Top 9 Best Cordless Impact Wrenches of 2020 – Reviews

When looking for a cordless tool of any kind, it is very important to consider not only the potency and battery life of the device but also its maneuverability. In this regard, a cordless tool that handles well is hard to come by in the low-end part of the market, be it a cordless drill or an impact wrench. Not only that but you should also look for a tool that is relatively lightweight and easy to operate, which is the tricky part when it comes to most cordless tools out there. This is precisely the case with cordless impact wrenches that require a fair bit of getting used to if you aren’t familiar with operating them. Even so, let us find out what are the ten best cordless impact wrenches the market has to offer right now.

Best Cordless Impact Wrenches – Top List

9. Tradespro 837212

Tradespro’s 24V cordless, 0.5-inch drive impact wrench kit is a high performance, easily portable alternative to the air-powered impact gun. It reliably generates a torque of up to 240 ft-lbs. for breaking loose even the most challenging bolts and nuts. This kit also comes complete with battery, charger, and a handy storage case. Despite being quite inexpensive, this wrench gets the job done impressively easy and fast.


8. Ryobi P261

Whether installing lag bolts into your woodwork or removing lug nuts from the automobile, using the Ryobi P261 impact wrench is surely one to consider if you’re familiar with impact wrenches. Its three-speed selector lets you adjust from 0 through 3,200 impacts-per-minute for convenience and speed in versatile tasks. At the same time, its compact design integrates a notched rubber grip for safe control. Moreover, an integrated LED light illuminates dimly lit settings for performance efficiency and precision.



The PORTER-CABLE’s PCC740B 0.5-inch model of cordless impact wrench packs a robust motor that generates 330 ft-lbs. torque, which should be enough for most heavy-duty jobs. It provides a maximum 1,650 rpm to drive large fasteners fast, while its fully adjustable speed trigger ensures precision control. Its 1/2-inch hog ring facilitates easy, quick socket changes while it further includes a pro-grade Li battery for reliable performance, while an integrated LED light provides illumination in low-light situations.


6. Bosch IWH181-01

This is a relatively new model by the popular tools manufacturer Bosch, a leading brand in power tools industry. This cordless 3/8-inch square drive wrench has the most compact design you can get, and it is 25-percent lighter compared to its competitors. Its great motor delivers reliable and impressively high torque, and the unit integrates a functional LED light for convenience in dark settings, a comfortable handle grip for extra control, and gearbox cover for greater protection.


5. Makita XWT08Z LXT

Makita is another renowned power tools brand and their XWT08Z LXT cordless impact wrench doesn’t disappoint. With a brushless motor and 0.5-inch square drive, it delivers 740 ft-lbs. fastening torque, 1,180 ft-lbs breakaway torque, speed control and longer runtime for matchless fastening performance. The electronic 3-speed power settings ensure more precise and convenient fastening control, making it suitable for a range of tasks, from steel and iron works to pipe fitting, automotive and railroad assembly/repair, forming carpentry, etc.



The DEWALT DCF880HM2 kit is seen as one of the best cordless impact wrenches the market has to offer. This 1/2-inch impact wrench boasts a lightweight, compact design that ideal to use in any tight area. Its 3 LED lights help with convenient visibility for job performance excellence and convenience where light is insufficient. Moreover, an integrated hog ring anvil ensures easy socket changes, while textured slip-resistant grip offers maximum control and comfort.



From one of the most reputable power tool makers, the DEWALT DCF899P1 is an incredibly popular cordless impact wrench whose brushless motor delivers superior performance, endurance, and an impressive run-time. Its heavy-duty impact mechanism delivers an impressive 700 ft. lbs. maximum torque, which is great for many demanding applications. The tool’s 3-speed settings allow for task-specific drive/torque control while the wrench further features LED lighting that offers visibility in dimly lit workspaces.


2. Milwaukee 2763-22 M18

A Milwaukee’s product, this cordless impact wrench provides a maximum of 700 ft-lbs fastening torque and nut-busting torque of 1,100 ft-lbs, plus impressive runtime. This is majorly ensured by its PowerState brushless motor that is better than most others in performance. It also features unique drive control technology that allows you to select from two fastening modes for precision and convenience. Furthermore, its 0.5-inch anvil integrates friction ring for quick, simple socket changes.


1. Ingersoll Rand W7150

The Ingersoll Rand W7150 is a truly great cordless impact wrench by most metrics. Its robust motor provides 780 ft-lbs maximum reverse torque and also 1100 ft-lbs nut-busting torque. In a lightweight design, its steel-lined, aluminum-made hammer case is sturdy for great internal components protection. Not only that but it also integrates a proprietary soft-touch, over-molded handle grip for alleviated vibration & fatigue, enhancing comfort, and added convenience.


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A Guide To Cordless Impact Drivers

Before we can talk about purchasing the best cordless impact drivers, it probably would serve as well to talk about how any impact drivers differ from ordinary drills. And there are several differences between these two tool types worth mentioning. For example, impact drivers deliver more torque than standard drills, and they also apply a downward force to the fastener being drilled, so they can also drill into materials that are thicker or harder. This means that the operator doesn’t have to push down on the drill to get the results they need. And believe us when we say that saves your wrists and arms a whole lot of fatigue.

Now that we’ve got the basic nomenclature out of the way, it’s time to think about some of the features we need a cordless impact driver to have before we can consider it to be a great tool. Since there are so many models available, this can be a bit confusing—especially to individuals who might be well versed with cordless impact drivers, and that’s why we’ve decided to write this guide. It will put in plain English everything a person needs to buy a great cordless impact driver.

Step One: The Motor Is Important

Probably the most important part of any cordless impact driver to consider is its motor. After all, this is the part that’s going to provide the torque and downward power that you are going to need to get things done. The best cordless impact drivers tend to be the ones that use brushless motors. That’s because brushless motors are more energy-efficient, so they aren’t as hard on the tool’s batteries than models that use motors equipped with carbon brushes. Although cordless impact drivers with carbon-brush motors are inexpensive, in our opinion, they aren’t worth it in the long one. If you want top-notch performance, then go with a brushless motor.

Step Two: Consider Driver Shape & Socket Size

If you’ve been perusing our top ten list of the best cordless impact drivers, then you’ve probably noticed that these tools come in one of two different body styles. They are models that have pistol grips and other models that use inline grips. Although both of these tool styles are great tools, each of them is suitable for a particular type of job. Let’s look at each of these two tool body styles and see what their strengths and weakness are.

Pistol-Grip Impact Wrenches: These wrenches tend to be heavy and bulky, but their grip style allows them to be used more easily. These are generally considered to be the best impact wrenches available, but their size prevents them from being used in tight spaces, so that’s something the user should consider before they buy one.

Available Sizes:

Pistol-Grip cordless impact wrenches come with several different socket sizes. Below are some of the most common:

  • 1/4-Inch sockets
  • 3/8-inch sockets
  • 1/2-inch sockets
  • 3/4-inch sockets
  • 1-inch sockets

Inline-Grip Impact Wrenches: These wrenches are smaller and are easier to fit into tighter spaces than pistol-grip wrenches, so they’re generally well-regarded for working on machines. The main benefit of these tools is that they’re easy to maneuver, but they do usually lack the power of pistol grip wrenches.

Available Sizes:

Inline-Grip cordless impact wrenches aren’t able to accommodate as wide a variety of socket sizes as pistol-grip models are capable of doing, but they do offer the user the following:

  • 1/4-inch socket sizes
  • 3/8-inch socket sizes sometimes (usually only butterfly wrenches)
  • 1-Inch sometimes (usually only on T-shaped inline cordless wrenches)

Step Three: Think About RPMs and Torque

When choosing a cordless impact wrench, it’s important to purchase a model that has the best speed and torque that you can afford. Speed is measured in RPMs, and most cordless models have a speed of anywhere from 400 to over 2,600 RPMs, so it’s important to choose one that will fit your job. It’s also a good idea to make sure it has a variable speed control for the best performance.

Cordless impact wrenches also come in a variety of different torque ratings and these ratings are usually measured in foot-pounds or foot-inches. The torque ratings of cordless wrenches range anywhere from 145-foot pounds to up to 700-foot pounds. Choose the one with the power you need for the best results.

Step Four: Don’t Forget The Battery

The next thing to think about is what kind of battery the wrench uses. For these cordless tools, it’s important to buy a Lithium-ion battery with enough power to get the job. An 18 to a 20-Volt battery should more than do the job.

It’s also a good idea to make sure that the tool comes with a battery as well. There are a lot of bare-tool models being sold, and those require the batteries to be purchased separately, so be sure to keep that in mind when shopping for a new cordless impact wrench.