrosion. They are better than HSS bits and can be used on soft and hardwoods, PVC, fiberglass, and metal.

Let’s Talk About Drill Bit Design

The second thing we want to discuss is the design of the drill bits being used. Drill bits come in several different basic designs, and these bits are suitable for a certain subset of different projects. Let’s examine each of these in-depth.

The Twist Drill Bit

This drill bit is what most people would commonly use for home or DIY projects. Their simple design allows them to easily drill through several different materials include light metal, wood, or plastic.

Auger Drill Bit

This bit is designed with large bits that help to power away sawdust and wood chips and has a screw tip that pulls the rest of the bit into the hole. As a result, these bits are designed to bore into wood, and ones with hollow centers are even better at deep wood-boring projects.

Brad-Point Drill Bit

This is another type of bit that’s designed specifically for boring into wood. It has a center brad that provides accurate positioning, so it not only allows for more accurate drilling but also produces a cleaner exit in the wood. Another feature that makes it a good wood boring bit, is that it has wrapped grooves that help to move sawdust and wood chips away from the project.

Installer Drill Bits

As their name suggests, installer drill bits are designed for use by electricians or those who install cable or security systems. They have a special twist to their design and can be as large as 18-inches long, which allows them to easily drill through walls or floors so that wire or cable can be inserted through it.

Spade Drill Bits

These bits are designed to drill large diameter holes through wood. They have a flat blade and a pointed tip. Depending on their size, they can drill holes up to 1.5-inches in diameter through the wood.  More advanced spade bits are capable of creating a neater exit hole due to the addition of extra points on their two edges.

Other Types Of Drill Bits

Although we’ve gone over some of the more common drill bits used nowadays, we’d like to end this articles by just listing some of the other drill bits that can be used for different projects. Below are some bits that some people might find useful for performing certain projects.

  • Forstner Bits
  • Hole Saws
  • Plug Cutters
  • Countersink Drill Bits
  • Step Drill Bits
  • Masonry Drill Bits
  • Tile Drill Bits