Top 10 Best Pole Saws of 2019 – Reviews

Pole saw popularity is at an all-time high. That’s probably because the best pole saw not only allows a homeowner to take charge of their tree trimming responsibilities but can also save them a considerable amount of money. After all, hiring a professional tree trimmer can be an expensive process, and that’s why it’s usually better to do it yourself. Which brings me to the often asked question: how do you find the best pole saw among all of the different models available? It can be difficult sometimes to sort the good models from the not-so-good models, which is why I’ve decided to list ten models that I feel are among the best ones out there. Certainly, a homeowner can find the right one for their needs based on the following models.

Best Pole Saws – Top List

10. Polan Pro 40-Volt 8-Inch 967044201

This electric saw is designed to deliver power and convenience at the same time. Using a 40-volt lithium-ion battery, this model starts up with just the push of a button and gives the user enough run-time to complete most trimming chores on just one charge. And it’s all possible without having to use fuel, which means there isn’t the hassle of mixing oil and gasoline and harmful emissions are eliminated. This unit also has an automatic oiler that keeps the chain lubricated at all time. This results in better performance and less maintenance requires. Everything considered this is an electric model that’s ready to work.


9. Fiskars Chain Drive Pruner

Sometimes a manual pruner is all a homeowner needs to get their tree work done, and this Fiskars chain drive saw has the design to get the work done quickly and efficiently. It extends up to 16-feet so homeowners can reach high branches and comes with a 1.25-inch precision ground blade. The pole is made of aluminum and fiberglass, which gives it good strength without making it too flexible to be unusable. It also has a double-locking system which keeps the pole from collapsing and makes it safer and easier to use. This model is great for the DIY gardener or the homeowner who doesn’t have heavy tree trimming to do.


8. Worx 10-Inch WG309

Worx is a company which has made a name for itself by designing yard equipment that’s not only easy-to-use and durable but also versatile as well. And this 2-in-1 saw model isn’t an exception to that rule. This tool has a powerful 8-Amp motor that provides consistent performance and power. This 10-inch model also has a compact and very lightweight design that makes it easy for just about anyone to use and it has a rotating work handle that makes pruning a breeze. This low maintenance tool is also equipped with an auto-tensioning chain system and automatic oil pump.


7. Sun Joe 8-Amp 10-Inch SWJ803E

Using an 8-Amp motor and the power of gravity, this tool makes short work of just about any pruning project. It has a telescoping pole which can be extended to about 7.2-feet, which gives the average user approximately 14-feet of reach. This tool comes with a 10-inch Oregon cutting bar and chain that automatically lubricates itself and is durable enough to not only cut through limbs but can also be used on logs with a small diameter. Another great feature which can be found in this unit is a multi-angle head that can be adjusted from 0 to 30-degrees and gives the user the flexibility they need to get their pruning work completed.


6. Greenwork 40-Volt 8-Inch Cordless

This cordless pruning saw not only weighs up to thirty percent less than most gas-powered saws but also produces over seventy percent less noise than these same models. It’s powered by a G-Max 40-Volt Li-ion battery that can not only be used with this particular tool but can also be used with compatible tools. This saw also has an 8-inch bar and chain that’s big enough for most trimming jobs around the house. And thank its adjustable chain-tensioning system, this unit is not only easy to use but is also easy to take care of and comes with an aluminum shaft that extends it up to 8-feet.


5. Sun Joe 6.5-Amp 8-Inch SWJ800E

This electric model dispenses with the smoke and fumes that can often be found with gasoline-powered models, yet it doesn’t sacrifice power to do it. It has a 6.5-Amp motor and an 8-inch Oregon cutting bar and chain that allows the user to cut branches up to 7.5-inches thick. This tool has a no-load speed of 6,000 RPM, a telescoping pole that extends up to 8.7-feet and has an automatic lubrication system for its chain. This makes this saw the ideal model for cutting through a variety of limbs and branches, and can even handle thin logs with small diameters.


4. Black & Decker 20-Volt 8-Inch LPP120

Using a 20-Volt Max lithium-ion battery, this battery-powered saw is capable of going places where corded saws can’t. It has an extension which allows it to extend to 6.5-feet and has an 8-inch cutting bar that can power through limbs. On a single charge, this unit can make up to 100 cuts of 1.5-inch branches and its batteries have a longer charge retention than NiCad batteries. This tool not only comes with an LBXR20 battery but also comes with a battery charger, a blade guard, an oil bottle and operating instructions. In other words, it comes with just about everything needed to get started pruning.


3. Black & Decker 10-Inch 6.5-Amp PP610

Using a 10-inch premium bar and chain and a 6.5-Amp motor that provides more than enough power to cut through small limbs and branches, this corded saw has a number of features which make it useful around just about any home. This tool comes with a 9.5-foot extended pole that gives users the reach they need to cut high branches, and it comes with an automatic oiling system that keeps the bar and chain properly lubricated. And it also weighs just under 8-pounds, so it’s lightweight and easier to use than many battery-powered or gasoline powered trimmers.


2. Fiskars Power-Lever Extendable Pruner

This manual branch trimmer can extend up to 14-feet so it can cut even some of the highest branches. And although it can extend to this length, its Power-Lever technology gives it twice the power of conventional trimmers. This tool has a precision ground blade that can cut branches up to 1-1/8th-inch thick and has a fiberglass pole that really reduces flex and provides a sturdy platform for the cutting blade. This pole also has a double locking system that keeps it locked in place and prevents it from collapsing while it’s being used. This easy-to-use saw is a great unit for just about any home.


1. Silky Professional Series 179-39

Designed for professionals, this telescoping landscaping pole is designed to reach even extremely high branches from the safety of the ground. It has four sections that allow it to reach anywhere from 8-feet up to 21-feet and has a maximum working reach of approximately 26-feet. It has a high-carbon steel blade that has 5.5 teeth-per-inch that gives it the cutting power to manually power through even tough branches. And since it only weighs around 7-pounds, this unit is easy-to-hold and very easy-to-use. It’s a trimmer that can be used to deliver professional results and is ideal for landscapers and arborists.


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